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8 Responses to RACISM: A HISTORY

  • Observer says:

    Racism is far from being a historical problem. It is very much present in our World today. One does not have to go far to see this…take a look at Washington smh. We just have to be strong enough to march on and hold the baton because I don’t see racism vanishing anytime soon.

  • adwa says:

    and if u really check it observer, di root of racism (in my opinion) really rests on economics.

    if u check it, economics drives practically every aspect of social life, even down to some of our religious practices. for example, the catholic practice of not eating meat on friday (allegedly for religious reasons) is based on the economic benefit of fisherman who would be guaranteed sales one day out of the week (when competing with largely preferred meat sellers) because they were allied with the religious leaders of that time. history tells us so much, so i don’t buy into racism (although i know it is alive and well), i do not practice it because i know it is a fairly recent invention in the history of mankind. not only that, but the basis for it is completely unfounded, but rather just a means to fatten the pockets of exploiters at the expense of the exploited.

  • Observer says:

    Adwa, sometime we have to sit down and really take the time to analyze ourselves. It’s not an easy task but rather difficult but we should at least make the attempt. RACISM is very much alive, though I’m not the disliker I would disagree with you somewhat. Racism is not solely based on economics, maybe a part has to do with it but definitely not its whole. Let me point you to “appearance” and watch how this plays out nicely. WE DON’T EVEN ACCEPT OURSELVES!!! Somewhat funny, but how about this for a laugh. How about if Beyonce comes to the Super Bowl dressed in Afro hair and full bodied attire with accompanied by Angela Davis (strong Leader) then raises her fist and sings the black National Anthem…woe be unto her!! Just a thought THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! I could go on…point is Racism is still alive!

  • adwa says:

    oh no observer i agree with what ur saying completely. i do believe that racism is alive and well. but what i’m saying is that this whole notion of racism began with economics. i believe the book is called “the mismeasure of man” by stephen gould. in it, he cites how the notion of race didn’t even exist in the history of mankind up until the 13/14th century. the terms “white” “black” “hispanic” “asian” etc. are relatively new in comparison to how long humans have been on the earth, some supposedly hundreds of thousands of years.

    what i’m saying is that the notion that there is inherently anything inferior or lazy or unintelligent about black people is utter rubbish. these lies were told as a means to justify the slave labor which made an incredible amount of money for those masterminding it. you’re correct, today’s racism has very little to do with economics because people have beliefs that they do not even know who/what originated them. according to history, the identification and labelling of superior and inferior races did not come about until economic gains were to be made. all in all thanks for the reasoning observer. :peluk

  • Observer says:

    adwa :kiss

  • Met says:

    watching the last video crying…smh… brb

  • Met says:

    I cried so much my head hurt. I don’t know how black America was able to move past what was done to them but I have more respect for them now.

  • Met says:

    when homosexuals compare their shit to racism they should really be locked up for life because ……….smh

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