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A couple have been caught having sex in a French clothes store – by Google Street View cameras. The pair were seemingly enjoying a steamy session in a changing cubicle when they were snapped.
The last thing they would have imagined is their picture being posted online for the world to see. But Google is now taking pictures INSIDE business premises – and these two were literally caught with their pants down.
The hilarious image was taken at the Krakatoa sports store in the French ski resort of Briançon. But Google has toned it down by blurring out the pair’s naked legs and underwear round the ankles.


  • eyecandy says:

    suh nuttin nuh private inna di worl agen??

  • Foxy Lady says:

    When dem done wid dem drones and facial recognition software at the lights and cameras and shit, mi sorry fi ppl.

  • G says:

    welcome to the new world order

  • Met says:

    but how google reach ina di people dem store doe

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Dem Met mi nuh pull up mi mother house on google and si har a tek groceries outa her trunk!
    G when we screamed new world order dem sey a conspiracy theory!

  • Met says:

    a whey u nah seh foxy?? this gone too far man but a mus di government gi dem di right

  • G says:

    foxy lady smh ah same way mi ketch mi nest door neighbour ina mi garden kmt i shouda send it to di police. and them drones them gwine gwan and gwan till dem kill off dem 1 anedda

  • eyecandy says:

    a dat mi a se..if a “street view cameras” how it pick up inna stores?!?

    foxy it sticky out deh demm all have a tv show out now using the same facial recognition sftware as a main focus of “solving crimes”… just as a way gi ease people in what will eventually be standard operations.

  • G says:

    they already have everyone on fassbook on the database

  • LUNDUN says:

    But Google is now taking pictures INSIDE business premises – and these two were literally caught with their pants down.

    there is the answer to many of ur question…google a do insdie job now, dem soon can cum tek pic a inna wi house to

  • Met says:

    lundun u si how di pic dem clear

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi seh met, di pic clear as day

    but met dem brave eeh! mi coulda undastand cutting a piece inna a stall weh ave door or the curtain long a touch di grung. but dem seem quiet comfortable inna di ppl dem store. draws an brief well draw dung, dem not even kotch di underwear to one side and slide in di ting.

    a wonda if diss is a prank, cus diss man an oman well brave.

  • Observer says:

    ooh ooh get it get it :malu

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Yes, dem have all our friends and family and whereabouts on Facebook because we voluntarily give up all that information.
    We all have cell phones with gps that tracks our movements.
    Why do you think we all have a plasma tv either in our living room or right in front of our bed?
    Once they came in with the flat screens, didn’t we all run go get one?
    They get us to do anything they want. The tv’s are two way receivers.
    Why do you think they got rid of the analog boxes and mandated a digital receiver in every home to receive basic services?

  • Foxy Lady says:

    And dem nuh have nuh sense either. Dem nuh know sey if yuh a guh do it ina a fitting room dem fi bring di shopping bag and she fi stand up ina di bag suh people think a one person wid di back pon di floor.

  • Real says:

    that look like two man

  • Jules says:

    Met, u cut off you comment rating system?

    Howdy Foxy, a from long time mi a hear seh di tv dem can watch you inna u house to, from analog days. Nutten nuh name privacy anymore George Orwell and 1984 coming a reality bit by bit. Di satellite dem a pick up images from underground and dem and pick up everything you doing in you house aready. At least a ongle dem two ya foot and baggy get ketch.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Yet Jules, I appreciate you calling out one of my favorite authors and my favorite book 1984. I admire a reading woman. 1984 has become an instruction manual for them.

  • eyecandy says:

    just recently on tv they were taling about mtion sensors that would pick up hl on who is watching the tv and they play ads..geared toward that person..lets say a child..then. oy. or cereal ads would pop up..etc..

    so its true these things are in order for the new world order.

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