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‘Oh, my God! Help!’ Brooklyn man witnesses wife’s death as she’s run over by bus
Last Updated: 8:11 AM, January 26, 2013


A doting husband kissed his wife goodbye — then helplessly watched as a bus ran her over yesterday in Brooklyn, authorities said.
It was a freezing morning, and Michael Ferguson, 55, didn’t want his wife, Lorraine, to be cold as she waited a few blocks from her Canarsie home for an express bus to her job in Manhattan.
He drove her to Avenue K and East 105th Street, and they waited in the car until Lorraine, 47, spotted the BM2 about a block away shortly before 7:15 a.m.
When she began to cross the street to go to the bus stop, Ferguson said, he watched in horror as a private white bus blew through a stop sign while turning onto East 105th Street and smashed into his wife. She died at the scene.
“We said goodbye, and we kissed,” Ferguson said. “Had he stopped for one second, my wife would still be alive. My wife didn’t have a chance.”
Neighbors said he began screaming, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Somebody help!”
Tanzania Martin, 22, heard the crash and ran over.
“I saw the woman under the bus. Her head was smashed,” she said. “She was totally gone. The bus driver never came out. I had to go in and ask, ‘Are you OK?’ He said yes.”
The bus was carrying two handicapped children. They were not injured and were placed on a different bus.
When members of the Medical Examiner’s Office pulled his wife’s body out from beneath the bus, Ferguson collapsed on the street and began weeping.
Police said that no criminality was suspected and that the driver stayed on the scene but that the investigation was ongoing.
“What he did was criminal, and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Ferguson said. “He didn’t even have the common decency to get out of the car and see what he hit. I witnessed the whole thing.”
The couple, who were together for 22 years, had two sons, Anthony, 30, who’s in the Army, and Matthew, 21.
Their home was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, and they were repairing the damage, according to Ferguson.
He said he rescued a neighbor during the storm from drowning in her basement.
“I saved a life during Sandy, and now my wife was taken from me,” he said.
Rides Unlimited, which is based in Islandia, LI, owns the bus. The company provides transportation for

25 Responses to SAD BEYOND WORDS

  • Too much says:

    have mercy God!!!! Now mi on mi way to Canarsie this is all mi goin think bout now. this poor man, without his wife forever and visually scarred for life. May God heal him

  • setgood says:

    My heart bleed as i read this.may this man and his kids find comfort in god. Am lost for word. May his wife soul sad

  • sweet says:


  • Belly Bang says:

    My reaction now is as it was when I read it – a dep deep sorrow for this man and a prayer for him, his family.

  • Real says:

    wow…one person negligence one person life…the bus driver really careless

  • RIP to the lady! may the lord help this man.

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Tears drop out ah mi yeye yesterday when mi read it. I don’t know the feeling, but to witness the death of a loved one (anyone) is unbearable…May God provide this man with the strength and courage to continue on…RIP Ms Lady 🙁

  • eyecandy says:

    Truly tragic…only God can heal these kind of pain. Remember him dear Lord.

  • front row seat says:


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    It’s ironic that the man save a life and lost a life in such a tragic manner. Life is one unbalance phenomenon. Me nu think him wan hear nothing spiritual right yah now…I wouldn’t.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is so sad. It’s a couple blocks from where I live and I was actually at their July 4th barbecue in 2011. May her soul R.I.P

  • DWRL says:

    Wow R.I.P

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    Mi feel so sorry fi him, I once see a stranger got struck by a car and it did not leave me for weeks…thats all I could think about, so I can just imagine when is smaddy u know, muchless u SO

  • Ms.B says:

    This is Soo sad. This poor man heart must have felt like it was torn frm his chest.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    I know seeing his wife get struck down like that had to be totally tragic. An incident that will leave a permanent scar on his life. May his broken heart be healed and god be with him and the rest of the family in their time of grief.

    @hotstepper i can attest to seeing someone get hit by a car. It is one of the most frightening things ever. Mi see ah yute get lick offa bike when mi did young and when mi tink bout it now mi still can picture di day very clearly.

  • MURASAKI says:

    I have seen the aftermath of someone being hit done and a nuff night i think about that scene. Cant imagine what this ma is going through. As for the driver, I think he was in so much shock probablly that he didnt come out, not that he didnt care because I think he would have driven away if it wa the latter….

    RIP, a tragic day for all involved.

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Talk about situations that cause you to wonder about life and what it is versus what we live…hopefully he might find some solace in the fact that they parted on good terms, and his last actions toward her (taking her to the bus stop and waiting with her for the bus) were compassionate and thoughtful….

  • Observer says:

    yes murasaki caw if em did cum out mayb dem wudda attack em caw it urt fi lose a loved one especially suh sudden but i wish mr ferguson solace at this time and mrs ferguson may u rip

  • Lipstick says:

    lord have mercy this is terrible an sad, that poor man

  • Lipstick says:

    di wife looks jamaican

  • dream says:

    she IS jamaican born . its so sad and beyond belief . sleep in peace LORRAINE

  • Makada says:

    This is my Sister everyone and this case needs to be pushed as it seems as if they want to let this man go as if nothing went wrong but God justice is perfect justice and i leave it all in the almighty hands please continue to pray for us the family it is never easy for parents to bury their children, my sister was a loving soul she loved to dance, smile and made everyone felt at home. she enjoyed cooking “Mi Sista” she called me. nothing never bothered her a very happy soul she was

  • Met says:

    so sorry for your loss :peluk

  • Quiet Storm says:

    My condolences to you and your family during this difficult time Makada.

  • Anonymous says:

    They always running that stop sign every week is a accident and there is 3 schools in that area….Smh…..RIP …

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