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– Riceberger left in 2011
– D.B got his visa Late May or early June 2011
– Before D.B got married, while he had the visa for less than 3 months he bought a home
-Manager left the island a month before and has not returned since
-Word on the street is the artist is planning to make a big comeback starting with the Jamaican local market
-The overseas label is about to drop him/has dropped him
-Word is he got off this case clean with only Riseb being charged
-Planning a big comeback with his Million Dollar Man video, expecting to look like the Jamaican ”Young Money”
* The rest is left up to you*

TEN DAYS after a Jamaican entertainer was reissued with a United States visa after he bribed a law-enforcement official to assist him, the DJ purchased two Movado brand watches for the official. The DJ also publicly thanked the security official for his assistance during a radio interview. The entertainer is named in a court document as D.B. The court document also lists the artiste’s manager as J.J.G. David J. Rainsberger, 32, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in federal court in Alexandria to receiving unlawful gratuities while stationed at the US Embassy in Kingston, and making false statements to the United States government on a national-security questionnaire. “Sometime after April 2010, the defendant developed a close and personal relationship with D.B., a citizen of Jamaica who was a well-known musician both within Jamaica and elsewhere, and J.J.G., a citizen of the United Kingdom residing in Jamaica, who was D.B.’s business manager. “At the time the defendant began his relationship with D.B. and J.J.G., D.B. had been declared ineligible for a visa to enter the US on account of accusations that he had been involved in criminal activity. D.B. and J.J.G. desired to have D.B.’s visa ineligibility removed so that D.B. could travel to the United States and take advantage of lucrative performance and recording opportunities. “Within Jamaica, the defendant accompanied D.B. and J.J.G. to nightclubs, concerts, and parties, which other embassy law-enforcement officials also frequently attended.

“On account of his relationship with D.B. and J.J.G., the defendant received free of charge, admission to nightclubs and backstage access to concerts at which D.B. was performing. D.B., along with other well-known Jamaican musicians, also hosted and paid for a birthday gathering for the defendant and several of his friends. “In or about June 2011, the defendant reported to embassy officials adjudicating D.B.’s pending application for a visa to enter the United States that based on his investigation of D.B., as the assistant regional security officer for investigations and that of other embassy law-enforcement officials, D.B’s prior ineligibility should be eliminated. “At no time did the defendant disclose to those officials the extent of his close and personal relationship with D.B. or J.J.G. or that he had received things of value due to his relationship with D.B. and J.J.G. “On or about June 21, 2011, relying primarily on the defendant’s representation regarding his investigations of D.B., embassy officials granted D.B.’s application for a visa to enter the United States. “On or about June 30, 2011, the defendant contacted officials at the United States Department of Homeland Security to facilitate D.B.’s entry into the United States at the JFK International Airport in New York City. “On or about July 1, 2011, on his way back to Jamaica from an official trip to London, the defendant travelled to New York City to join D.B. and J.J.G. in their celebration of D.B.’s return to the United States. “While in New York City, D.B. appeared as a guest on a radio show and publicly thanked the United States government, the defendant and others for their assistance in helping him to obtain a visa to enter the United States. Also, while in New York City, D.B. purchased for the defendant shoes, clothing and two Movado brand luxury watches worth approximately US$2,500,” court documents say.


  • Anonymous says:

    Met, are you sure that Mavaldo’s house in Parkland? The person listed on that property is David S. Brooks and Karen L. Brooks, Husband and Wife. I thought the first name of his wife’s is Monique? Isn’t his middle initial C? The mortgage documents shows that the Husband and Wife (Brooks) used Florida and Illinois Driver’s Licenses at closing. I thought the marriage was in January of 2012? Would he have gotten Driver’s License before the marriage? BTW, the Parkland Property was closed on August 12, 2011. See pertinent links:

  • Met says:

    hold on because mi nuh waa put up the incorrect info..let me remove then check and add back

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mawning Met, Metters, Peepers and everyone. It is good that we are alive to see another beautiful day. Each one matters, always remember that. :thumbup

    So Met, the plan for marriage did hatch up long time, cause as him get the VISA suh him guh settle in Florida. No plans of turning back based on assurances. Then came the marriage and the highway to US citizenship. Then suddenly came the speed bump out of no where……….. :nerd

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, based on the marriage certificate, the couple lived in Lauderhill

  • Met says:

    Belly that mi know but they have never really lived in FL

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, yuh know wat, please verify & clarify and ting and ting…

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Lauderhill is a big ghetto Belly, Movado is not gonna live there. His manager lives in Coral Springs which shares the same zip code as Parkland. The girl could have had a lauderhill ID which would be placed on the license.

  • bev says:

    morning met and metters mo u go on the lying so mav nah worry your wife would lie her way out for u to keep your green card

  • eyecandy says:


    Like I said his criminal charges would have been a hinderance and that is where mr. Reinberger assissted, by him overlooking such descrepancies (sp).

  • Met says:

    Foxy mi seh to miself lastnight seh a wonder if him buy di house fi di manager because mi know a desso him live fi true..but mi hear seh dem already a plan a big come back and big video a go do and bay tings

  • Belly Bang says:

    The article come from tidday Gleaner Met, suh there aint no issue with it

    Apparently all the details of the Indictment & plea deal available, but to some

  • eyecandy says:

    I dont see no big fraud here…You are not suppose to accept gratuities as an offcial,they are adamant about such stuff. The issuing of an visa is mostly at the decsretion at the officials wether qualified or not so…

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mi ah read bout the interview and see that di dj mout did ah spin lakka blender pon radio.

    Mi tell yuh bout cock mout…..

  • Belly Bang says:

    Yuh still nuh accept that the embassy man kip up f000ery, was charged for him f000ery, is going to be sentenced for the f000ery and is gonna be imprisoned???

    So if ah no big deal, why him plea Guilty??? Why charge him???


  • Met says:

    belly :maho

    mr brooks is in ja a plan him big video mi love :nohope:

  • eyecandy says:

    ..but him need fi come back ah him yaad..he that is where his creative energy lies he was born here for a reason. The Jamaican spirit cannot be exported and that is why whenever. a local artiste is signed oversease they cant prosper because that creative spirit is left right on the island…why unnuh think wi culture suh infectious ? and everybody waah work wid wi artiste dem??

  • Met says:

    candy apparently and he doesn’t feel that way so him seh farrin fi now…he is in ja planning him million dollar man video

  • eyecandy says:

    BELLY!!! yuk mek mi laaf….lol

    awright. doe kill mi!!

    all mi a seh apparently no one think they were doing anything wrong?

  • Met says:

    candy is about time u laugh man lol

  • eyecandy says:

    ..cause if reinberger deh skip to fi him loo like ah him name din dong..and mr D.B ah sen out gratitudes to him big USA fen dem in high place apparentlly no one think any ill doing on their part?
    ah just the gratuities f’ up the whole thing thats a big no no..and den him go lie bout knowing di artste/fren wen dem deh galavant like dem run di werl..I kaint!

  • eyecandy says:

    met I tell yuh…mi love mi island an mi people dem baddd!! an jus have a soft spot for a few :maho

  • Met says:

    dis spot more dan soft……….si him mek song a do up killa deh………… him face nuh look blurry fi nothing :maho

  • realthing says:
  • realthing says:

    “Any visa that you obtain by fraud is not valid and any benefits you get from that fraud will be taken away,” she emphasised.” so d article say n a so me kno it go. America nuh want him yah cooperate or not.

  • Brownberry says:

    @FoxyLady, usually I don’t comment but you wrong, LAUDERHILL IS NOT A BIG GHETTO. Did you know INVERRARY by the waterfall off of Oakland Park Blvd is Lauderhill and nothing in that area is ghetto. I lived in Inverrary for over 20yrs and not one problem until I moved north last year. Parts of Lauderhill goes all the way back to Commercial Blvd and Pine Island – no ghetto. You can’t a style up the place so.

  • realthing says:

    tru Inverrary is not a ghetto.. a more like 19 n 16 street dem place deh

  • Anonymous says:

    Brownberry is right. There are a number of upscale areas in Lauderhill (Inverrary, Boulevard Woods, etc.). Here is a Ghett5o house in Lauderhill Foxy…, valued at over $770K (higher that that for Market value)….Click Photograph to see a picture.


  • Kuntry Speng says:

    The musician was identified in court papers only by the initials D.B., but a law enforcement source confirmed to The Washington Examiner that the musician is Mavado, a top Jamaican performer whose real name is David Constantine Brooks.

  • Belly Bang says:

    EYECANDY……. mi glad seh yuh ah laff. Mi realise dat yuh ah womda & ah ponder and maybe yuh ah keep back certain tings. But hear wah, di man ketch himself inna f000ery and Immigration lawyers are watching this rass unfold. :cool

    They are saying already (read the Gleaner online today), man cant ah bribe and ah use unlawful means to get visa and then try jump to citizenship (even though the citizenship application by itself maybe valid). From the root poison, everything poison, ah dat dem ah say.
    So hear wah, how Mister Brooks is treated is going to be used as a launchpad by others if him get away just suh. There may not be criminal prosecution, but administrative action is expected – as mi say read today Gleaner. :malu2

  • soap opera says:

    this thing is like a nightmare you cannot wake up from.

  • Browning says:

    Some people need to take heed…don’t bite the hands that feed you or else a pure crosses follow you. Bounty bring all a dem and all a dem try dis him and dem all fall one by one. Kartel, sham, back, just to name a few. While bounty still standing. Ungratefulness no bring you no where.

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