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26 Responses to I AINT FROM AFRICA

  • Real says:

    raas mi dupes u find it……ESPECIALLY DI ONE DEH INA DI PINK WEH A CHAT DI F)*&RY…….she look more african dan Shaka and shit outta ar mouth

  • smh, thats crazy

  • toni ann says:

    Met good morning. Metters good morning>

    @Met, how are you doing??? i have a question to ask you.

  • toni ann says:

    A matter of fact anyone can answer this question that knows the answer.

    how do i make fried dumplings soft? not flakey, not cornmealy, just nice and soft?? i dont know how to make fried dumplings and whenever i tried, it usually can bruk grung. Helllpp!!

  • BROOKLYN says:

    damn eediat dem.. once yuh blk dat mean say yuh ancestry cum frm africa .take for instance..jamaica.. dem hab diff nationality whey brn deh and when ppl a refer dem dont dem address dem by nationality…etc…chinese jamaican .. well dat simply mean dem a african american…dam eediat dem

  • BROOKLYN says:


  • look @ the puss in spectakles talking about Jamaicans dont consider themselves African. lol

  • adwa says:

    omg, that woman in the pink from jamaica……….is she for real?!

    insightful documentary but what a sad commentary about the state of black people. as the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall.” practically anywhere you go in this world, black people are always considered second-class citizens of the nation in which they reside. but marcus garvey did talk seh if black people were to unite worldwide and do away with the tribalism…….within 24 hours……….we would be able to improve our economic and social plight. but judging from this documentary, black people have a loooooooooooooooong way to go. :( :( :(

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Blacks whose history goes back more than one generation in the “new world” aren’t from Africa and are decendants of Africans. They are then identified according to the flag/region that they are born under…ie, Jamaica (Jamaicans) Plain and simple.

    Marcus Garvey was selling illusions. Africans have NEVER gotten along like ‘birds of a feather”, clearly highlighted in the fact that it was popular for a segment of that continent to sell humans…ie US the decendants of African human cargo. This ‘back to Africa’ nonsense creates false hope among blacks and one of the reason we cannot accept aligence, self pride and unity within we respective countries of birth because we don’t accept the fact that we belong there and NO other place. Hence, we fail to fully participate in the society.

    Jamaica, me bawn and a de me ago dead. Me. like me dead ancestors will rot and add to the soil of the land we call home.

  • Anonymous says:

    Going out with South Africa’s flashy young ‘boasters’

  • Jules says:

    Met, u haffi stawt a recipe cawna man, si smaddy a ask bout soft dumplin deh. Help out u readas Metty, help dem tap meck tuff dumplings.

    Dem fi meck di ancestral DNA testing cheapa suh di ppl dem can betta identify dem origins and who waan be more connected to dem African roots can know weh dem belong.

  • Met says:

    Jules mi si but mi nuh mek dumplin from recipe …so mi nuh know ooo

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Ahh…look like I pissed off the garvey fans. Don’t care because “I am” NOT from Africa. As for the garvey fans have you really seen the rastas that have wasted their lives waiting for that ship to take them ‘home’? lololol…lives wasted on an illusion. Dem need fi a participate inna de lan dem currently reside inna.

  • Jules says:

    Fiddi dumplin… Link You Tube, dem hab some fried dumpling recipes ova deh, and whole heap a odda Jamaican cuisine tutorials suited to all cooking skill levels.

  • Met says:

    ok jules

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Phantom I keep hearing little whispers here n there that Garvey was a bogus do u know where I. Can’t find material to read up on him, n his he J’can how did he become a national hero?

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Chuet, Garvey is a ‘token’ hero. Fi over 20 years me still puzzled.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh ok he was J’can I see.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    8:53 disliker…me neva know sey intanet a run uppa inna onu like zinc village? lolol gwan puff pon yu big head, bang de drum dem and chant while making de broom dem fi sale inna de morrows…me figet a de season fi breding up de empress dem. Onu gwan yah.

    BTW. Selasie neva come a Jamaica fi see onu…a because a him Jamaican secretary mek him come, out of gratitude. De decendants of the empress why mysteriously died fi him go pon de throne may also have a quam wid onu to…Hey different strokes for different folks. Onu go read about the deprave conditions metted out to those who go a Africa base pon garvery and read whey garvey himself se a no all blacks from this hemisphere were welcome on the great voyage. lolol. Me think fi me self…therefore I am free! DWBCLn

  • Wow, this was deep.

  • Garvey truths says:

    @PhantomPhoneix comment on Garvey is misleading. Garvey never saw that the entire Africa was to be united as one. Africa is HUGE and places are cut off from each other by desert, mountain, jungle, river etc ! He focused on working with one country, Liberia, because he knew that other African countries were not about to deal with him. He had grandiose wishes that were never realized not cause he didnt try but because he thought he was more powerful/influential than he was.

    “Back to Africa” didnt mean abandon the Americas!!! Big misconception that you yuhself seem to hold to. Garvey wanted the movement of profitable and structure-buiding resources between the two regions i.e SKILLED people and goods/products. NOT a mass haul up of everyone to resettle!!

    The vibe I get off of Garvey is that he was seriously like one a dem country boys who come a town and feel them know the runnings and feel dem deh pon top a tings when really they are not. Now as i think to type it im thinking of Jimmy Cliff as “Ivan” in Harder they come as the kind of attitude, come wid a plan to tek over and never realize that it was much harder than he thought.

    @Tawkchuet Garvey got hero status because regardless that his goals werent realized UNIA was and is the largest black organization to date. Also when Garvey ran for Prime Minister in Jamaica (and failed miserably) he put forth a Manifesto that was seen as too radical at the time. Before Long EVERY SINGLE POINT IN GARVEYS MANIFESTO became a part of the Jamaican law books, from the 8 hour work day to how the government should be set up to rep the people. He was a visionary.

    Selassie couldnt come to Jamaica fi see “onu” because he didnt even know that in this little place THOUSANDS of people worshipped him and were waiting for him. WHen him step off the plane and see wha gwaan him FRAID! lol…. cant argue about how he treated his own people during rough times though.

    I can understand Rasts from other points in the diaspora but i always find Ethiopian rooted rastas interesting. Their families musta pass on what it was like to live under Selassie lol

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Thank u Garvey truth

  • As the saying goes, ignorance is a bliss…

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    ‘Garvey Truth” how me misleading? All you did was present information to Cheut that’s of common knowledge to those who go searching for it. The same sources of information that i’ve used to form MY opinion. Garvey is a token hero who was born with the ‘gift of gab’. It’s up to the readers to go and read up and form their own opinions. Me already form mines and holding strong to it.

    Dislikers good mawning to onu, same thing yestiday, same thing tiday…Inclusion not seperation.

  • Garvey Truth, relative to Tafari Makonnen’s visit to Jamaica, if you don’t know what you are talking about, shut up–the same goes for your revised reference to M Garvey’s Alkebulan [Africa] vision…

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    @G. Truth…. Where did I write about Garvey and ” the entire Africa was to be united as one” ? I did not. ( post @ 4:11 certainly doesn’t state that) I am well aware of the geography of the continent.

    Every PanAfricanist (wealth opportunist) had their eyes on Liberia. Garvey mainly.

    I referenced his writings about not wanting all blacks from this hemisphere on his venture (post @ 10:29)

    Garvey’s empiral dress and that damn plume hat reminds me of a later nut of granduer…

    GT…away from you a accuse me of ‘misleading’ I can deal because me see you refer to Garvey one good and afta dat yu descended….lololollllll

    dislikers here is some more breakfas..illaloo

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