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This gyal tashy fashionist need to stop f++ everybody from uptown. the gyal move from man to man from crew to crew. she is nothing but ah (Edited) doing nothing with her life other than going to parties and f+++ the people them man. she and har big dutty best friend asher all them do is f+++ down the place and give baree head but mii hear seh the head good. (Edited) and stop acting like she a bad bitch, all she do is bleach her skin && talk bout she a lightskin bitch ugly nuh bloodclat. she call har self ”fashionist” and she cant even dress har madda haffi dress har. UNO STOP TEEF DII PEOPLE THEM MAN AND DASH WEH UNO BELLY NO GOOD GYAL

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  • Dancehall Talkup says:

    Seems like Tashy step pon sumbaddy corn…..

    Senda yuh bitta badddddd!!! Abayyyyyyy!

  • Nom de plume says:

    So Senda, a di whole crew/crews a man dem belongs to you? Nuh wonda yuh caan call him/dem name. Laughing at you. Unnu fi stop war ova man weh unnu caan even own up anonymously.

  • 21 says:

    met dem first mi wid dah one here…tashy fashionista always look crawnny di gal have a pink boot weh anywey the jump pon knock a it she draw fah…mi always a wonder if she can a f000 dun bronx so den har money n har waldrobe should be large…if a young gal a careless life she want…asher met u hate this bullcow wid a passion she need fi tek care of har son and stop walk n suck n fooo down di place

  • MURASAKI says:

    @ 21 maybe shi saving the money sho get from di man dem and not spending it all on clothes, clothes and shoes aint the be all and end all of everything.

  • Backway says:

    Lmaooo mi naw laugh. A teue . Every lunch Money tashy mother give her ahe tek it go rent motel fi sleep wid man , threesomes and all those things. A one of qq fool fool friend . All tashy do is , go pon internet , harass ppl and when dem come fi beat her she send her mother outside fi beg fi her . She not wven 20 yet . She need fi calm down herself . Mi really nuh know she call heraelf fashionist because she cant dress. Bare fool fool things mi see she put on or some other mother clothes . This little girl bees fi calm down

  • Original Goodas says:

    di lil girl no have no clothes or nothing but she still a beat unu baddddddddd… a bayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • 21 says:

    lmfao tash cant chat to mi am 21 wid a good paying job mi have the same man from high school till now…n am still sending my self back to school this fall mi push my own key so when unno a talk mek sure unno fix uno comment…mi dun say she a big whoring freak..wid bare attide behind dat

  • Tawkchuet says:

    So if ur so busy doing u how u get time fi measure n calculate Tash whole n har activities? Cause buying a house is one ting can u keep up with ur mortgage unless of course ur buying cash which something tells me ur :hammer

  • 21 says:

    di gal bizness dash out pon fb so everyone can see the careless gyal nothingbout she no private so dats how mi can see it….dont worry r frate r buss no sweat over me n my house….

  • ... says:

    Sender why u mad? true u nah get a chance uptown? just asking

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh so u buy the house already? I would buss a sweat if mi homeless but I’m busy on my grind trying to buy mine so that’s why I don’t know the width, area or circumference of no woman pussy like u do. Toodles

  • lovely says:

    what unno haffi undastand is nuff of these young gyals inna di dancehall like she, qq, etc. Have been whoring out dem selves not only fi clothes but fi get name. lmbo. its a popularity contest fi dem. 1 big mix up pot. lol

  • 21 says:

    u a clown so mi not even aguh ina no long cocky arguement wud u….

  • MURASAKI says:

    why cant the girl be f000ing for the love of it…free up di holeeeeeeeee

  • Tawkchuet says:

    21 mi no hab no cocky fi u luv so gwaan count di one dem whey di B an teck cause u obviously tink say no fool round here as the story drop urun ova ya a give details bout the gal boot color n all and whey she deh from whey she no deh but u only know har pon facebook so see if u can purchase a fully working funtional brain while u a purchase the house , p000 curtain. watch ur front n low di girl IYA

  • baddadan says:

    lmfao look like di young gal mash yh toe man..chut how u a pick up fi dem so a wah mumma it sticky pon dem

  • Asher says:

    21 .. Who are yu .. Yu have a lot of hate for mi tho .. I guess I walked & sucked ur man lmfaoo .. Last time I check I care for my son & his taking care for & I have one man to my hole .. &i have to much pride to suck cocky .. ✌.. & if I did I would be proud to say so !. Anyways .. I don’t remember the last time I took somebody man .. So dis post don’t faze mi .. I kno who sent it & ill see dem soon .. Toddles

  • rated r says:

    Shut up asher your shape bad self. Kmt

  • Ya’ll should be glad for Shebadda, Lena British, and Melissa :hammer :hammer :cd

  • hahaha says:

    she have a sista inna JA a f000 dung de place to she name reina butler and call har self sekklez she nah sekkle cause she a walk and fuk artiste and selector fi buss smh like madda like pickneys

  • lovely says:

    Whoiii it look like tashy tek di sender man or sumthing cause di sender hot fi her, and nobody cant tell mi.say 21 ah nuh di sender Ah bayyyyyyyyyy u have to anonymously talk shit cause u can’t say it to her face dwrl!

  • juicy says:

    21 bitta badddd ha man must wan di gyal, sum gyal just jelouse bad,

  • Anonymous says:

    Reasons they talk about me

    Don’t make the mistake of judging a person without knowing more about her beliefs, values and past experiences. If you know the person well then most likely you will be able to pick up the correct reason that is motivating her to talk about me from the ones below:

    1) Jealousy: People talk about others when they feel jealous. A person who feels jealous will try to put the one she is talking about down so that she feels good about herself. If the person has really bad intentions then she will talk about the person she is jealous of in a bad way that makes others hate her 2) Inferiority: People talk about others in a bad way in their absence in order to appear better than them. If a person feels inferior to someone then she might talk about her in a bad way in order to appear superior to her in front of others 3) Lack of courage: Some people hate to confront others directly and as a result they prefer to talk about them in their absence after they do something bad to them rather then face them directly. If a person talks in a bad way about someone all the time because she did something bad to her then know that she lacks courage 4) Weakness: People talk about others in a bad way in their absence when they believe that they can’t get their rights back from them. If i punched you in the face then you kept talking about me in my absence then know that you are doing so because you believe that you can’t knock me down and that you are trying to release this energy of revenge by talking about him

    Talking about me is a sign of weakness

    As you can see in most cases people who talk about me are the ones who are in the weak position.

    Gossiping or talking about me in a bad way in my absence is most cases a sign that shows that you have a certain personal flaw.

    If you found yourself gossiping then you must find out the reason behind it and then work on fixing the personal flaw that resulted in this bad habit :)

  • goholdahfreshshana says:

    Nasty suck and pit out shauna….yuh live cross di hall annah come jump pan di pink wall….why yuh nuh knack di door and tell tash whats on ur mine…..di same way yuh use to knack di door and veg tash poop inna….yuh bright facety and stink….where is ur pickney…..di belly weh yuh hide up….yuh mumma shame and send yuh guh live behind jesus and yuh vex wid tash… prettu sure if tash did fie breed it wouldnt be ah problem caah har madda love pickney till she tun fool….she nuh haffi hide and f000….she ah 20 next month… iffa twenty man she tek….she right pan schedule and if she tek more…nuthin nuh wrong….she ambitious….yuh guh breed fie yuh sista man and upset wid tash….ur life is an african movie…..yuh ah tek too shauna….and yuh gie birth and gie weh di yute so like is ah puss pickney…..annuh tash or asher fault….asher have har cute baby ah sport wid…ah grudge yuh grudge dem shana….jancrow draw breaks inna yuh head and yuh vex wid tash mumma who try fix yuh….yuh naked like drinks bokkle and tru tash naaw gie yuh har clothes dem fie wear again yuh come pan pink wall ah type f000ery….yuh fava ah perfect man inna ur jrotc uniform….so yes sir….tash ah beat yuh bad and she not even ah try….she step past yuh like a bum on di street. And nuh care how yuh beg…she nuh wan no fren frm yuh low life shana….everybody kno yuh ah hater….yuh lose all ur fren dem….go tek ah long walk pan ah short bridge shana and ur likkle dutty fren who ah hide behide jmg…..not ah soul ah acknowlegde uunuh…so uunuh ah do dis fie attention….go tun one hose unda unnuh stinky bumbo and find sinting else do….cuz tash annuh weak fence…she ongle quiet…yuh have ah heart doh still….but. not ah brave heart….mine mi mek yuh hafi run weh again likkle girl….go sqeeze di milk outta yuh two fry egg fie breast…bungle up…cuz mi nuh wan yuh catch baby cold…yuh done out and wan borrow tash p—- fie finish ur durty work…..but tash mumma tell har lend ouy clothes and boots and costume jewelry…but dont ever len out ur front…..yuh coulda deal…tash and asher naaw len yuh….so guh beg else where….mi done now bowcat shana and company !

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