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10 things women find UNATTRACTIVE in MEN

Guys spend a lot of time trying to figure out what attracts women. Unfortunately a lot of them are still confused about what characteristics women find repulsive in men. You are more likely to have good relationships with the opposite sex once you understand the following 10 behaviors women find unattractive.

1. Having poor grooming and hygiene
Traits such as smelling bad, having bad breath, broken or stained teeth, botching your shave job, wearing wrinkled, unflattering clothing and uncleanliness in general are not sexy and will keep women completely away from you.

2. Lack of ambition
Women love being around men who have their own life, ambitions and goals. Looks can take you a long way, but once a conversation gets going and women realize you have no goals whatsoever or you have goals but no concrete plan to achieve them, they will become instantly turned off.

3. Being irresponsible
Women don’t want to invest their time and energy into guys who can’t take care of their business and will more than likely become just another burden in their lives. The last thing a woman wants to deal with is a man who can’t ever seem to hold down a job or pay his own bills.

4. Lack of confidence
Women want their men to lead the way, protect them and make them feel secure. Constantly listing all your faults, feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about your circumstances are sure fire ways to turn a woman off and make her stay away from you for good.

5. Having no sense of humor
Whether you realize it or not, humor is critical to your success with women. In fact, a sense of humor usually tops a woman’s attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. No woman wants to be with a guy who can never laugh at himself, make a joke or find humor in a situation.

6. Men who give too many compliments
Women love compliments, but if you make too many or too big a compliment, most women won’t believe you and will wonder what you are trying to sell them.

7. Being a drunk
Nothing is less attractive to a woman than a guy who is a sloppy drunk! If you can’t maintain your alcohol consumption, the less likely you’ll be able to use good judgment and avoid saying really stupid things around women.

8. Having a beer belly
Your stomach is predominantly what a woman sees when she looks at you. The stomach is also the main source of the excess weight on a man, so if you have a saggy, protruding pot belly, get rid of it!

9. Being obsessed with sports
Most single women are not obsessed with sports and they don’t spend their weekends on the couch watching sports on TV. There’s nothing wrong with like sports; but, having an obsession with sports can adversely affect your dating life and could even cause a woman to dump you and find someone else who can fulfill her needs that you are neglecting.

10. Being too aggressive
Women don’t like it when a man they have just met insists on touching her too often. Women mostly prefer cool, calm, gentle and well-mannered men. When you are too aggressive with a woman, you creep her out, get pushed away and you get rejected.


  • Puzzle says:

    Hmmmmm…, why women always checking out my feet (seem to be the first thing they look at) and complimenting me about the size? Some seem to be obsessed with the quality of shoes also? Why? Some say they don’t date men with small feet or if they wear cheap looking shoes…a big turnoff they say. Just curious…..

  • Anonymous says:

    @puzzle If u were eyeing a woman and she was wearing worn down turned up or dirty shoes…would up still interested? What kinda shoes are you wearing that sem to attract so much attention. Describe them

  • Anonymous says:

    11. Cheap ass man.

    Uptop—Why he have man breast.

  • Yep! says:

    Met yuh figet 1 more…being a broke ass bum/scrub

  • DWRL says:

    Guess he’s trying to say F000 YOU BITCHES IM GAY!

  • Me says:

    Hi Met, where is everybody today? Did you hear about the stabbing a club a Miami last night? They are regulars on here Marsha Spotlight stab up Raayon from Everbless crew.

  • Me says:

    Big up young Mike you different, you different. A you sey style!

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Bwoy young mike asmuch as mi want done yuh mi caan doit caussen shey yuh a duh yuh ting n quite frankly yuh nuh too hype mi really like yuh …please mi a beg yuh nuh wwar it again but mi nah look endore yuh lp eye weare ofren suh gwan chue tideh…
    holaahhhh mwy mettera n peepers….nuh kill mi now to rass :angel

  • woiiiii says:

    breasties and breastest dwrl…. u eva ah ova do it yute!

  • coco krispie says:

    Ughhh would you take him home to yuh moms dressed like that……I DOUBT IT!!!! There is nothing wrong being different but come on a man in a dam skirt :mewek

  • Anonymous says:

    if those 10 things were true how come men having all 10 characteristics ALWAYS seem to have multiple women??

  • EbonyLolita says:

    12. Men who groom themselves like WOMEN
    13. Men who are not emotionally mature.
    14. Men who gossip like women
    15. Cheap/Petty

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Mi ova yah n mi caan baddah cause young mike lile mi shey mi endorse lp eyewear n mi luv yuh but mi caan guh it pon dah one yah but keep yuh the great woek n hail safiyah fi mi mi like how unuh a duh well..

  • Anonymous says:

    Look like a serial killer getting ready for a spree again

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