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Title: Shabba and Alissa

Message Body:
Di matie dem get bolder by di minute.

Imagine Alissa tekk di ppl dem husband Shabba and she run go breed.
Now di pickni born Monday and dis bitch have di nerves fi a rub it in more and go name har Dawta SHALISSA..

Alissa you fi memeba seh you a woman too, and your Karma been a reach you. You fi hol a backseat now a calm down wid you hype. Shabba dunn show you seh him nah leff him wife already. If so be case him wouldn’t breed har that she is now 7 months pregnant. Him don’t even go as far as fi pay fi a bby showa fi you and you still a hype ova nothing. How did you feel when you hear seh him throw surprise Bday party fi him wife and you deh home a twist and turn? Mi shame fi di whole a unuh weh involve ina dis episode. Every week Shabba ina di club is a next gal dat him bring home. So you a mate and you a get bunn too. A hope you know him real name and him social fi go collect your child support cause him nuh memeba she him have no kids at all.. As far as me see him nah look pan you at all.

51 Responses to DRY YEYE BABY TEARS

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha Met this photo is too funny. But yes Karma is a bitch, What goes around comes around believe that for sure

  • Original Goodas says:

    di pic a beat me bad…

    welcome to the world Shalisa… di name just have me weak from yesterday

  • Original Goodas says:

    Me no know them but me know of then and me and one of allissa cousin is friends, Nicole. And Nicole went to philly wah day to look fi allissa and shabba was there.
    Unu caa believe everything them man ya tell unu. plus the other day somebody said something to her about the baby and she say she and the father was talking about it the other day. I dont think she wanted a baby shower she said it her self.

  • Wat a whole heap a cocky dashing, mate a breed wife a breed and man hav a a bag a diff enit gal a hope nobody nuh hav a dose a aids cause look how many would get it

  • Anonymous says:

    Who is Shabba wife. Him call my friend cell phone everyday.

  • gudy says:

    Original Goodaz u sound fool nu shit,u say u nuh kno her but in d end u quote summu she say her self…kmt! Alissa or allisia fren go sit down!!!!u fren story sad,who nu waaa a baby shower? wen unnu a comment unda sikes unu fi av sense man

    Met a shabba a d man real name cause it wud a sad if anu suh n she name ar baby dat

  • ??? says:

    @ original Goodas
    Don’t telll me seh she Neva wah no baby showa. Please. If me teckk a gal man mi affi show har seh him wants me up and a spend. DI surprise house baby showa weh di mafia lady dem throw fi har is what you calll dat?? shame face she a hide. unuh fi tell har di truth and stop encourage fukkery. Shabba probably was there that day like you said, All him wife do is work fi tekk care a dem dawta weh she have plus preprare for di son she have coming. of course him ago have free time if wifey deh a work. Ole shithouse him is. it sick mi fi see him ina di club a wisper ina di lickel groupie dem ears like him no have enuff problem wid him hood already. Ask Alissa how does it feel fi be a mate and have matessss.. i soon call di CDC pan all a unuh, cause a unuh a spread diseases unknowingly. yukkkk :nohope :travel

  • Anonymous says:

    Shabba is not his real name and what a fool Alissa is.

  • DH says:


  • Dick brains says:

    A groupie teck my man and run go breed. Right now she a look fi him fi gi him back di f000 plus him sperms. She neva know seh baby nah hol man again, plus har stadium bulb attitude get dim.. All now google still a search fi har, cause she qwatt like she no exist no more. Hypa dan she you couldn’t find. All mi can do is shake mi head. She trace mi and tell me how him neva wah me, and him been wah leave and mi a tie him dung. Mi juss hand him to har and give dem my blessings . Happier dan me you cah find right ya now. Him was di cause of half of my misery and downfall. Matie fi undastand dem self and stop spite dem self cause the only winner is the man who will run to the next groupie. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :medicine: :medicine: :medicine:

  • gudy says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Alissa and the Moggela gals dem and da wife is all friends?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why dem neva post da pic dem of all of da people involved. Dem Nasty.

  • QUEEN S says:


  • Brightlight says:

    SMMFH. These careless women so busy trying to prove to the other woman that they are the better woman for the man that they don’t even stop to realize they’re competing over a pile of hot steaming shit!

    I can’t even imagine doing such shit. To breed and already have your hormones up and down and you need that extra affection and comfort from the father of the baby that’s coming only to have to work like a dog and be your own man cuz he’s not being one to you. Then compete with the other women/other baby mamas for his affection. On top of that prepare for this and that for the baby while he out spending your heard earned money when he should be in bed with you at night. THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN these idiots and these bomboclaat baby shower aka false wedding aka hype show I just DON’T GET IT!!!

    Unnu so f000ing luddy! Before you even think about the children you already exposing to your trifling lifestyle you run go breed again like that makes you special? Lawd unnu mek mi shame fi be a woman but only for a brief moment cah mi know sey mi cyaaa tek dat kinda headache wid dem type of POS. But then again I would not ever want to be involved with a hype life kind of guy.

    Can’t believe how shameless the chicks are.

  • Met says:

    brightie :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    Lady saw””” say wife wife mate a mate lol baby born she never need nuh shower kelly an kayann have a lot to shair

  • Brightlight says:

    Metsy it sickening bad. MNL

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s Kelly Situation? All now mi don’t see Owen

  • Anonymous says:

    @met Allisa is a fool Niky name har daughter Shamia offa har son Shamar lol and she ah try follow inna the gal footsteps mnl not to mention she all stalk Niky Instagram fi find baby name.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sometimes Unno need fi come offa Di gal name. What if she didn’t want a bby shower, I have 2 kids fi mi man Weh mi live wid n deh wid fi ova 10 n I didn’t have any cuz mi jus think dem stuff a waste of money fi ppl come sit dung n chat n naam u food. Kmft sometimes Unno need fi relax man!!!

  • Trinity says:

    boy oh boy…. just a fyi, all you need is the man’s government name, his d.o.b. and the state he lives in…. D.O.R. will do the rest of the work… A social isn’t necessary anymore. The state understands that someone’s social is hard to obtain especially if you were just ‘dating’….

  • LadyWoW says:



  • gudz says:

    poor Allygotitgood… smh me sorry fe dem

  • Anonymous says:

    @original goodas go suck out u madda side ways, back ways and the comeback again and nam it front ways. U too blood cloth lie. Everything u talk ah f000ery. Move up urself and go nam out allissa pussy.

  • Observer says:

    a juss di name mi still deh :hammer caw a wol heap a name changing haffi guh gwaan wen di man govt. name cum out

  • brukk maties says:

    Alissa being a mate is no shame to har family.
    Har madda was one, har cousin Kelly teckk Owen from him ooman, and so did Kayann.

    Kelly and Owen leff long time she juss a try pretty it up. If you notice she a brukk out extra ina di dance cause she a look smady man fi borrow. Kelly Burgs no wah barrow you no more so stop try get him attention. Him she neva to return.. A dat a one a di main reason why Owen jump ship pan you. You know him an Burgs cool and you go play you self,.

    Alissa we know you ova ya a read, dats why you a post pan Fb bout baby have Shabba mouth. Meckk Sure The Dna match you idiot, your mouth nacka nacka juss like shabba oown so that is no proof.. It sad seh you willinging go ina di ppl dem life and act like you know care. Check back chu you generation and see the reason why all a unuh a suffa abd cah past”0”. Unuh life negative and unuh mentality is negative so there you have it. Stuck at “0”.
    :nohope :travel

  • Met says:

    hi…………not here……….not that kind of dirty tracing nopes

  • LadyWoW says:

    who the f000 are these bitches. This gotta be a philly waste gyal/man argument…cuz only unu alone can go in so hard. Senda sen on some pics please…gi mi some real joke inna di day yah.

  • Observer says:

    a caw jmg family dah gyal deh a try cuss luk weh buddy duh to dem

  • Original Goodas says:

    me rass a dis a miss me………..

    hayyyyy in my african voice,,

    a caaa me man face allissa a stop wid…

    my baby daddy was front and center at my childs arrival

    a no me mek fi di nine months ua write u diary pon fb and al of it consist of pure stress not one happy moments that most baby mother experience

  • Observer says:

    PITNEY NAH OLE MAN AGENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN abayyyyyyy unnuh run guh breed n man dun pon unnuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cuss dem og cuss demmmmmm :alay

  • Original Goodas says:

    me suck my mother ediot from birth and get self esteem, u shoulda did try it.

    some gal a breed fi do man and only know him alias, go weh nastiness…

    everyday u deh pon fb a ball, u no see say a ur karma that…. di baby herself did a go gi u a beating…

  • Original Goodas says:

    but me no know a who and tuff face man mascott Allissa or her groupie fren dem…

    bout Shallisa damn fool………..

  • Observer says:

    OG cuss dem yah muma nuh mention di kids but cuss demmmmmmm doah mek dem class yuh oooooo out of orderrrrr

    PITNEY NAH OLE MAN AGENNNNNNNNNNNNN rayyyyyyyyy :ngakak mi a ded inna di dai yah

  • Original Goodas says:

    Observer me naa look pon she…

    cause a she say she no want no shower (or that was her excuse) cause she no her baby daddy wasnt going to be there.

    Di time she ova ya a cuss and a talk bout suck out mother she go pon her knee and pray and beg god di forgive her cause wah no drop pon head drop pon shoulder… and a 2 little girl she have.

  • Observer says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Alissa I know that one bun yuh. The truth hurt don’t?

  • oh boy says:

    Allissa you need help bad. the mon not even help u push out yuh seed weh u carry fi 9mths. why name u baby Shalisa??? Mnl Niki name har baby haffa har 1st boy and yuh tek it pon yuh head fi try be like har. I only hope Nikki dont go pon this and read cause she fi memba seh har health come 1st and not dem ppl yah. fyi Shabba keep him daughta at home when Niki gone a work so when him 1st boy born mi sure seh him nah go wah left period. Oh HIOKA have baby a dat unno fi study.

  • Anonymous says:

    How can somebody be obsessed ova ppl mon?

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    baby a blessing but cayliss muma n pupa is a curse

  • Anonymous says:

    only philly dutty ppl the girl never want no babyshower ………………………….the girl baby nice bad and yes shabba was there for the birth ……………………………….flippa baby born monday too

  • Anonymous says:

    Shabba was not there when baby a come liers and that is a fact.

  • Dwrl says:

    Which Shaba dis ?? Mi confuse no RASS ???

  • Kmt says:

    So flippa baby born shabba baby born skilli got 2 on the way Carson got 3….lord dem man and woman yah serious…y breedfi dem man yah just cause dem have a man bitches need help, dem man cocky need lock and key.

  • Lol says:

    Mi hear one gal weh a breed a carry twin fi Carson. How dem support all these kids when dem nah work. These same bitch have to go do it all.

  • Kmt says:

    error**** have a name.

  • Anon 7:41pm yuh too lie Hioka have har baby before Monday unno caan mek up story eeh. Alissa just take care a yuh baby and chill

  • Anonymous says:

    Allissa should have known its a sin to have a baby by a married man so I hope she ask god for forgiveness.

  • laughingatuBoth says:

    Niki nah left har man wid one small pitney & one due. She put too much money into him. He is har main investment. Him bruk like dawg & gi har bun for everybody 2 see. He don’t even av him own car but n party every wknd poppn bottles. Didn’t she try fi tek some gal man shortly b4 she cling pon Shabba last yr?
    Alissa yuh nah feel shame? U better b smart & get child support. Either way Niki ah pay! Dwfl.
    Damn, Niki ah pay fi 4/5 pitney & a grown ass man. No wonder she look old & tired. She just used & abused.
    Tip: get tested please. Dis a nasty triangle doh!

  • kmft says:

    Shabba was at the hospital to meet his new baby girl. Facts.

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