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Monday, January 21, 2013

SO you decided to declare your love and make your relationship open to the public. You’ve changed your status on FB to “in a relationship” and you both can’t stop RT’ing all the amazing things you both Tweet all day long. How can this ever go wrong when it’s oh so right?
1. You will start tracking their status updates and Foursquare check-ins to know where they are, who they are with or to see if they were telling you the truth. It’s a rocky road you’re about to trod.
2. Did you break up and yet still have them on Facebook, Twitter and BBM? This is the beginning of the Apocalypse — a disaster in the making. Worse is when you start to use your updates and status messages as a way to piss them off or make them jealous. This includes posting pics of you with other women/men, which you know is going to upset them.
3. Even worse than your updates is when you begin to share all the things they did wrong in your updates, Tweets and status messages. No one needs to know your business and honestly no one cares. Stop subjecting everyone to the details of your break-up. Your online “friends” are not necessarily your real friends. Don’t get your wires crossed.
4. Then you begin to think the posts and subtweets are directed at you. Maybe they are, but ignore them. Don’t respond. Leave it alone and walk away as it will only cause the messy situation to drag on.
5. Don’t use your friends to keep track of your ex. Stop going on to their FB page or into their Twitter timeline to see what’s going on. Tell your friends not to give you updates about your ex. If it’s over it’s over.

PS: A shout out to @dearabby416 for the idea to address this topic.
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