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Barbara Fari, a Jamaican grandmother who fraudulently tried to claim 740,000 pounds after tripping on a street in London is now facing charges for contempt of court. Mrs. Fari, 59, sued Haringey Council in North London after the incident in May 2008. She claimed the injury to her right knee was so severe she could only move around her home by sliding on her buttocks. But video evidence contradicted her case and her claim was struck out at a county court last year after a judge found the mother of 13 had grossly exaggerated her injury. Now, a High Court judge has agreed that Homes for Haringey, which runs Haringey Council Housing Stock and maintains the pavement outside her home, can prosecute Mrs. Fari for contempt of court. Her husband, Piper Fari, who gave evidence to back her false claim, will also be prosecuted. They both face a jail sentence if convicted. A statement released by Homes for Haringey’s legal team revealed one of their lawyers had won permission from a judge to pursue contempt proceedings against the couple. It said Mrs. Fari’s case was the first of its kind since a landmark ruling in June last year made it possible to take action over alleged fraudulent exaggeration in personal injury cases. The application will proceed to a final hearing later in the year.

22 Responses to WHY??

  • channel 7 news says:

    UNNU GO LOOK A WERK :f000: lazy like

    Mawnin Met.

  • channel 7 news says:

    lock up dem blood claat yes n sue dem 10* ova

  • Met says:


  • good girl gone bad says:

    lmao im just picturing her sliding on her bum in the house!!!

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Morningggg to de world. Lazy BUMS (pun intented…DWRCLn).

  • Belly Bang says:

    She did tink court house was play play business……..

  • PPL busineSS says:

    yo dem no ramp fi sidung n collect d govt money u know, me no know how dem do dat raas – a nuff a dem alll over d world try fi scam govt fi sit home n collect money whe we hard working ppl affi pay tax , me no dwn wid dat shit LOCK UP HER RAAS

  • No Joke says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    “She claimed the injury to her right knee was so severe she could only move around her home by sliding on her buttocks”
    :ngakak No man, shi guh deeeeeepppp wid di lie. Anytime dem guh suh deep wid di lie it neva work an dem always end up getting di shitty end of di stick.

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Mother of 13?????!!!!! Maybe shi did ah try fi get di likkle $$ fi help out wid har tribe

    All fun an joke aside doah, shi is a wicked rawse. Sue di company fi 740,000 pung when nutten neva too do har…..Ah wonda if shi neva know sey it wudda come roun fi bite har inna har backside.

    All di same, mi did hear some ppl ah tawk bout one incident whey cyaar mussi did barely touch one bwoy an when him ah git up, dem aks him if him ah eediat an tell him fi lay dung deh like sumn really do him, so dat him can kallek insurance $$……so it look like ah reggla ting fi dem pad di bill

    Aftanune Met and Metters

  • N17 Junglist says:

    Whoooiiiiiiiii CAfter 3 years of faithful JMG peeping me really feel compel fe comment pon dis one yah. Finally a story me know the characters. Dem no name Fari fe nutten. …Who.Piper a long time Rastaman.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Ppl hear bout “if anyting happen tuh yuh in farin yuh can sue an get a whole heap a money”, an wen dem reach deh dem try a ting fi get di “whole heap a money”. Wat dem doe know is, if yuh sue ova deh, insurance aguh run eenn an dig up everyting pan yuh backside (from facebook to exercise book), falla yuh all ova di place fi mek sure weh yuh seh a ail yuh really a ail yuh, dem seerus suh til dem will all falla yuh outta di country fi si weh yuh up tuh.

  • N17 Junglist says:

    Homes 4 Haringey is more than likely is her social housing landlord

  • N17 Junglist says:

    Ah long time them ah get SERIOUS paper for them family. When she collect her cash benefitsback in the dayd

  • N17 Junglist says:

    Baba benefits was so much Post Office no pay har ova counter she go behind security doors behind counter anr collect the cash. Real ting….

  • N17 Junglist says:

    She have physical disabilty fe true though.

  • Met says:

    N17 den a how much so she collect?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    So, she & her entire family is leeching off the government & making a killing, but she turns around & tries to cheat them. Smh. Shi fi guh prison & have her benefits CUT.

  • N17 Junglist says:

    @Met I can only speculate but also at the time she had inherited caring foa severely learning disabled young person who came with a lot of funding from Social Services. My estimation at leasr 1k weekly

  • Met says:

    oh ok…

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Me nu sorry fi young or ole nor grude eda one. Onu see people wid dem things eda you admire it and wish dem well or yu frownz and sey whey yu have fi sey wid out grudge.

    Me work a report whey de big ole 70 odd oman report serious slip n fall. But when de P.I. run har dem see sey she made numerous claims fi many years and collect. One daughta a drive bimma an nu wuk…long tory short..yu fi see de ole bird pon ladda wid han saw a trim back limbs. Mark yu she suffered shoulder injuries and lower back injuries. She lost har claims, got a massive fine which incurred a lien pon all she own til all when she dead an gone.

    Onu would be surprise how easy people get catch…if yu have han injury mine how somebody ask yu de time and yu tun yu han fi look pon yu watch…lol

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :ngakak A dat dem fi know Phantom. Dem tink a joke ting.

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