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Rape nightmare caught on video
Last Updated: 6:41 AM, February 4, 2013

Cops yesterday released chilling video footage that shows a fiend dragging a woman in broad daylight into an alley near Brooklyn College before raping her — and throwing her phone over a wall so she couldn’t call for help.
The suspect first approached the 22-year-old victim near East 27th Street and Glenwood Road at 9:45 a.m. Saturday, police said.
The 5-foot-6 brute punched the helpless woman several times and forced her to walk through a building alley in Midwood, which was about a block from Brooklyn College and Midwood HS, sources said.
He then repeatedly assaulted and raped the woman, police said.
After the attack, the man — who told his victim he had a gun but never showed it — took the woman’s money and cellphone and then bolted, sources said.
He can be seen on surveillance footage throwing what appears to be the phone over a cement wall moments after the attack so that she couldn’t call anyone, cops added.
The victim had several bruises on her face and was struggling yesterday to recover from the traumatic attack.
Cops also recovered a condom in the alley and are testing it for DNA evidence that could help them identify the suspect. He was described as a black male in his mid-20s, 5-foot-6 with a medium build and a bald head.
He was last seen sporting a blue Yankees baseball hat with white brim, a dark gray jacket, a white T-shirt and jeans.

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News of the vicious daytime attack shocked local residents.
“I’ve never heard of something like that happening around here,” said Nadia Wesley, 26, who graduated from Midwood HS in 2004 and lives in the neighborhood.
Usually, Wesley said, the area around the nearby Jamaican restaurant where she works will have problems with patron fights and the local homeless community — but never something like this.
She said she’s noticed an increased police presence in the area over the past couple of years, making it even more terrifying that a sicko would think he could get away with such a daylight crime.
“I wouldn’t advise young women to walk in the street at night, especially around here,” Wesley counseled. “It’s really dark there.”
Another neighbor, Tonika Campbell, 20, recalled being followed by a strange man in the same neighborhood not long ago.
“There are a lot of creeps around here these days,” Campbell said.
The two women said they would go out of their way to take well-lit streets near corner stores they know would be open to stay safe.
Campbell’s friend Geena Ellewney, 21, warned, “Walk with people that you know, especially if it’s late at night . . . Keep looking back to make sure no one is following you. Don’t take your chances.’’
Additional reporting by Larry Celona and Natasha Velez
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  • Anonymous says:

    Thank God they have a pic of him. Hope they catch this animal soon and lock im away for good!

  • Good morning everyone
    Boi him would’ve to kill me because I don’t think Mentally i could live w/the thought of been rape viciously by a crackhead

  • No Joke says:

    :sorry ….this girl is scared for life.

  • Brightlight says:

    Can’t call these nasty sick bastards animals anymore cah even animal have a code and laws of nature they obey.

    This is why mi alright with being paranoid when ppl walk or come too close to me that I don’t know. Mi will stop, move out the way an mek you pass me. An mi quick fi tun round an see who a follow or walk behind me when mi come offa di train. These sick f000s becoming so bold with their evil ways. I feel for the victim :(

  • LadyWoW says:

    This is terrible, what a traumatic experience for a young lady to go threw. I really hope they catch dis nasty f000 and castrate this bastard

  • Real says:

    Dutty bwoy….mi and him a go fight till one a wid dead but him nah rape and assault me cah lik nuh go wid sex ….a f*&K dat and mi nah support nuh coc head nuh time

  • Jules says:

    That’s why women fi teck dem self-defense courses. Him a drug addict and him still hab enough sense fi teck set pon ooman because him know ooman weaka. Why him didn’t teck set pon a man or a hole in a wall? Wi fi protect wiselves cause man a road a nuh wi fren. Unno fawt fi know di mount a man wah seh dem woulda rape a ooman if dem know fi a fact seh dem woulda never get caught. A juss di fear a jail and shame a protect most a wi from dem creacha deh.

    Most ooman nuh hab di strength fi fight off a grown man. Even di mawga weak one dem will be stronga dan di average ooman. Suh unno learn defensive techniques and weak spots fi protect unnoselves.

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