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The Feminization of Hip-Hop: Is It a Plot To Undermind the Power of Hip-Hop and the Image of the Black Man ??!!
January 30, 2013 | Filed under: Commentary | Posted by: johnhennry

By: John “Hennry” Harris

Hip-Hop used to be one of the most feared entities on the planet that forced America and the World to take notice and LISTEN. You had a suppressed people with a platform to motivate, change, and provide a voice to the voiceless. This machismo was exhibited in the language and fashion of hip-hop and its participants. Fast-forward to 2013, and you have artists rocking skinny jeans and other “suspect” clothing like the outspoken Kanye West and newcomer A$AP Rocky wearing dresses as “fashion”. Even Diddy has been spotted rocking a kilt onstage !! o.O !!!!

Recently, Lord Jamar of revered hip-hop group Brand Nubians spoke of the new trend trying to infiltrate hip-hop.

“First of all, it’s not just jabs at Kanye West,” Jamar explained to SOHH. “It’s anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. Anybody that I see out there, rocking dresses and all of that type of sh*t, I might shoot a jab at. But Kanye is one of the ones right now that’s representing that movement. He’s one of the first ones that you see in a skirt. Now you got other people following suit and rocking full-out dresses or they’re trying to rock kilts. We’re not Irish. We’re not Europeans. Rocking kilts and all that is just another excuse to introduce that skirt style. You understand what I’m saying? And I’m not with it. This has nothing to do with sexuality, who they choose to be with and all that, I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking specifically about, what is hip-hop? And that’s not hip-hop. Rocking dresses with mean faces, that’s not hip-hop.” (SOHH)

Hip-Hop has taken the lead in setting the trends for youth in this country for some time. During the ‘Golden Age’ of rap, conscious lyrics spurred its listeners to be aware, acquire knowledge, and to live in a responsible manner. Gangsta Rap used to be our CNN reporting on the injustices going in our inner cities not recieving the light of mainstream consciousness. The LEAD that Hip-Hop used to take, has been replaced with marketing plans and stylists more interested in conforming to the status quo. Even if it means wearing a dress.

What man can really be taken seriously wearing a dress ?? I think the trend needs to heed the words of Brand Nubian’s classic song and Slow Down !!


  • Belly Bang says:

    :nerd All wat this article ah fancy up di chat, we see exactly wat dem saying ………………..HIP HOP and DANCEHALL is abou the MESSAGE & not promoting battymanism thru clothing … :cool

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Well Belly the truth is dem use a few fi lead the rest astray. Yuh nuh si how all a di man dem look like woman ina dem tight pants and a color block out raass. Nuh wonder why suh much a dem pon di down low and the rest a depend pon woman fi dem tings. It get real hard fi find real men.

  • Belly Bang says:

    When mi tawk dem tink mi ole & mad. Dem see man inna tights and body blouse & dem seh him cute. f000 CUTE!! Him ah battyman, nuh even gay, and him ah use Dancehall & Hip hop as him leverage.

  • Met says:

    batteyman straight….they are advertising dem hood

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, yuh know mi nuh always hold the popular view in yah or the view that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside………………suh mi nuh haffi ah type long ……………..but since 2009 JMG has been highlighting wat is wrong with dancehall, especially with the under cover gays and lesbians who have been muscling their way into the mainstream.

    f000 DEM, ah dat mi seh, Party yes, but dem fi know dem limits.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Met wey get me is the woman dem wey deh wid dem man yah. Yesterday you posted a pic of a dude wearing his blue shirt and him bright yellow tight pants, then the gold shoes and the pink shoes. Dem man deh cyaan look my way. That’s the biggest sign of weakness. man fi look and act like man, di whole a dem pon di download that’s why the AIDS rate suh high.

  • Met says:

    Foxy it something must be in the water because women like these men more

  • Met says:

    some a dem bring di man dem ina di women’s department go teef di tight pants dem

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Me and you must be part of a dying breed den Met cos I cry for these lost souls!

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi nuh tink mi coulda ever get used to a man in a skirt! Instant turn off, me and him nah walk di street suh!! If mi see any dh artist ah rock skirt mi drop dung (and mi know it ah come)

  • Czariesha says:

    Hey Metty, juss dropping a quick hello n sending you some blessings for the new year. Mi still deh yah sed way. Juss a gwaan watch from a distance. Nah lef yuh out mumma.

    Belly n di ress a di foundation unnu big up unnu self.

    @belly i am obsessed with ur story…still!

    *mwah* love yuh long time met! Bless up.

  • Met says:

    hi czarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :peluk

  • Anonymous says:

    Met some a di women dem to be blame to! The other day I saw my fren in a pink shirt so mi seh “yu really go pink my youth”? Hear him girl “leave him alone is she buy it give him”! So from dat day mi start avoid him!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My mother always tell wi seh the reason why she have so much a wi (pickny) is because wi no need no fren! So my family live loving and so a mi an mi brother dem par an mi woman and pickny dem. So mi no need no fren!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Met memba seh ur husband a one a di first dancehall artist weh dress certain way back in the days and blame it on him woman at the time! Who memba? If unuh don’t ask Killa!!!

  • Met says:

    heyyyyyyyy morning…doe blame mi husband please and thankssssssssssssss

  • Belly Bang says:

    Yuh means (cough) when him did deh wid Carlene………… false hair never involved to, if i recall

  • Anonymous says:

    Morning mi darling Met! Yu know mi love yu…but si Belly memba deh!!!

  • Met says:

    morning eyn :peluk

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    ooman fi stap encourage di f000ery stappit!!! man nuh fi ina skinny jeans n jeggings an all dem fruity claat an boot! man can dress neat an clean wid out sagging pants an still luk masculine. dem man waa wear jeggings, color color, weave, an skirt dem a BATTYMAN! str88888

    slow down yu living foul :bigo:

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow that’s so warm and sweet! Real women love real men and real men love real women……

  • truth says:

    not because a man could f**k a woman that does not mean is not gay..kenye is one of the biggest undercover fag in the business,,,if you guys don;t know that then put unno gay radar onnnnnnn…kim pussy shit up like all the others…

  • Starbwoy says:

    yo some a unu dunce nuh bloodclaat how is wearing a kilt battymanism i guess all irish bagpipe players are gay then its fashion taken from the irish culture idk bout the laced top dem but the kilt is cool i would rock one but its not a dress and people need to stop being ignorant simple and low di man dem mek dem do dem ting

  • Anonymous says:

    This some real f000ing gay shit. It nothing attractive about a man in a damn skirt

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