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14 Responses to ONSTAGE

  • the truth says:

    rate u yute ..biggest thing bout ya weather or not dem want admit it!

  • Kerian soon get f000 gyal stay good lol mo watch out

  • Proud Jamaican says:

    She sings really well…. Good luck

  • xhale says:

    bun a dash out

  • Anonymous says:

    Suh wah happen to Chase Cross(es) ?

    How Vado naah big him up?

  • Anonymous says:

    Suh wah happen to Chase Cross(es) ?

    How Vado naah big him up?

    Wah Vado say bout Bill Board….??

    M like hoe Vado nuh thing nuh local nuh more

    Yeh, she is “blown away in Jamaica”…..a beer blowings a gwaan inna Jamaica these days

    How Vado a talk say nuh baddy caaan stan up roun him an style di General…….then a wah Chase Cross(es) did a do?

    “appreciatable”…..what di fck does that word mean?

    Jah kno, Karian batty set ROUN an NICE…..a weh she get dem hips deh from……di gal a gwaan good……a still Stacious mi say dough…..tell mi what you say???

    …..Baby I will do anything…for you, for you………a dat yu say?

    Mi like dah gal yah……

  • Winford mix up as usual. Mi believe she n Vado f**kin. She’s quite flirtyyyy wid him. Sorry but him lyrics in dem collab lameeeee…Sidenote him faava Junior Reid badddd

  • Real says:

    Mavado u tink wi schedule fi born???????????????/////////////////////////////////// WE KNOW WHATS GOING ON…ms song lef canada fi come sing song pon mavado mike ..mi nuh too like di suicidal message inna di music and it really nuh sound authentic and wid di one bagga coloring book dem inna di video fava some real demon …..mavado a certain look gone offa u face …….but if u content then that is good

  • denies says:

    Vado used to be so mawga i am loving the new body especially his arms

  • Cc says:

    A jus di gyal mi a pree

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this combination. Why she a whine up herself n galang so the song no call for that. She has a nice shape but she looks like a skank. Vado u still no learn how to put a proper sentence together. Me like u as an artise but u seem as if u speaking out u ass. U get so cocky n full of u self u vocab limited to billboard and top of d charts. U contributed to ur brethren being killed so take some of the blame. U walk wid the whole heap of batty fall err n make dem create a scene at d ppl them place u cud den even control them. So no blame killer for a more than 4 time them boy deh make u pocket feel it. U love d hype n u need to control u self. Running to foreign no change anything. U need to take responsibility if u did tell them cool dem wud a Kool. Look pan d man jaw bone Weh u boys dem lick out. I hope u supporting that boy family n stop shift blame.

  • my2cents says:

    the girl looks good, sounds good but why she haffi a flirt and gwan like she a porn star so? Calm down and keep u tongue inna u head. Wait till u and vado reach unnuh bedroom cause mi nuh know why u seem like u inna heat so

  • Anonymous says:

    F000er lie bout number one a England fi two months….lie dat

  • pretty says:

    why is she giggling, moving ,and actinglike a fool why is she flirting somuch and with who??????

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