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Title: At least 50 African children paralyzed after receiving Bill Gates-backed meningitis vaccine Learn more:

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(NaturalNews) Bill and Melinda Gates have been on a crusade for at least the past decade to vaccinate every single child on the planet. And one of their primary geographical targets has been the continent of Africa, where poor sanitations and lack of clean water have created conditions in which diseases like meningitis and malaria run rampant. But rather than try to meet these basic needs, the multi-billionaires and their many allies have instead thrust vaccines on indigenous populations as the solution, which has in turn sparked a wave of paralysis among Africa’s younger populations.

As covered by investigative journalist Christina England over at, the small village of Gouro in northern Chad, for instance, recently fell victim to the dark side of this vaccine agenda after at least 50 youth in the area developed paralysis following vaccination with ”MenAfriVac,” a new meningitis vaccine developed specifically for Africa. Touted as a preventive cure for meningitis, MenAfriVac reportedly caused each of the children, some of whom were as young as seven, to suffer hallucinations, convulsions, and ultimately paralysis.

According to a cousin of two of the vaccine-injured children, the horrific side effects of MenAfriVac began to appear within 24 hours of its administration. Many of the children affected by it immediately began to experience headaches and vomiting, which later progressed into ”uncontrollable convulsions while bent over with saliva coming from their mouths.” But when parents and local authorities tried to call on higher-up government officials to take action and help the affected children, their petitions for relief were all but ignored.

Government of Chad attempts to bribe parents into silence

This same cousin, who is referred to by England as ”Mr. M.,” added that when Chad’s Minister of Health and Minister of Social Security finally showed up to Gouro nearly a week after the series of paralyzations first took place, they decided to evacuate the 50 paralyzed children to a hospital more than 300 miles away, as there is only one available doctor in the entire region of Gouro.

But rather than try to get to the bottom of why MenAfriVac caused such a serious reaction in the first place, and immediately halt all further distribution of the vaccine until this could be determined, these same government officials actually tried to bribe suffering parents with money to keep quiet about it. According to Mr. M., these officials were more concerned with covering up the dangers of ManAfriVac than with protecting villagers from harm.

”[T]he government and the media have gone silent about the tragedy, while there are still facts requiring clarification,” stated Mr. M. in an email to England about the incident. At this point in time, virtually no media has picked up on this important story. ”All this disturbs us and makes us fear the worst effects for the future. [I]t is very sad that (the) entire city is paralyzed.”

Gates Foundation, WHO lie about safety of MenAfriVac

Worse is the fact that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), and The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP), all of which heavily promote MenAfriVac, have openly lied about the safety of the vaccine by repeatedly claiming it can be transported without refrigeration. The vaccine’s package insert clearly states that it must be stored refrigerated and protected from light.

”Why have major organizations spent $571 million on a vaccination project, when wells to provide access to clean drinking water have been constructed for less than $3,000 by the International Committee of the Red Cross?” asks England in a series of important questions regarding this disastrous situation. ”Why has this vaccination program not been suspended, (and) what are these organizations going to do about the atrocity that has happened in Gouro?”

Learn more:

11 Responses to KEEP UP WID DI TIMES PPL

  • june says:

    Morning met…..mi seh down to last night mi and my friend watching the news and was discussing the new stomach virus that’s going around (that a wah dem seh)and how they making the vaccines for it…..and he was explaining to me how its a money making thing for these pharmaceutical giants…and its so true…they are killing black pple off I always hear my mom talk about it and I use to roll my eyes at her and think she crazy but now I see why she fraid a doctor…..I never use to get sick that even my grandmother use to seh anytime mi sick a dead me go dead…the most mi get is cold one time fi the year and that’s it…untill I step foot in this country and look bout mi papers and mi have to get vaccinated fi all sort a bullshit…every single minute mi nose run..mi inna pharmacy every week….smh something must be done they are taking this vaccination thing out apportion now

  • Met says:

    good morning june

  • june says:

    I had clinic Tuesday gone and my doctor was so upset because I told her I wasn’t taking my prenatals and I had no desire to take the flu shot….she said I was putting me and my child at risk…..

  • Met says:

    june u know mi nah tek dem flu shot…because mi know people who tek it and still get di flu

  • Original Goodas says:

    smh… I gave my daughter the plu shot once, but a Dr fren of mines was explaining it to me, its the same virus they are injecting in u so that if and when u come in contact with it, it confuses the disease/sickness into thinking u already have it. he took me back to yrs ago when they tried coming up with the aids vaccine that was to stay in ur body for a yr (like the flu shot) but something went wrong during the testing state and it never left the body and pple started dying they stop testing it

  • Real says:

    june di doctor fi go weh shi a go,,,,an u go weh u mind tell yu….mi only tek three mi tank dat did sufficent,,,eat nuff greens balance out di food and everyting good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Y is Africa always the trial ground for these ppl n their experimentations. Took the flu shot this yr n can’t get rid of this cold I have this is a money making thing n even if they have to kill a few they have no problem doing it

  • eyecandy says:

    Pharmaceutaical companies always send new medicines to poor countrys under the guise of missionary work or free health aid judt to test it out on people and these stupid government are just too ignorant to see or just wicked and licky licky.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Candy a licky licky more than anything else

  • ... says:

    Tawk, African communities don’t have a voice. The communities they go to seem to have no governing body advocating for them so these ppl show bigger heads some funds & dem test them. Its very sad its all about the dollar


    i WILL NOT be vaccinating my kids until I am fully aware of everything. Up to now im on the side that wont vaccinate because the vaccinations are risky, just a money making business and even some studies show that it has been linked to the high rates of autism developing in the states. If anything, the shots are administered all 7 one time.. which i think is stressing on a childs body, but they do that to prevent the multiple/missed trips to the clinics. Right now im very skeptic about them… in fact gonna do some more research today, try to find some more documentaries on it.

    In a documentary about Dr Gerson’s natural AND EFFECTIVE cancer therapy an interviewee noted that his neighbour, the daughter of one of the foremost doctors on the cutting edge of vaccination research WOULD NOT vaccinate her children…maybe because she knows more than we do. Also i remember them saying that Doctors and their families are among the most UNvaccinated people in vaccinated countries… hmmpph go figure

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