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17 Responses to MATCHIN

  • Good mornin Met. What match? D colour of her boots n d liquor in har glass???

  • Pudding pop says:

    To me she look gud. Black goes wid any color shoe, all she need to do is lose the tie necklace.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nothin is wrong with th girl a bet a sum bitch weh nuh like har do it mi hate dutty people u see left d gyal a bet u uh look worst than ar

  • DB... says:

    deh gal ya always pop-dung…but MET from di ada day it get worst..duttie sunshine is a secret whore..she walk and tek every man ina NY and nun a dem naa claim nor wife ar…dem ya boots ya a long time fashion..cho mi miserable fi deh gal ya

  • Anonymous says:

    n e body whe know fashion know seh dis no mek no di necklace fit in plus di sah..from mi know deh bitch ya nails neva do..a always some home do hairstyle or some dominican wash and curl…lmao..sumadie plz call JOAN RIVERS

  • hanna montanna says:

    911…hello..JOAN RIVERS…theres a FIRE CROTCH in CT that seriously need help wid HAIR, MAKE-UP, CLOTHES and like how u have alot of celebrity friends maybe u can find ar a man of ar own…but den again u caa tun a whore into a housewife..

  • Mimi says:


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Mawning humans and nonhumans…lol

    My girl dash whey dat ‘tie’ other than DAT yu good to go. Hating ass $luts inna de early mawning lo de gal. I hope yu are taking a gal man (whores make great wives but Sluts don’t). Nu bark nu inna yu face an yu body banging. De less yu spen di more yu have.

    Happy new year and wish yu all de best.

  • Bless! says:

    i like the outfit, minus the ol skool necklace, it cheapens the outfit, but overall outfit is a hit, boots are hawt!

  • Anonymous says:

    hate di boots…necklace and di time u a wear a c tru blouse …cut out di tag..especially if a white

  • Big up Sunshine mi look good fren weh nuh haffi bleach like some ole tiyad reptobate…di gal stay good have har education and har good job. Haters run weh

  • ice man says:

    nice looking girl she have a big head but i will still work with that. :thumbup

  • .... says:

    Yuh can do good inna life or bad, ppl nah go stop talk no Matta what!!! If u go left dem chat u if u go right dem chat u even more!! Unnu fi grow up an low di gyal, she mussi do sumptn right!! Whoever sen in this pic probably shape bad! Haters always gonna hate but secretly them admire u!!!

  • eyecandy says:

    does she realise what the upside down cross means?!?!?

  • Eyecandy…what does an upside down cross mean? Figure it cant b good but wht’s d meaning?

  • Anonymous says:

    church of Satan EYN @ 7:08pm

  • Hatersforreal says:

    I dont know this girl but it look like she a beat dem bad. To the person whey keep comment on her hair and those things maybe your man prefer a more natural look you probably dont have one hair pon ya head try pull off your coochie hair and glue dat to your head… wash and set whats wrong with that?

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