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Monday night dem kill a man round a Waltham ..dem call him Palmer..Now Palmer was friends with a guy name Mooney who used to do barbering a Rush Car Wash ah Waltham..Palmer know Mooney from way back ina di days when dem a go school..Palmer used to live in New York so whenever him go home , him and Mooney link ..Man an man ting Mooney set up Palmer pan him baby mother sister…fi him tek a one slap……..Dem seh Palmer spread out sofa bed until it tun king size and wife up di girl..Di people dem a street seh Palmer and Mooney stop talk because Mooney tell Palmer a neva no rest-stop/truck stop him did fi mek wid di girl a did jus a one ting.Suh dem cuss and vex..Mooney move from Jamaica guh Florida…All a dis a gwaan di big time visiting a JA and ting..Palmer well married and have him kids dem a farrin yah wid him wife…Lef dem and guh JA..Book out him time a Pegasus
Mondeh night dem seh Palmer go Waltham and deh ina di bar a buy di man dem liquor..well dressed because him is a good looking fellow and like wear nice expensive jewelry ..people a seh dem nuh know why him neva mek di girl meet him a Pegasus instead a ina har area and dem not sure why him did dung deh but di street a seh by di looks of tings ah di girl set up man fi rob him and yuh know when dem rob a JA…your life nah spare ..Anybaddie hear anyting?


  • MURASAKI says:

    wow, what a story, can you imagine whey him wife an pickney ah guh through now> Maybe di fren Mooney did know something bout di girl character…watching this story

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    ? is this the same Mooney weh used to work inna Norman Barber Shop off Rousseau Road ?

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    o.O….suh which girl set him up? Because mi think a she the sister in law/one slap get wife up.???

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Oooh! Darnit lol thanks 10:49

  • good girl gone bad says:

    What a story!! Yes Murasaki, it look like mooney know how the girl stay and probably try warn him nuh fi get seerus wid har and palmer probably well fall in love wid the girl and meet him death smh. But if mi know smaddy nuh right mi wouldt even hook mi fren up pon dem period whether is just ah one ting or not. But u know man different.

  • @gggb..more time a man can know a girl character bad but him wi still set up him friend fi get a one problem is dat some man fall so easy.nuh care how yuh see dem gwaan like dem tuff as soon as de girl put it on pon dem dem tun idiot

  • good girl gone bad says:

    @iamhere thats exactly what mi realise. Him probably warn him before and seh “dah gyal deh bad but just tek ah one ting still.” Something along those lines.

  • MURASAKI says:

    can u imagine the mixed emotions of the wife, sadness, grief, betrayal anger, vengeance all rolled in one…poor lady.

  • Met says:

    but why go on vacation without your family? you a tell me seh di wife neva question him .a something mi notice wid nuff a di man dem.. tek up and go whey lef dem wife and kids bout dem gone pan vacation

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Met yuh seet! Mi man cousin go ah JA wid out him family for a month around christmas time and a next month a little earlier in the year. And mi always seh why him wife nuh have a problem wid him being dowm there so frequently and for so long wid out she or di pickney dem. Mi neva gro suh so mi nuh really undastand di logics inna it. Mi fadda never go anywhere more than a week widout him family (mom and us). wah u think? Mi swear di man have a next woman dung deh.

  • eyecandy says:

    …but pple still trash out an go hang out inna ghetto?!?
    Yuh haffi be careful cause nuff pple nuh happy fi si yuh look prosperous.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would the girl cause the death of the Golden Goose? Certainly wouldn’t be laying anymore Golden Eggs after death. Makes no sense, especially when you think about the little change he had on him. Yard Girls know how to milk it, not kill it!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Well, Mooney did tell him, but him nay wah hear, suh him get fi feel. kmt

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    grung to rass…EYECANDY…trash out? I have not heard that since i was about

  • DFDR says:

    Dress up inna expensive jewelry is a thing of the past, u cant do that inna dem ya time when recession a lick and money a run tite, man will nyam u food even u so-call fren dem… Mi park-up fi mi big gold chain after mi hear some youth a seh anyone who wear jewelry like dat a look chouble pan demself cah dem nah mek dat past dem…
    Dat deh humbre nah pree di ting propa atall fi a yardman…

  • Jules says:

    I never like when people accuse others of murder without full proof. Too many times ppl get up seh a dis an dat smaddy cause ppl death ongle fi find out seh a rumour and dat smaddy get destroyed chu dese vicious rumours. Mi nuh see why di ooman woulda setup di man if shi sure of her maintenance from him. Mi nah seh a muss lie, but dese allegations are too heavy fi juss drop suh pon ppl.

  • Yard and Farrin ah nuh di same ting, the yute dem doan kno unnuu and dem nuh respect nuh one cuz dem ah follow the devil TammyFlea. so dem rob anything…..yuh tink ah little bit ah man go ah yard and dead same way… yuh hafi smart and go pon the north coast and even out desso nuh safe but all yuh hafi do if yuh come from the ghetto, den yuh pass thru and nuh lingah, cuz from yuh land dem send out signal…..doan even tink bout chucky pon nobaddy either……nah go wurk…yard ruff to the bone all wen yuh gat name…….

  • Met says:


  • MURASAKI says:

    imagine staying at the Pegasus and ketch yuh death doun dem parts deh. Well wi dont know why he was down there, maybe he had other so called frens down there and wanted to show that he was still one of them and could still mek ghetto flex.

  • Yes Metty mi deh yah tidday mi sweetheart…..

  • Anonymous says:

    The thing people fail to realize is that in any part of Jamaica now, most of the yutes now hooked on crack cocaine and will kill you in a minute just to get their next high. These crack heads everywhere just looking for the right opportunity to pounce. With crack stalls at every street corner, these opportunists don’t need a reason to kill you for a few $.

  • adwa says:

    rudie @ 3:26 said it all. di yute dem nah hol nuh kinda meds dung deh, so as a visitor, u haffi keep u wises at ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL times. r.i.p. fi di bredda, sorry seh him haffi meet him end like dis. ahh bwoy

  • Anonymous says:

    A nuff time me ask dis Breda why him haffi wear one bag a gold chain like him a slick rick. Dem set him up big time him not even see it coming. Palmer nuh Married but a five pickney him have a Pegasus him n him woman always stay but him go Jamaica him alone dis time . Dem seh him carry something fi a girl n she call him n ask fi come show har how the thing work n as him reach di yute dem start rob him n kill him fi do ten gran chain.

  • soap opera says:

    so dem couldn’t jus tek the chains and leave him fe come back come work annd buy some more. ah boy, rip

  • #&@^! says:

    The man was in jamaica for a wedding. He was shot on saturday night & died sunday morning not monday. It wasn’t on waltham, it’s half rousseau road. The girl didn’t set him up, he was genuinely robbed by some red “yeye” boys. Anything can happen when men/women visit anybody & no 1 wouldn’t want no 1 blame that they are responsible for a person (s) death.

  • palmerjr says:

    It funny how ppl jus love run dem rass mouth n talk 1 bag a tingz when dem nuh kno shit.. dis man was mi family..#1 he is “not” married #2 he got shot friday n was pronounced dead within a few hours because he didnt make it thru surgery… and as far as I kno nobody dnt kno whether him get set up or not but mi kno dem murder mi uncle… the man was di coolest person u cuda ever meet n it mess up how family members affi a c di shit wah ppl a speculate n a chat…. mek di man rest inna peace n stop chat wah unu dnt kno bout

  • #&@^! says:

    @palmerjr, so true. it was very nice person. loved by all who know him.

  • #&@^! says:

    * he

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