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Title: Tyesh biggest enemies

Message Body:
Yes the nasty junju dem weh only bad pan Facebook watch how the all a dem ina d same place wid Tyesh and non a dem neva try ntn mi hear say stay bada bada mek a step 2 Tyesh daughter suh me waah knw if a pickney and mic strength she have


  • how these ladies look like them ready to fight so?

  • Anonymous says:

    All talk no action. Truthfully, who want to a part of a group, this is 2013 and these are big women. Dem need fi grow up!!!

  • big bad and bold says:

    Nasty Nikki you need fi stay out a di ppl dem bizness and go straighten out ur life. mi see why Burgs shame fi claim you as him bbymada. YOu need fi stop mekk you pumpum freindly wid all a di man dem ina dance hall and venture out and find some independent cocki since you have white liva. You cah stan di junju dem but since Tyesh and dem fall out yhou run back eena dem fi bunn Tyesh. A wah kinda oufit dat you have on by the way wid you dry up twig looking foot dem. YOu look like one a di Guard dem weh a guard di queen a England.You cah keep no fren every fren you have you walk and chat dem and runn een pan dem fren. Go sort out you life , and mek peace wid you babyfada dem. Mi cah believe seh you 2 babyfada dem hate you more than how Christian hate satan.

    Donna (blond hair) fi a big woman and di aunty fi di jujoos you fi set betta example. Every week you een dance wid you neice a chat every baddie weh walk een a unuh no look betta dna no baddie else ole hypocrites. Go agym and go ketch up you foot fat weh a run weh leff you baddie and a jiggle like J.E.l.l.o. . start tan a you yaawd a pay some attention to u kids and man den him won’t stray as much.

    Badda badda you neva have no clothes fi wear abayyyy. Dah nighty deh a fi stay an roll round eenn an play house fi Richie Swarty. Dwl. Not even dat turn him on so you think you can get man a road fi look pan you . dwl. You fava one ostrich weh di sun bunn up. You have big son at home and walk out the door ina dat ?? you are a disgrace.. no baddie no rate you and you loose all a you stripe when you disrespect Tyesh Pickni a di party Sunday. You are not a mother you are a HOGGGGGGGGG. No mother would get kids involve in big people argument. But mi no expect betta from you cause you can barely read and write so you only show you true color. Memba seh you family dem nuff and di whole a unuh are not not working class so when you dig hole fi ppl memba seh you cah ketch qwakoo you ketch di shut dem… stay deh tink you a get even when you really a cause problem weh you nah go cah manage. Di gal no see unuh so unuh fi low are a let bigons be bigons. If she no deh ya fi fi har pickni neither will you are your family either she have more ppl weh like har than you and you whole family. Jealousy is a sicknes and unuh need fi run go see di doctor..

    Dutty boops. Wid fren like you who needs enemy. Tyesh mussie blind and no see seh you a di instigator and you not with her. A hope she no nyam from you.. you have a deep down hat e fi Tyesh too. But chu you cah beat har and you love di hype you affi join har.. Badda badda dem chat everything weh you tell dem seh, which simply means seh you a boaty.. You need fi stop it and keep you big nose shut. Tyesh if you a shit and Boops a come juss sidung ina it.

    Keisha you a di next boaty. Stick wid you family and stop gwan like you ina Tyesh. Go watch 1 grand and fi him strayin germsy hood. Matta a fact go call di cdc fi him. Di way how him walk and fukk you shouldn’t have time fi no baddie bizness di mont a headache da hood cause you. Tell you nasty cruff sister weh wah sand paper pan har skin fi loew di gal and harr kids name. Tuffy Keep it up and watch you r life unfold here. If you soo happy wid Steve why di fukk you a call off ur ex baby fada phone a beg fukk all di time? Di bwoy seh him doh want you. So leave him alone. :marah
    :marah :travel :travel :travel

  • Met says:

    is how long dis tek u fi type n what time u start?

  • Brightlight says:

    METSY!!! LOL *real tears*

  • No Joke says:

    One wholeeeee epistle!!!!!… It dat seriousssss :matabelo :matabelo

  • Met says:

    brightie from mi born dem too good man

  • I like your style Tyesh says:

    Personally I liek Tyesh. These ladies are jealous that she holds her head up high even after they tried to destry her with pics and saying stuff on FB. They are jealous that she looks cute and them caan make her stay away from the dance.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met —————————————————————————————————————————

  • Anonymous says:

    metty u r a mess,( giggles)

  • Anonymous says:

    Nooooo unnu see plug nose Boops how she shape and stay bad at her party? Mi set when she come out inna day black get togedda deh no weakling!…..poor ting……Nicki have sickle cell or wha?.. why she always look so sick stomach and lame? come on now man, she need vitamin and cornmeal porridge and stop walk and f000 caaz suh she breed a suh dem run leff har…..Tyeesh is a nobody, when wingi did sketch tyeesh a mek har lil dawta a play wid har pussy she shouldda call the police back then. It was a sign of her sick freaky life…..tyeesh did live aid wingi and always mek the baby put har hand inna har panty……Keisha affi tek the std dem from one grand bcs she can’t do better, who want the junju dem? ……where were nasty Rochelle? she start tek care of her kids now? or she never get fi teef noting

  • MURASAKI says:

    what a saga…just out of curiosity most of these woman have kids, ah wah kinda money dem mek suh fi afford babysitter ah night time….(sarcasm)

  • MURASAKI says:

    big bad and….is your synopsis on these girls based from left to right? mi just want match di face dem wid the name…. btw r u in their group. u seem to know alot and u left 2 ppl out…come back ooooiiiieee come finish it arf

  • Anonymous says:

    Boops tits were touching her chin dwl

  • Anonymous says:

    Too funny I need some wine a true Donna too rass

  • Anonymous says:

    What did badda Badda do to tyeish kids at the party?

  • i need confirmation dem say is Boops engaged?? if yes to who?/

  • Anonymous says:

    Big bad and bold u need to change ur name to punk cuz tht wht u r “f000ing punk” ..imagine u send in ur friends picture just to talk about ur friend… u sure u not tyesh enemy!

  • Anonymous says:

    Big bad and bold u need fi change ur name to punk….

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi think say them was friends a joke

  • Anonymous says:

    unu low mi friend boops,boops ah betta gal fi nuff ah unnu

  • LadyWoW says:

    i didnt get enough sleep last night to be reading all dat crap. please gi wi di condensed version

  • History says:

    Philly ppls no let go nothing tyesh n junjo a old news a2013 now but bada u really violate the girl child if u did u r a scum bag ole rubbish heep weh ppl bun a another note mi hear zulekha a breed fi di ppl dem man AGAIN that’s y she cool off di scene mi waan knw if a true to rass

  • Y donna man(Tom)never go no party with her yet?y?it is because he’s too busy with New York baby mother!

  • yuck says:

    boops ya ediot sandimite ya tek pitcho like ya mad fe were d elopin garmint fe screw face d ppl dem.ya come out inna d black sintn dem mi dead inna nefigi d hole unuh tan badso.d jnju neva tel unuh ya back to broad fe bosom blows an unuh fayvuh shrek.discustin mamoth bress weh unuh stawt grin fe d ppl dem weh lie pon unuh tit.discustin to call unuh self man teef.teef wah.if I laff tideh :ngakak :repost2 :repost :games

  • Met says:

    u spellings baddah dan a bee sting :hammer….pulllllllllllllllup

  • yuck says:

    mi nevar no d spelins beet ya bad metty.mi soon farwad to jmg univsity an mek unuh proud hun :sorry

  • Met says:

    noh soh u can teach already

  • Libra says:

    @Met 3:14 DWL!!!! Them spelling dangerous me a rock me brains trying to read it

  • Anonymous says:

    Nobody but Barbie and shining star.leave the people them fight and done

  • Met says:

    libra read it bout 2 time u will get it lol

  • pHILLY says:

    iF MAN TEEF QUEEN zULIEKA A BREED. IS FOR pEARL DI PPL DEM MAN. DWL.. Zulieka boo bo. Pearl naw leff him quiet low key baby madda fi you so memba dat. Why have a army a kids fi ppl man and no have no Sergent fi lead dem??. doh tink you can run go sunday bess go beg a plate a food if you breed fi him either cause di family stop right a him. Ask Sabrina who run go breed fi Eric how she feel being one of many ina di sunday mess fambilies of baby maddas.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nobody but shining star and Barbie leave the people them how above fighting lol

  • philly says:

    Everybody know seh Zulieka and har sista Tracey Champion a hot girl right??. Now tell why har bbay fada decided to breed badda badda and meck dem permanent mate. DWl.. I f my man breed something like badda badda me woulda run weh from earth.. And the sad thing about it is the 2 dem use to war ova him like a di 2 a dem a wife when di man live at home wid him legal wife..

    Badda badda is 3rd from left in all black..

  • MURASAKI says:

    wow, our edu system is failing the youths dem, Translator translator please help

  • Anonymous says:

    Philly check ur facts bada bada child is older than zulekha n me knw for a fact that the baby fada di own up zulekha put har inna him house fi live,met she go back a school n all these things!!!!a zuleka so call fren dem mek she n har man leff him tell r fi choose n she choose dem so di man draw back fi di 1st one web did long gone

  • Anonymous says:


  • Met says:


  • Fyahwife says:

    @yuck 3:12. ……..u post had me maaaad dizzy yo :mewek ……. Mi want caption fi dat to raaas. :dp

  • Anonymous says:

    @philly says why when u come pon pink wall to talk about ppl business u cnt get ur facts straight i kwn zuleka and bada bada and tht story u tellng 80% lies honey.

  • Anonymous says:

    Donna you need fi stop partying so much Hun. Look pon yah knees they swollen. Take 2 wata pills and have a seat! :medicine:

  • Anonymous says:

    All of them put together dont even add up to 100 dollars. They look country and cheap!!!

  • Kel says:

    No Sah di junjo dem look ah hot mess. Where was blackie hiding? Donna dat Neva wear gucci yuh need fi act yuh age now ole tuff foot. Yuh age been leave di calendar suh stop act like yuh a chicken when yuh ah tuff fowl. You and yuh family dem just guh ah people party fi watch and chat people but look pon yuh tuh. Donna dats why di man gone leff yuh because all yuh good fah is watch and chat young gal business. Ny nicky faker than you dem can’t find, all yuh duh is carry news and back and forth . boops aka man thief yuh shoulda shame of yourself fi call yuh self dat but den again who would really want to settle down with you and yuh fren dem? Keisha poor thing yuh ah di next one mi don’t know how much more bun yuh have to get fi move on its obvious yuh insecure suh maybe dats why yuh still dat abusive relationship. wanna be Barbie yuh tek di people dem advice and stop live pon Fb and IG all day and night. Mi hope yuh find ah job because yuh is ah mother now so please learn independence. Mi hate fi si di pretty face dem and no ambition behind it. Falling star guess you will never get it together di people dem tired fi tell you fi set example because yuh have ah daughter but ah guess yuh just being you.

  • Kel says:

    Yes it’s been confirmed that zulieka is expecting a baby with Pearl. Congrats on your bungle of joy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did pearl just have a baby last year?

  • Kel says:

    Yes he did

  • Zulieka have white liva says:



    This will be your 4th child by baby father # 4. never been married and always a breed for some body’s man. No bueno mama cita…

    You show the world how insecure you are by continuing to live this ratchet life. You know Pearl nah leave him woman so why would you go there to stress our government some more living off the system and you family??
    Pearl last baby is not even 2 years yet and you been in the ppl dem life for the whole 2 yrs.. sad , sad, sad..
    Every car has a mileage so does your Vagina. Do you know when your speedometer buck?? obviously not!! You a teck man from you a teenager and still not get a good catch yet?? give it up boo boo. People like you noculate the world without a care.

    Next time i see you put on that “serious over confident face” I’ll make sure to buss out a big laugh because we now know it’s a big front.

  • Anonymous says:

    shakeia and barbie who doesnt know this is u if not you talking shit unu send it in, nuh unu seh u and di gal boops a friend and always de pon phone and on each other page so where the f000 was yall on her dance nighte seems like unu did scared a di big bad junno just like tyiesh weh stay behin di bar wul night all when dance done bitches like unu nuh fi chat cause a bear badness unu chat pon unu page but in person cant back it

  • Anonymous says:

    you say tyesh stand behind the bar all night, but she come to the dance. What did the big bad Junju do then? NOTHING!!

  • Anonymous says:

    falling star mek sure put out sound from early say she sick ………………..but mek we see this weekend


    Big nose boops is engaged to one bwoy name paul that work at us airways that still live in his mother house in the likkle back room in darby. Down the street from traxx. He good for a couple dollars but him cocky likkke. Good luck boops!

  • Anonymous says:

    Eww,they look a mess I heard the party was a big floooop.

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