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9 Responses to ROLD GOLD

  • london5948 says:

    Morning met. I doe kno but iz it da gold shoes :afro: :afro: :ketupat or wat, I’m slow and lost. Sherlock iz very eccentric, so nothing he wears, or does iz not surprising!!!!!! :salaman

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Flowers blazer + tight pants + gold boot + neatly shaved eyebrows = woman’s attire and appearance. MY GIRL!!!!! OOPS SORRY MY YUTE n unnuh ah wonda why ppl bran unnu wid so much negative names. AN AH DEM GYAL AH GO CRAZY OVA….Sherlock worl fe lock DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Shameful and heartbreaking! There used to be a time when I viewed black men as the strongest of all the races, hence the very reason they were oppressed. These men are so weak, one entertainer has lead them all astray. No minds of their own, no will power. There is nothing admirable about these men that are confused about their identity. Where are all the strong black men?
    I have yet to see a white man looking like this! Making complete buffoons out of themselves. All it takes to kill a people is to kill the mind and everything else will follow and their minds have been crippled.
    This is not manly. It’s feminine. It’s disgusting. If women valued themselves and had any sense at all these shims would not know what vagina looks like.
    Obviously, they are lacking testosterone, leave them to come out of the closet and sleep with their male friends, it’s clearly what they desire.
    It’s a disgrace when it’s hard to find real black men looking like men and acting like men.

  • Belly Bang says:

    again mi ah ask bout Gary nails…..why dem always appear black/discoloured & all now nuh Sherlockians cant gi mi nuh str8 forward answer

  • soap opera says:

    he does use black nail polish, saw it with my own eyes in VA.

  • WHAT? says:

    di man paint di water-boots from last week gold….lol

  • Belly Bang says:

    Hear some gal:-
    1. Mi man bleach, suh wah??
    2. Mi man shave up him eye brow neat neat, suh wah??
    3. Mi man wear sinting wah look like woman clothes & boot sometimes, suh wah??
    4. Mi man wear black nail polish, suh wah???

    Mi woulda ask her, suh when yuh draw di line???

  • ... says:

    dwl @ Belly imaginary line some a dem have all for the sake of saying they can have a man

  • Met says:

    some a dem draw di battey crack line……di one whey separate di cheeks belly..

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