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We all know abt the Ten Commandments dat God given to man..but most of us live by they 11commandmnts dat man made…..we know a man sell drugs wen he get busted……we know he or she theif wen they get caught so y take minute,hour,day, or even months to talk about something dat doesnt concern us…we need to stop worrying abt ppl business and worry abt our own…y is it we Guyanese like crab in a… barrel just pulling each other down,instead of lifting each other up, however we choose to live our live shouldn’t be another man business especially wen he or she don’t ask u for anything y take dat person happiness and making it y’all distress…… Any way she say she love the attension dat you guy are giving her cus she feel very important and she ask if u guy could put it on E news cus she wanna do a reality show…….leave ppl business lone and mine u ownSee More
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Those of u that find the time to condemn laugh and bad mouth hope u r with sins and convictions,remember wen u get glass window don’t throw stones none of us r perfect this just goes to show how some will eat and drink with u then as soon as something happen they throw u under the bus,but remember every dog has its day,today is her day as every one knows but who knows who day it is tomorrow so dead nah done and I know fuh sure cry nah done so as we prepare for tomorrow lets enjoy today at someone’s expense
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17 Responses to AMAZING

  • Baby-Sue says:

    It’s not sad she money stock and pile but she say she need vcay….she soon touch road so let dem have fun who ————————–CLASSY CANDII U REALLY SEY DAT?U R A MOTHER WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE U SETTING.Anyway Met they say Candii harbors the thieves.They say anything u want buy go by Candy’s house,That’s where the storeage is.

  • Met says:

    baby sue wth?? das y she a defend har

  • Baby-Sue says:

    yes.It’s ridiculous .The grown woman said the theif have the money but she said she needs a vacay.SMH.Met when I saw the 1st post and was enquiring,I was told if u want anything red,black or white bottoms ,bags hair etc go to Candii’s .The person also said Melissa is a bad ass kleptomaniac.They said give Candii the list and come back for the products later

  • Saucy baby says:

    But wha the mudda’s cunt do them people here man? See how she sha say she’s crazy but still a sweetheart! Look here man, these people facing crazy yah man.

  • Saucy baby says:

    Vacay at tax payers expense all round, tax payer for welfare! Tax payer for vacation too?

  • Smh says:

    Vacation? Money stack and pile while u a thief second hand name brand? This girl need a permanent padded sell. Money nuff but can’t make bail? Money nuff and comfortable sleep on floor? Money nuff and madda a beg and Pitney a suffer in America? Money nuff bout 400 plus shoe an 160 plus bag. A must 40 shoe and 16 bag u thief beg miss candy to sell dem fi u. I digress …cho

  • Smh says:

    Can someone run in wih Melissa life story like they did with p money bc I need to Bette understand what happen to this woman as a child! Why money bags range Nuh bail her dwl. Melissa u need a miracle and medication quick! And u fren who a defend u need the same!

  • shellz says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. why is it that as soon as them get inna likkle trouble a god a the fuss name them call pon and when them alright them dont even memba the “G” inna god.

  • Observer says:

    did she mean to say “without conviction” or “with conviction” an a ppl business caw dem a tek up collection suh wi haffi intervene

  • Belly Bang says:


    TIEF AH TIEF, GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!!!! :bola

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Not one a har friend dem nuh have no sense. Idiots apparently spar together! She needs a vacay? I guess cell Block turn the new Bahamas huh

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    So how come the so call “true fren” nuh go bail har? I wouldn’t want to see my fren on a well needed vacant in prison. Why doesn’t she take some of the stocked and piled money and get her out of jail? I guess now she really gonna see who her friends are… All broke bitches like mi self yah. Mi nah try pretend mi have it cause I don’t.

  • THMF says:

    So she couldn’t get pon 1 greyhound and trip it sumwhere? You would rather stay ina jail for a “WELL NEED VCAY?” Where they do that at? Bwoy some people just dark fi real.

  • A Person with money stock and pile; Book flights, make Hotel arrangements, hire drivers or rent cars. They do not I REPEAT THEY DO NOT BOOST OUT OF SECOND HAND STORES FOR SECOND GOODS AND WHEN APPROACHED THEY DO NOT TRY TO CHOO THEM SELF AWAY…..If her vacay was a needed one why try to CHOO up the people them, gladly accept your silver wrist bands to club fed or state.

  • shameful says:

    Candi doing what everyone else that encounters melissa does USE HER shebeg friend allher life and noone would truly tolerate her without getting some perk. Her money piled but she in jail eating stale bread and cheese sandwiches plz a true friend would see this girl damn near 30 two kids no apartment no job no anything and let her go on the road without trying to guide her so giv it a break all that preaching yu should save it for melissa and stop encouraging the f000ery bout vacation and e news

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