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One of the six persons, accused in the multi-million dollar loan racket at the National Commercial Bank, (NCB), pleaded guilty on Thursday. Christopher Brown,40,an Inventory Clerk, pleaded guilty before the Corporate Area Criminal Court. Brown was charged, after he borrowed J$4.2 million from the NCB, using false documentation. It’s reported that he was among more than a dozen persons, who defrauded the NCB of more than J$85 million in the loan scam. He will be sentenced on February 14. Meanwhile, the alleged mastermind behind the racket, Wayne Tait, remains behind bars. Tait, who is accused of defrauding the NCB of J$13 million and facilitating the scam, was remanded when he recently appeared in court. Another accused, Rohan Ennis, who collected a J$15 million loan in the racket, is now out on bail. The Organised Crime Investigation Division, OCID, began its probe in the scam last month, after the bank discovered that J$85 million in loans, was granted to persons who had submitted fake supporting documents, such as job letters, from companies that did not exist. The other accused are to appear in court next month.

3 Responses to PRESSURE, DI BANK & DI RED X6

  • Little Willie says:

    Whe Belly deh?…. Belly di bank a keep BIG sale pon dat X6!!! Nuh dat yu seh yu waan drive? Get it while it’s HOT!!

  • Belly Bang says:

    Ah want yuh leave mi alone!!!!! Ah one ting fi buy it but is another ting fi insure it. And price nuh deh pon front again, ah recession this and who mi coulda guh ask fah mi hear seh him deh ah Horizon ah rub remand

  • Little Willie says:

    Yu kno yu nuh have nutt’n bout yu. Whe yu seh??? PRICE NUH DEH PON FRONT AGAIN… mi dedd Belly, you win!

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