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  • oh,well says:

    It’s getting like this in Britain. Anything less than super double black isn’t going to be seen as black soon. furthermore i do think this is because the largest mix in britain is between Afro Caribbean men ( mostly of Jamaican descent or true born Jamaican) and poor white women.y So you have one parent who isn’t white coming from a country where, let’s face it most black people have ACCEPTED that they are black but do not LOVE being black. Then on the other hand you have one parent who was born into a rich country, but due tom class system and the way Britain is set probably has an inferiority complex too. These women resent their children being called black with damn near every bone in their body. Daddy probably hates it too. it’s got so bad over here in britain that mixed race has become code for “black and white mix”. I’ve seen these mixed race kids argue down other ethnic mixed kids, implying that mixed only means “black and white.”
    Sorry to ramble, but my mother was technically “mixed race’ but referred to herself as “black of mixed origin”. We as black people in Britain are watching slowly as the black race is being separated again. And trust me, I know quite a few Jamaicans who think nothing is wrong with that. Kmt! Anything , not to have to say the word “black” or African”. I’m still laughing after my ex boyfriend from St Thomas who was black like tar and the first thing he told me was about the Syrian in him. So this is also an Anglo Caribbean problem too. We are only black when White man has his foot on our neckstring!

  • oh,well says:

    Sorry, I forgot my manners. Good Afternoon Met and Metters and silent peepers. Love you all.

  • djnewmoneyuk says:

    Really enjoyed this 4 part series when it came out in 2011, Pro. Henry Louis Gates Jr, did a good job, very balanced view on history which makes a change. Save a copy this is must view tv for anyone with kids, cause a lot of this stuff gets gloss over in class. I say that because i just watched Lincoln, the Spielberg movie, which is mostly about the stopping the war, and not a lot about why he wanted to stop slavery. But to comment original post i kinda agree

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Oh I remember this! Very good series. Ppl so shame to have African roots. I tell folks that Black History did not just occur in America but across the WORLD b/c our roots are strong & spread WIDE!

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