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On Tuesday January 22, 2013, Jamaica lost another courageous warrior, Dr. Heather Little-White. She was ailing for sometime and died in the hospital. For those of us who remembered Jamaican television in the 1980s and 1990s, there were local shows such as Titus in Town, Oliver at Large, Lime Tree Lane and Hill & Gully Ride. And there was Grace Kitchen’s Creative Cooking with Dr. Heather Little-White. The younger ons who still appreciate local TV willl be familiar with Maizie, but before her there was Heather. Then, Creative Cooking was a must watch for those who experimented in the kitchen and who wanted to score those extra points in our Food and Nutrition classes. Dr. Little-White made the whole process of food preparation adventurous and dared us to push the limit with the traditional Jamaican diet. Her mixing, baking, swirling, and presentation were a must see for many. She provided yet another reason why we loved local programming, as cooking was something we could relate to, it being one door away. She taught us that there was no shame in men and women mastering the home kitchen. I didnt know her personally, but she was like family, in a time when TV was wholesomely entertaining and inclined towards highlighting our culture and tradition. This was a Christian woman, with her stove and kitchen utensils, who dominated a prime time spot on TV. Unfortunately, there were some low moments. We cringed when in 1999 heartless gunmen, during an attempted robbery, shot and paralysed our beloved celebrity. Several years later, her house was broken into robbed. To make matters worst, the crime monster robbed her in 2010 when she was on her way from the bank. This was the touching quote from the newspaper then, “Today, I feel like a truck ran over me. I now contemplate my next move as I think I have had more than enough,” she says, the words inadequate to mask the pain and the tears that so severely test the resolve of this steely rural daughter of Somerton, St James.” I cried when I read that article. Her pain was my pain, she was the nation’s aunt, mother, the kind neighbour we all came to love and adore because of TV. But, with the strength of God, her faith remained strong.

Dr Little-White, though restricted to a wheelchair, was not its prisoner. This acclaimed nutritionist and businesswoman went on to become a steady contributor to the Gleaner newspaper. At the same time, she easily slipped into the role of championing the cause of the disabled. Proper access to businesses and offices were her rallying cry and she kicked it to the front burner, along with other issues as to how we treat the vulnerable amongst us. During her lifetime, she achieved alot. Among other things, she was a Lecturer at UTECH, an active member of several National Boards and a Consultant. In 2001 was awarded a National Honour, the Order of Distinction (Officer Class). In an article written on her, it ends as follows :- “I don’t see myself as any less than other human beings,” she says. She grows even more hopeful when she notes that she is gaining strength in her legs, feeling movement in her feet and is able to tap her toes.Then she says with unmistakable conviction: “I still have my faith and I will walk again!” Dr. Heather Little-White has now marched on to a greater glory.

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  • Kammiecae says:

    Really Sad, May her soul RIP I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her in 1998 and again in 1999/2000 ( before and after her first accident) as she was friends of my then boss Sen. Syringa Marshall-Burnett. She was a very non-nonsense yet pleasant person who was never enslaved by her misfortunates. I must say I am proud to have met a woman of strong character and wish for her family and friends all the best and Gods’strength and mercies during this difficult time.

    MET if im not wrong I thought she lost a son(?) violently also ? or was it some other close family member. Not 100% certain but im a pretty sure she suffered yet another great loss back in the days and this was shortly after her paralysis.


  • Belly Bang says:


    When in the 80s & 90s ah people like Heather Little-White, Syringa Marshall-Burnett, Dr. Mavis Gilmour among others who dominated the national landscape in their various field.

    Mi seh, mi ah guh miss her cause is she was the face of Creative Cooking, before Maizie.

  • Nom de plume says:

    Rip Lady. My your soul rest in perfect peace.

  • ... says:

    Really sad, she was such a nice lady, Creative Cooking from waay back.

  • sweet says:


  • Annadiva says:

    I knew Dr. Little-White personally, visited her so many times at her home in Acadia Circle. She will be sadly missed. This lady was such a wonderful person. :(((

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