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Rick Ross Incident Too Similar To TuPac and Notorious B.I.G. Demise
Added by Asa on January 30, 2013.
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Emergency 911 calls from the Rick Ross incident have been released to the public. When asked how many shots were fired, the manager told the dispatcher, “I don’t know, but they’re coming back, I’m hiding.” The Floridian restaurant manager that made the 911 call told News Channel 6 South Florida ,“And I just heard a bunch of gun shots go off and a car sped by and my server just left on her bike to go to it. Oh my God, they’re turning around and coming back.” Rick Ross and another passenger in the car, Shateria L. Moragne-el, were not injured when shots rang out, after the two were leaving the restaurant. Ross ended up crashing his car into an apartment building.

But those in the industry are questioning the incident. Did Rick Ross set the whole thing up? The incident looks and sounds all too familiar. It was September 7, 1996 when TuPac Shakur was gunned down, after coming from a fight at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. While sitting at a red light, in Suge Knight’s BMW750iL,a white Cadillac pulled up beside the car and opened fire. Pac died a few days later. Fast forward to Mach 1997. Biggy Smalls, aka Notorius B.I.G. was leaving an after party, hosted by Vibe Magazine and Qwest Records. Biggy gets into a GMC Suburban and heads back to his hotel room, after the party is shut down early. While sitting at a red light, a Chevrolet Impala SS pulls up and opens fire. Biggy was pronounced dead about thirty minutes later.

Now Rick Ross gets shot in an almost similar fashion? While it is true that Ross has enemies, this scene seems sketchy. Something stinks with the whole “shoot em’ up”, “bang bang” story. DJ Alex “Big Lip” Chisholm of Florida’s Power 96 said he was not surprised by the incident. “I talked to a lot of my friends in the industry. They’re like, OK, you know, Rolls Royce, machine guns pulled out, and he doesn’t get hit at all, and his car doesn’t get hit at all.” “They really don’t believe it.”

Fake or real? Is Rick Ross trying to bring more clout to his image by emulating what happened to TuPac and Biggy? Or is someone really trying to take him out?

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  • Real says:

    dat fat f^&(k …ALL IF A FAKE DI REAL ONE DEM A WAIT PON HIM….GONE GO TEEF NEX Man story ……him mek mi hate di ….GRAB A SNICKER AD

  • ... says:

    Dem sure a neva one video him a film? lol

  • Real says:

    ……………………………………………………………………….MI NAH CALL YU NAME…………………………………………………………….BOUT HIM A LOOK STREET CRED BEFORE HIM GO SIGN U FI LOW CARB

  • LadyWoW says:

    I dont undatstand am really at a cross roads wid dis….y put so many lives at danger for publicity stunt..any innocent person coulda get hurt. I only hope him have betta sense.

  • ... says:

    lol I only like 2 song him sing when him jus come out but aside from that I think he’s just like most of them a product for sale. Most of them have no clue about the life them sing bout its just him ramp wid 50 & 50 dig an almost dun him

  • Real says:


  • ... says:

    :ngakak :ngakak Real awful

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Rick Ross….hmmm I just don’t trust him. He was a correctional officer who vehemently denied being in that profession when he became a rapper & was trying to pass of as a gangster. He treated his foundation woman like dirt, not even wanting to do right by their child(ren). Diced Pineapples have mi, but a jus don’t trust him & therefore I can’t really like him. Anyway dem luddy kmt.

  • Oney says:

    A rule thing met! Dem niggahs just can’t get to Ross. Remember, Rick Ross is Haitian and he’s a 1000% woo up(protection obeah). Ross a real baseman met, any niggah work in corrections and is a friend to the inmates is a don. Dem bring in all the drugs. Remember he said the real Noriega owed him a 1000 favors. He had carol city on lock with his jail house connects. The realest niggahs streetwise in Miami is Rick Ross and flo-rida. I got family members that did time with flo and he a gangsta for me.

  • DFDR says:

    If he was shot dead then all the speculation wether real or fake would not be a issue, if u knew who killed tupac or biggie then u’ll have no speculation!!!

  • Brightlight says:

    @Oney Rick Ross is NOT Haitian. He just haffi big up Zoe so he don’t get done up. Aint shit REAL about this dude.

  • Jules says:

    Off topic: Anybody else notice seh cocobread nuh taste nice like one time? Dem nice buttery, soft and cushy cocobread caan find again. A some ole dry up big brawd sitten dem a call cocobread nowadays.

    @topic: Nutten fi seh.

  • BIPOLAR says:

    please rick ross did not set this up…for what to look like a punk? because the joke is why didnt he have a chopper in the car. rick has real enemies out there and rumor has was the real rick ross that he stole his name from and never pay him did put a hit on him

  • Anonymous says:

    Publicity stunt

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    so people woulda really risk fi dem life (figet bout other people life) fi publicity stunt? Doh really mek sense

  • Anonymous says:

    Only a fool would think that a rapper would have guys posing as hitmen shoot at his car on a hip strip such as Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, where the risk of been chased by the Fort Lauderdale PD is so high. They a really lucky that the Police was not quick on the scene to catch them in the act. Rick Ross lives in his multi-million house, just minutes away from that location. Do you think he would risk all that for some stunt that could land him in prison for years?,2328+Aqua+Vista+Blvd,+Fort+Lauderdale,+FL+33301&ei=ypsJUZyCEOTwigKnyYDYDQ&ved=0CC8Q8gEwAA

  • If the man was dead there would be no argument, ppl this is real, there is no joke in it. If Tupac and Biggie never dead, we would be saying the same shit, until the man before ppl realize seh it serious. Kmft.

  • (dead)

  • Anonymous says:

    The same ppl wah a spread propaganda pon di man seh him set up himself a try divert attention pon demself or crew…its crazy to think he does this to himself…for crying out loud is a batmobile,james bond or a knight rider him have fi a run cyar through building

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    That’s bullshit. Rick Ross don’t need to look no dam hype. Him done have what he wants. Right Now Rick Ross Blazing. Why would he jeopordize his and his wife life for bullshit. Whoever came up with that shit need to go find somebody else to f000 with. Nothing more than some bad mind worthless NIGGERS trying to bring him down like f000ing crabs in a dam barrel………………

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Mi nuh trust none a dem whack ass crappers yah!
    Lord Jesus, please gimme back Tupac and take all dese punks and I’ll still owe you for the trade, please Lord, Lil Wayne, Drake, Ross, Meek Mill, Gucci, Game, each and every last one I’m giving you for Tupac!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Rick Ross a bring down himself wid him own lyrics. Rick Ross cyaan perform nowhere cos those damn black disciples gangsters are after him in every state for using Larry Hoover’s name and not paying them. They done put enough hits on his ass for him to watch his head back.
    You can’t be a studio gangster and when the street gangsters come at ya ass then you run to the cops!

  • Anonymous says:

    Larry Hoover = Rick Ross????? Rapper Rick Ross is supposedly using the name of the former Drug Kingpin from LA, “Freeway” Rick Ross, not Larry Hoover!

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