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Cletus Mushanawani |Manica Post | THE United States of America’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr David Bruce Wharton received more than he had bargained for when a female demonstrator stripped naked in protest over the illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

Mr Wharton had to make a hasty retreat after Ms Sheila Mutsenhu confronted him in her undergarments during his brief tour of the American Corner at the Turner Memorial Library near the Civic Centre.

The visit was Mr Wharton’s first official visit to Manicaland after he presented his credentials to President Mugabe in November last year and his visit saw him coming face to face with the wrath of angry Zimbabweans who want the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe lifted immediately.
The Mutare demonstrations come barely 24 hours after villagers in Makoni District forced him to abandon his tour of Sangano Diary Farm on Tuesday. The villagers were also protesting against the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the US and its Western allies.

In an interview, Ms Mutsenhu said as patriotic Zimbabweans they wanted to send a clear message to all those who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe that they were hurting ordinary people.

ZANU PF demonstrator, Ms Sheila Mutsenhu (in her undergarments) telling US Ambassador, Mr David Bruce Wharton in no uncertain terms that sanctions against Zimbabwe should be removed forthwith.
“Our beautiful country is reeling under the effects of illegal sanctions imposed by the West, yet we have an Ambassador coming here to tour what they say are developmental projects. How can they say they are developmental projects which employ a few people, yet the majority of Zimbabweans are wallowing in abject poverty due to the effects of sanctions? Poverty is well documented in most communities because of the sanctions, our hospitals have no medication and unemployment is rife everywhere, yet we have an ambassador who is doing nothing to have the sanctions lifted.

“We can not wine and dine with the enemy and the message we are sending to them is that enough is enough, we want the country’s economy to be back on track and this can only be achieved if the illegal sanctions are lifted,” said Ms Mutsenhu.

She said Zimbabwe was prepared to work with positive-minded nations.

“We cannot continue to be slaves in our own land. The US Ambassador’s visit is a bit suspicious because it comes a few months before the elections. He is on a spying mission and this is the time to tell them that we are fully aware of their mission and they will not succeed,” she said.
Another demonstrator, Mr Ernest Tazvida, said he was a victim of companies’ closure in the province.

“I am a family man and I am struggling to make ends meet. My family is surviving on handouts, yet at one time I was gainfully employed.
“You cannot expect me to have a smile when coming face to face with the architects of my misery. I want the best for my family and not the miserable lives we are leading. We will not entertain such visits until sanctions are removed completely. They are spending millions of dollars on trivial issues and not caring about our welfare. Gone are the days of the master-servant relationship,” he said.

In an interview, the embassy’s deputy public affairs officer, Ms Jillian Bonnardeaux, said the demonstrations were an expression of the people’s feelings.

“People should be able to express themselves like what they are doing through these demonstrations. We are here in Manicaland to have a feel of what is happening in the province as well as touring some of the projects being sponsored by the US government. We got the message being expressed by the people that they are looking for jobs and they are blaming that on sanctions.

“There is a difference between the Zimbabwe Transition to Democracy and Economic Recovery Act and targeted sanctions. Our secretary of State, Mrs Hillary Clinton recently said sanctions will only be removed if conditions change, but nothing has changed for the sanctions to be lifted. We will continue assessing the prevailing situation, but we are never happy to see people suffering. The sanctions were not intended to make the people of Zimbabwe suffer, but they are targeted,” she said.

The Ambassador was expected to tour Sakubva District Hospital yesterday.


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