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Was Bob Marley Assasinated?

My short and direct answer to this question is YES, more than likely.

(You Say) OK, then why do you think that? I thought Bob Marley died of Cancer!

This is true, Bob Marley did die of cancer, but lets take a closer look at WHY & HOW.

First of all, lets us try to see IF or WHO might have a MOTIVE for getting Bob Marley ‘out of the way’.

We live in a World that is totally run by and controlled for a people whose inordinate view of themselves is so warped and twisted that they have actually perpetrated and exported a system of racism and white supremacy all over the planet. This people’s history has literally been written in the blood of the black, the brown and the red peoples of the planet and they have shown that they will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo of white supremacy and world domination. The People that I am referring to are the European Caucasian white race. Now before you say, ‘This sounds like racism’, please try to have an analytical and unemotional study of Black history in the West.

Marcus Garvey ‘arrested’ by the FBI

How did WE get here? How did WE get to the Caribbean, England and America? What has been OUR experience since being here? Has it been a good experience? Are we better off for our being brought here in the holds of ships? Have OUR children benefited from being here? If you say YES then you need not read any further!
History has shown that every time a charismatic black leader stood up to try to teach black people our ‘lost’ and ‘hidden’ history in order to unite us and bring about balance to an imbalanced world and an end to the system of white supremacy through the rise of black people, that one has always been maligned, lynched, assassinated or imprisoned: Nelson Mandela, Hon. Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nat Turner, Paul Bogle and Steve Biko to mention a few.

Bob Marley and the Wailers influence in the World during the 1970’s up to his death in 1981 was truly tremendous and must not be underestimated. Bob was asked by many African governments to perform in their Countries, as through his music, he inspired a revolutionary spirit and thinking that caused Black and oppressed peoples throughout the World to throw off the shackles of Western Colonialism and oppression or as he termed it “Babylon Rule”.

During the 1980 Wailers ‘Uprising Tour’ in Europe and America, they drew the largest crowds of ANY live band of that time. The following that Bob Marley and the Wailers had built up over a decade of intense studio recording and international touring, coupled with Bob’s revolutionary and uncompromising message of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY for all regardless of race, colour or creed, Literally terrified those in circles of Power all over the planet.
It is said that the cancer that Bob Marley died from started in his big toe in the form of a melanoma under the toenail, which is said to of metastasised to the stomach, lungs and brain over a three-year period. Melanoma is apparently one of the deadliest forms of cancer, however it is a cancer that is very rare among black people.

The word Melanoma comes from the word Melanin. This [Melanin] is the chemical that is secreted from the pineal gland in the centre of the brain. It gives black people our colour and rhythm; it also naturally protects us from the suns potentially ‘harmful’ rays. European Caucasians also have a pineal gland but it has calcified and therefore does not produce melanin, hence melanoma is a cancer that is associated with sunbathing white skinned Europeans who contract the disease through being exposed to the suns ‘harmful ultra violet rays’ for long periods of time.

The United States and the British Governments have been developing CHEMICAL and BIOLOGICAL weapons for many years, there is conclusive evidence that they have also used them on many occasions. AIDS is Biological warfare (24.5 Million Black Africans Suffering with H.I.V or AIDS, many more in the Caribbean and in Black Communities across America); Crack Cocaine is Chemical Warfare (the Black Community is rife with Crack Cocaine though we don’t manufacture it).
According to the website The CIA and reggae, In a feature – written by Richard Hatch entitled “Cancer Warfare” in a 1991 edition of a research Journal called “Covert Action” – Hatch examined the history of research carried out by the American Government during the President Richard Nixon term of office, aimed at developing cancer-causing agents. Thousands of animals were infected in experiments using aerosol distribution of carcinogenic viruses.

Bob’s Wife Rita Marley
Why would the American government want to develop cancer-causing weapons that could be simply sprayed from an aerosol can in areas such as a hotel room prior to an unsuspecting victim entering that room? Could this be what happened to Bob Marley? I was at a press conference in London with Rita Marley (01.04.04), and I asked her “Do you think that Bob Marley was assassinated by the CIA or by another western government agency or do you believe that he contracted cancer through some other means?” She candidly replied “I have been thinking about it for sometime, I am not sure, they may have, I am still thinking about it”.

In 1976 there was an assassination attempt on Bob Marley’s life, his wife Rita, his manager Don Taylor, and Bob himself were all shot by gunmen at Bob’s home in Hope road, Kingston, Jamaica. At that time the assassination attempted was passed off as being a part of the political violence taking place during the elections, however today there is clear and overwhelming evidence that the American CIA were heavily involved in trying to destabilize the country because they feared that Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley was becoming an allied of Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

Chris Blackwell
In the book “Songs of freedom” Chris Blackwell (Island Records) who signed Bob Marley and the Wailers, said that he was brought into the American ambassadors office in Jamaica and told that ‘THEY’ have their eye on him because he is working with this guy who was capable of ‘destabilizing’.

Bob Marley was extremely accessible at all times to his many fans, friends, and acquaintances and to those of his people who needed financial help and assistance.

There was no real security around Bob Marley. We know that Bob Marley was a devout herb smoker, hence whilst touring the world he would have had to rely on local sources for his supply of herb, food, and drink. In Rita Marley’s Book “No Woman No Cry”, Rita states that “But then I guess the lifestyle had so broadened, and so many people were riding on our earnings, that he (Bob) wasn’t in control anymore over who knew what or when. Other people had taken over his life completely, and I did’nt know-maybe he didn’t even know-what he was eating or smoking”.I know what you are thinking, you are saying to yourself that maybe he got cancer naturally through his smoking of weed. First Cancer is not a natural disease and prior to his death, Bob Marley was a very fit 36-year-old man whose favourite free time activities were playing football and jogging? Have you ever seen the amount of energy that Bob Marley displayed whist performing on stage? You have many people that are heavy weed smokers, even Cocaine users and alcoholics living far longer than 36 years.

In 1977 when Bob Marley injured his big toe whilst playing football in France – the same toe that the cancer allegedly started in – a French doctor gave him an injection in his toe whilst dressing it. What did he inject into the toe and why? Was it a Painkiller or could it have been something nastier?
Dr Josef Issels
Dr Josef Issels, ‘former German SS officer’ and very ‘controversial’ doctor who treated Bob at the Sunshine Cancer Clinic in Bavaria, West Germany stated that he was told not to treat Bob Marley because he was ‘THE MOST DANGEROUS BLACK MAN’ alive.

The Enemy of the rise of the Black, the Brown and the Red peoples of the planet had so many reasons and so many opportunities to murder Bob Marley, You think about it AND INDEED STUDY INTO THIS SUBJECT for yourself and I believe that you will agree with me.

“How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?”
[Redemption Song-Bob Marley 1980]


  • Foxy says:

    If Bob died of cancer, I can fly!
    In 1975 the cia testified before congress that they possess a heart attack weapon that simulates the effects of a heart attack even in autopsy. This admission in itself leads you to know that there are many secrets weapons that are possessed such as one that is carcinogenic.
    Bob was assassinated, it just wasn’t done with a gun.

  • Foxy says:

    Met, while the entire post is informative, the best part of what he says was when he talked about melanin. Remember a while ago I was telling you that if black people only knew the purpose of the melanin in their skin and how it protects them from many diseases that they would not bleach their skin?
    Melanin is found in every living thing but extremely diminished in the caucasian and like the article so eloquently stated, their pineal gland is calcified which is why they are so barbaric and must destroy people anywhere they settle.
    Black people are not supposed to even be eating certain foods and taking certain medications because it interfers with our melanin.
    With your over abundance of melanin, our bodies are meant to repair itself and fight off every disease.
    Knowledge is power!

  • Let me get this straight no celebrity can’t die naturally its always something sinister, illuminati,,,Aaliyah,mj, Whitney,Tapac, not to say anything is impossible but sometimes people do get sick and die

  • Foxy says:
  • Brightlight says:


    OAN, Foxy I just want to take the time to say I really enjoy your input on the religious/spiritual topics. I haven’t really seen anything that you have said on those topics that I either don’t agree with or doesn’t make me think/question things. Big up yuh self fi dat Foxy

  • eyecandy says:

    Interesting…great read.

  • eyecandy says:

    it breaks my heart for the reality of these things..yet we have to face it and learn from it.

  • G says:

    yess foxyyyy! can someone tell me the reel reasonwhy noone like rita im confused :bingung the cancer reducing effects of thc are what let him live so long. in a way i see why they done it they were scared of communism and blacks becoming conscious same why dem do peter tosh. :sorry

  • yes he did. until they exhume his body/bones and test are done to refute that claim I refuse to believe otherwise.

  • LUNDUN says:

    this is entirely possible

    who knew about a russian spy called Alexander Litvinenko? google him

    he was killed by poisoning with a radio active element by the russians right here in big ole london, as he was a thorn in their sides.

    memba mi tell u seh i don’t doubt that dem kill bob, it is highly possible

  • the article starts off by asking “was Bob Marley assasinated?”.then answering with “YES,more than likely”..the use of the words “more than likely ” ,IMO shows that not even the writer of the article is sure..they writer is just trying to come up with a conspiracy theory

  • Foxy says:

    If anyone knows the potency of Bob’s message in uniting the people and the lengths the white has gone through to suppress black people, to keep them at odds with each other and have them embrace their inferiority complex, then they would realize that the death of John Lennon and Bob Marley had the same hands at play, just different methods.
    I just shake my head everytime some out throws out ‘conspiracy theory’ yet so many people are not aware that the family of the late Martin Luther King won a civil suit against the cia and the government for killing Martin Luther King.

    No one saw O.J kill Nicole but we all know that the amount of circumstantial evidence against the man are reasons enough to know without a doubt that he killed them. SMH

    @Brightlight, @ G :peluk

  • Foxy says:

    I guess the person shouting out how no celebrity can’t die naturally also believes that a lone gunman with a magic bullet killed JFK. And the same happened to his brother and it was just all a fluke. I guess they also believe that no one ever tried to kill Castro and that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X just died at the hands of ‘disturbed individuals’. When people make general statements such as “no celebrities can’t die naturally’, they generally look pretty ridiculous.

  • Talk Thruth says:
  • ace says:

    If bob did not die from cancer what killed him??? That’s the question that I am asking the ppl that say no, as a ppl we love to talk without proof of the facts. Fools bob smoke more weed than anything else and when you smoke so much (DO f000 UP YOUR LUNGS) make the bloodclat man RIP bout cia, fbi. I bet if bob was still alive unnu same f000s wouldn’t like him but now unnu ready fi talk shit.

  • oh,well says:

    Personally, I don’t think that Bob Marley was assassinated. He was already turned into a “rockstar” and had done quite well corrupting himself. If he hadn’t have got cancer i am quite sure that his narcissistic tendencies would have ended up destroying the poetry that was obviously inside of him. With his hedonistic tendencies , I’m not sure if he would have seen out the wild eighties in one piece. (and everybody and his granny fi know Bob did do cocaine. He was obviously a sex addict as well). Peter Tosh is the one that was assassinated and that i can quite understand. A black man who wasn’t shy about being black and trying to get us to be proud of that before we go nice up everybody else’s thing (as us black people are wont to do). No panya machete to him ting! (By the way I miss both Bob and Peter).

  • Foxy says:

    It blows my mind that anyone uses the word “narcissistic’ to describe Bob. A man that stated, “if my life is just for me, then mi nuh want it”.
    “Rockstar” -Bob didn’t even give interviews as he was so anti-establishment. How was Bob “rockstar” except for his worldwide fame?
    “He was obviously a sex addict as well”? Really? Isn’t every man, particularly men with fame and fortune. Who had more women than Frank Sinatra and President Jfk?
    I never would have know Bob had any white in him had it been Bob alone. Look at the woman he married? Pitch black and ugly.

    When I hear people denigrate someone of Bob’s caliber this way, I understand how they sold out Marcus Garvey for rice and peas and how they could have easily paid his own people to kill him in the attempted assassination on his life.

    No bigger enemy to a successful black man than his own kind. RIP Bob, some people are not worth fighting for!

  • G says:

    @oh well if he wont cut off his toe why would he do coke? i think its just romours i no back then they didnt really understand coke but i would have to have an eye witness tell me he sniff coke.

  • ace says:

    Met put back mi dislike make you fren dem know say a rubbish dem a talk wid dem dumd reasonning.

  • Met says:

    ace dat a fi another day…so u a one a dem whey pressure di dislike button tuh?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am not surprised at this article at all. I do know this much though that there is no proof of people dying from smoking related deaths due to smoking marijuana but their are millions of people worldwide who has died from tobacco smoking related diseases. There is some truth to this article base on history. All the African American leaders who have fought for equality and justice for black people has either gotten killed or imprisoned. Look at the fight dem give poor OBAMA and his family background his mix and so his Michelle. By the time him leave the White House him a go grayer than poor Clinton.

  • Anonymous says:


  • @foxy I asked if any celebrity can’t died without any Isim ski sim behind y is bob above getting cancer? I went on to say nothing is impossible but ppl do die naturally,,,bob was a hard core smoker so y is it totally impossible 4 him to hav cancer

  • Not every man is a sex addict and the more sensible one them know to wear condom instead of dashing their sperms all over the globe, musically bob was all dat but personally he was a cocky flinging drugs addict, if groupie met was around in dem days he would be on here every other day wid all dem Pickney and baby moma, so while I would say he is a musical icon he sure wasn’t no role model

  • Him lucky a never aids ketch him (hmmm thinking maybe) when bob married Rita nothing Neva did a Gwaan fi him by the time he started to make his name look at the kind of women he went for, candy Breakspear,,,I watch a documentary with Rita sayin she use to bring girls to bob room for him to sex, a wha kind a marriage dat

  • Cindy

  • Met says:

    Cindy seh bob neva liked he wearing makeup

  • But met check out his later concubines if a nuh all high colour straight hair woman,
    Sometimes wen we like/love a celebrity we can’t comprehend dem doing anything bad,,,Whitney taking drugs yu mad a lie dem a tell, yeah right but we must remember they are human and is not above doing anything that a normal person would do, getting normal ppl sickness,like bob getting cancer David beck ham sleep wid Rebecca loos no one believe cause y he a celeb, Victoria jump up bout she ago sue, the gal say Mek she sue them I will talk things that only if I sleep wid him I could know,,rass all of a sudden lawsuit drop :bola

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to admit it, this is a very funny article. It’s so ironic, Bob was supposedly assassinated but no complaints from his family and close friends.
    Come on people lets not make the conspiracy folks corrupt our thought process. What’s next? Michael Manley didn’t die from cancer, he was assassinated?
    But please don’t stop what you are doing as things like these are the best comedy shows out there? After a long, hard day of work there is no better comic relief.
    As for people talking about this melanoma/melanin link, I suppose they all conveniently forget that Bob’s father was Caucasian. I urge you to go on the Mayo Clinic’s website and edify yourselves on this matter. It doesn’t reflect well on us when our thought process is so devoid of rationale.

  • denies says:

    Everytime I watch the Bob documentary I am still confused. I want to know if the toe infection from the football game that caused the melanoma or the infection was just a blessing in disguise meaning that the toe infection allowed them to find the cancer that was already there and had Bob got gotten the infection he would never have known he had cancer

  • Foxy says:

    Madness! Bob Marley was a handsome man with or without money. Even money has failed to make Rita look even passable. She should be thankful Bob slept with her, let alone marry her.
    AIDS wasn’t around until 1980 and Bob is a rasta, their whole religion is based on procreation. I reckon it’s only now with the reality of AIDS that rastas are using condoms as it was unheard of back then.
    Elvis Presley was with Lisa Marie when she was 14 and had a gazillion women in between, their philandering is no different from any other celebrity with groupies.
    How many women and affairs has Bill Clinton had? Wasn’t he hailed as the first black President?
    Don’t talk nonsense about marijuana. Marijuana has never killed anyone in the history of ever.
    The man did not die of lung cancer to even make the association, it’s melanoma.

  • Anonymous says:

    I happen to agree with EYN. Bob would be around today had he paid attention to his Big Toe that he injured while playing soccer. His use of alternative medicine also played a role in his demise. I have never heard or read of Bob inhaling coke and yes, coke was readily available in Jamaica during the 1970s. Most of the hardcore criminals were hooked on coke in Jamaica during the 1970s (Jim Brown, Carl ‘Bya’ Mitchell, etc.).

  • Foxy says:

    Bob’s father being white means he was devoid of melanin? Lunacy at its highest. Even white people has melanin, just diminished amount. Only albinos are without melanin so that argument is so flawed it’s hilarious!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Foxy says:

    People read fi oonuh self and nuh mek nuh idiot come on the blog and try to tell you bullcrap and try to diminish the significance of the melanin in your skin. Just check how many patents the government has for MELANIN and if a nuh black people skin have the most melanin hence the dark color.
    When people don’t know crap they should shut the heck up that come with their nonsensical crap.
    Provided below are just a few of the patents for melanin and it’s uses and purposes and I would have to look up my research papers on a comprehensive list. But know that the government even sprays melanin in the atmosphere. Seems ridiculous?
    Don’t take my word. Just do your research!

    This invention is a process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere by dispersing melanin, its analogs, or derivatives into the atmosphere. By appropriate choice of melanin composition, size of melanin dispersoids, and their concentration, the melanin will absorb some quantity of ultraviolet radiation and thereby lessen its overall effect on the critters who would normally absorb such radiation.
    Inventors: David L. Berliner, Helen Leong
    Current U.S. Classification: 250/515.1; 250/505.1; 359/358; 359/361
    International Classification: G21K 300

    A dichroic dye can be blended with a non-dichroic dye (melanin and melanin derivatives) and still maintain a commercially acceptable level of polarizing efficiency. Efficient polarizers exhibit polarizing efficiencies of greater or equal to 95% and the best are even greater than or equal to 98%. Since melanin has unique features with respect to absorption of wavelengths of light, melanin is very useful to have in combination with a polarizer that takes advantage of this absorption. The blending can be done by a mixture (preferably an aqueous mixture) of melanin and a dichroic dye in a ratio sufficient to achieve the desired color and polarizing effect.

    The present invention is directed to a medium incorporating melanin for radiation protection.

    A melanin that is soluble in an aqueous solution at a pH of at least 5 to 9 at a temperature of to C. The melanin is further characterized by being capable of being filtered through at least a 0.45 micron size filter. Still further, the melanin is characterized by having a molecular weight of greater than 10,000 kilodaltons. The melanin is useful for providing a naturally-appearing tan to mammalian skin and hair. Such melanin can be produced by combining dopachrome and 5,6-dihydroxyindole (or allowing dopachrome to spontaneously form 5,6-dihydroxyindole) and an appropriate enzyme or by combining 5,6-dihydroxyindole and 5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid or by incubating 5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid alone. The melanin is also useful for providing a sun-screen to mammalian skin and hair.
    Inventors: John M. Pawelek, Seth J. Orlow
    Original Assignee: Yale University
    Primary Examiner: Jean C. Witz
    Current U.S. Classification: 528/206; 424/59; 424/63; 435/41
    International Classification: C08G 6306

    Compositions comprising melanin or melanin precursors are useful for preventing or controlling decay of substrates such as cellulosic and other porous organic substrates. The compositions provide useful wood preservatives, wound dressings, and the like. In one embodiment, the compositions comprise melanin complexed with metal ions, particularly copper. The compositions may be applied as penetrating or surface treatments. Certain melanins are also particularly useful for removing metal ions from liquids.
    Inventors: Robert A. Blanchette, Theresa S. Brush, Roberta L. Farrell
    Original Assignees: Regents of the Univ. of Minnesota, Sandoz Ltd.
    Current U.S. Classification: 427/4; 47/57.6; 106/15.05; 252/384; 424/78.03; 424/78.09; 424/78.36; 424/78.37; 427/160; 514/415
    International Classification: A01G 706; A01C 106; C09K 300

  • Anonymous says:

    Foxy calling people idiot because she can Google something and post it. Do you eve understand what it is that you are posting. EVen though I disagree with people I try not to label them as name calling suggests small mindedness as well as a defense mechanism to a lack of critical thinking.
    You complain about whether Bob being white means he has no melanin, but you really miss the point that was being made. The larger point is that he is also of Caucasian descent hence the fact that he had just as much susceptibility to melanoma as other people of similar Caucasian persuasion.

  • Anonymous dats y mi dun the conversation cause u can’t style ppl as idiot because they hav a different way of thinking, the only way I would lay my neck on the block to say he was assassinated (as foxy is doing) is if a me or someone I know personally kill him :travel

  • dfdr says:

    Big up yourself FOXY cause you have sense… Some people eyes are open but they see not, they know not who is their real enemy… It took me 1 year worth of researching examining countless doc’s vdo”s etc, as little truth is found here and there not all in one place,,,

  • Disrespecting Rita hurts my damn feelings. Like I can’t understand why would someone disrespect the lady fi prove a point, when he willingfully married her and he laid with her more than once and bore 3 children and pon top a dat never divorced her. Not only dat some of you are contorting stories Rita didn’t say she bring women to sex bob, she said bob called for her to get rid of the women from his dressing room. lawd man unuh good sah.

  • ace says:

    @dfdr & foxy the point that the two of you are making is that bob is a freedom fighter and that’s the reason why he died, and all black leaders that gain a certain amount of power with the ppl they are killed, imprisoned, or tear down by the powers that be. Much like unnu and many more ready fi lock up KARTEL without knowing the real facts and believe what is said by the ones in charge of the media. JUST A LITTLE POINT

  • LOL says:

    The funny thing about an informal debate is that most ppl will not do any form research before they try and present their points… they simple say what they feel is factual to them but in the world of debate one must have facts to back their claims and FOXY like my self can present conclusive facts to support claims that government agencies for decades have been killing influential persons in societies accross the world..

    To some people no government would be interested in a likkle black reggae singer from jamaica but these people obviously have need seen bob marley perform to a crowd of over 30,000.

    What governments fear the most is uprising.. and if one man can influence 30,000 ppl then to a government he is as important as tax collecting…

    People nowadays dont research anything they just talk… so i would say to FOXY dont waste your time trying to educate ppl who are content with no knowing…

  • Anonymous says:

    What is Foxy presenting in the form of evidence? Nobody who was close to Bob Marley makes any of these claims but somehow you and Foxy possess some knowledge that no one else has. What conclusive proof has been presented? I see no smoking gun evidence wise, so it is all conjecture. Yes government agencies have killed influential people, e.g. Steve Biko in South Africa and Walter Rodney from Guyana. But don’t bring this sh*t about Bob Marley being assassinated and trying to cloak it that you and Foxy bringing and conclusive evidence. That is the highest form of BS imaginable. Leggo from bout yah wid di foolishness.

  • ???????? says:


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