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Minister of National Security blames man incarcerated in maximum security facility for ongoing scamming epidemic.  Strange but true. IrieFm news reported :- Dancehall lovers are reacting following a statement made by Security Minister Peter Bunting who bashed Vybz Kartel for his song Reparation, which the Minister says justifies the ills of scamming. According to dancehall fans, Minister Bunting should deal with the problem at hand and not search for a scapegoat. They also express that entertainers should be mindful of their social responsibilities.  Security Minister Peter Bunting made it clear in a recent press conference that incarcerated dancehall deejay ‘Vybz Kartel’ contributes to the ongoing scamming issue that has been a major problem for the Jamaican Government. Bunting quoted Kartel’s lyrics from his single “Reparation” which also features Gaza Slim calling it “an amazing piece of propaganda for scammers.”

I am not a Gaza fanatic and there are some things about Mr.. Palmer mi just dont like. But, I like some of his songs which I find relevant or catching  or entertaining, or all three. But that is me and I am entitled to have my personal opinions and express them just as how Adi has his personal views and is entitled to express them in song. Is either you listen to him songs on the radio or skip them or let the Broadcasting Commission do their job and ban what needs to be banned from the airwaves. And that was exactly what they did to Kartel’s song “Reparation”. But I do not fool myself. Adi appeals to a wide cross section of society, remains a marketable force, is business savvy and is able to create synergies in his approach to the world of entertainment. Mr. Colouring Book has won several awards, has received critical acclaim and most recently has been nominated for a Grammy Award.  This is for a man who has been in jail for over a year now, facing several charges ranging from murder to perverting the course of justice. By the way, some of those charges seem to have either been dropped or going no where.

So I find it disturbing that the Minister of National Security can come out and blame the prisoner/Grammy Nominee for being contributory to the scamming debacle affecting the island. Minister Peter Bunting, who has been in the job for over one year, has conveniently sidestepped the failure of his Cabinet to implement legislation that effectively blankets the activities of scammers. With all the bruhaha about how many are locked up, how many laptops, monies and high end vehicles seized, the charges laid against the apprehended are always lacking substance. And it has been said repeatedly that the current laws  do not capture the criminal genre that the individuals are suspected of being involved in. In April, 2012, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime Glenmore Hinds admitted that “There is in fact a deficiency in our current legislation to seriously impact the activity.” The top cop lamented that charges usually laid against scammers are heavily restricted to the Larceny Act. He said obtaining money by means of false pretence, conspiracy to defraud and money laundering are among the common charges. “These are offences that do not attract significant punishment,” Hinds said. Speaking at a forum concerning the lottery scam  in November 2012, the Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn admitted that there is no criminal charge that specifically refers to scamming. She went further to call for the implementation of an Advance Fee Fraud Act which would help to clamp down on persons involved in the multi-million dollar lottery scam. The Advance Fee Fraud Act is currently used in Nigeria to combat criminal activities which are similar to the lottery scam. So, the current reality, for which Minister Bunting has portfolio responsibility, is automatic bail, investigations placed on the never ending roller coaster called “ongoing” and suspects returning to do what they know best. And he blames Vybz Kartel who has been remaded to a maximum security facility.

When the Minister stated that entertainers should be mindful of their social responsibilities, his polka dotted mind forgot that he is part of an administration that demanded $60 million (nearly usd640,000.00) for sixteen new SUVs for Ministers of Government. This is at a time when the economy is in the tank, IMF discussions are stalled and 80% of the budget is spent on paying debt. Minister Bunting must go back to his text books on civics and social studies and appreciate that, unlike him, Mr. Palmer was not elected by the people and he is a singular private money making business. It is a cold hard fact that Mr. Palmer owes Jamaica no obligation to sing Ring Ding and Religious Choruses and if his songs, as detestable as some may be, find mass appeal, he will always continue to make money. The song “Reparation” can be given deep thought and intellectual reasoning blah blah blah, and be accused of lending legitimacy to a dubious activity. But that is what scamming is, dubious and nothing higher. It aint illegal nor unlawful. Furthermore, Minister Bunting must remember that scamming was born and nurtured during the period 2004-2007 and thereafter took off like an Olympian on crack. Therefore, the PNP, which was in power then and is is in power now, has continued to drag its foot in dealing properly with the problem, just as how the issue of campaign financing has taken a back burner. But again, we are reminded of the hushed talk that several PNP contributors are members of the scamming mafia.  Songs that rebel against the establishment and which exalt ‘antisocial’ dealings are not new. Minister Bunting, should take a break from Nina Simone and Billie Holiday and listen to our local champions like Buju Banton, Gregory Isaacs and others.  Following this erratic outburst, dont be surprised if next week the Minister starts pointing his accusatory finger at Bob Marley’s grave and blame his remains for the flourishing ganja trade and the multitude of Jamaicans who “light up dem spliff”. Our National Heroes like Nanny and Paul Bogle are next, because they will surely be labelled criminal king pins.

Peter Bunting better get with the programme and realise that Jamaica is now kept afloat by hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who earn a honest bread in the “unofficial sector” in order to put bread on their tables, to send their children to school and to throw dem partner money. Minister, ah want you to note that the majority of hardworking Jamaicans who get up by 3/4 each morning and guh sleep at 11/12 dont have a stable 9-5 job and each lunch at Pegasus Hotel. Suh yuh try get a grip of yuhself. Big up all trying Jamaicans who refuse to take up the gun and naw support nuh war despite the economic and social temptations. Mi ah talk the robot taxi and bus operators who keep Jamaica moving and mek plenty police, nurse and other civil servants reach dem poorly paid work pon time, the cash for gold traders in HWT and other town centers who provide ready money for honest people who want some cash fi guh pay JPS and NWC, bag juice and banana chips sellers who provide the most popular and perhaps only diet many Jamaicans can afford. Finally, big respect to that little old lady who has her stall infront of the school. That old lady may not have a food handlers permit or can read and write, but she ever clean, never yet give the pickney dem bad belly and always have a smile on her face.

27 Responses to READ READ READ!

  • Real says:

    hehey Kartel mi a go sen u a shirt…”blame it on me!” it really bad se dem ablame him fi everyting but him deppon him ting a big up di man dem weh start di scamming and claim that manbay is his place so if him dish it him can nyam it ….

  • Belly Bang says:

    BOB MARLEY IS NEXT, CAUSE AH HIM AH GUH GET BLAME FI DI GANJA TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easy skanking (skankin’ it easy);
    Easy skanking (skankin’ it slow);
    Easy skanking (skankin’ it easy);
    Easy skanking (skankin’ it slow).

    Excuse me while I light my spliff; (spliff)
    Good God, I gotta take a lift: (lift)
    From reality I just can’t drift; (drift)
    That’s why I am staying with this riff. (riff)



  • Belly Bang says:


    When Met did feature the song Reparation on here, I think – mi nuh too sure – dat mi did lick out pon it and chat all sort ah tings. :malu2

    But now that mi informed and see wat ah gwaan, mi now hold di view that before mi get pon mi high horse and tek set pon Kartel over the song, mi should instead use the f000ing horse and run over Bunting for his failure to have the proper laws in place. :cool

  • MiNuhCare says:

    Jamaican politician will ALWAYS find someone to BLAME for their mishaps. But it seems like say true Kartel NEGATIVE RAP SHEET IS SOOOOO LONG, dem wah add dis to de list. Well…ah I tink ah so politicians do dem ting ALWAYS WAH BLAME DE HUMBLE CIVILIANS WHO ONLY AH FOLLOW WEH DE POLITICIANS DO or SAY :salaman

  • Belly Bang says:

    As long as dem
    Nah buy no gun, Nah support no war
    Big up di man dem star from near and far
    Dem call it scam
    Mi call it reparation
    Every ghetto yute is a star
    Yow Yow (vybz kartel)
    So dem wah live like one, one

    Big up every scamma
    Weh mek U.S Dolla
    Build up di house fi yuh mama
    Western union people fi gi wi more honor
    Slah, full-stop, comma
    Every ghetto yute fi a live like Tony Mantana
    Presidental like barruk obama
    Pool inna house and play inna hanger
    Who say di scamma dem wrong
    No, Hungry, poverty dat more wronger
    Better dem dweet dan tek up the bomber
    Memba di yute dem nah squeeze trigger
    A just tru dem a nigger
    You misa big mista you a di prime minister
    College mi wah send mi sista
    You say education a di key
    Mi a beg yuh nuh tek mi ting sah

    Mi just want di yute dem
    Nuh rob jamaican, don’t buy gun fi kill man
    Forign exchange is good fi di country
    Franklyn, USA, Sterling England
    Every Ghetto yute fi a live like di big man
    Mansion bigger than Hilton
    A nuh every body can run like Bolt and sing like mi
    Or dance like Ding Dong
    Bank book haffi bigger than King Kong
    Bills like Rodigan link, and,
    The cash two side like a swing song
    Dats why mi wah live long
    misa big mista you a di prime minister
    College mi wah send mi sista
    You say education a di key
    Mi a beg yuh nuh tek mi ting sah

  • Anonymous says:

    Not a pretty sight! politicans lacking in cogent ideas, and most of all, looking confused. Trying to blind folks with a little man on the side. Soon it will be Tom Strokes. Kartel born come see it and will leave it.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Di dislike addict, yuh is either a PNP zealot or di ongle ting yuh can do from yuh BB ah punch di dislike button. Comment and share your views so we can have a healthy discussion. Please and Thanks. :cool

  • Real says:

    some ppl nuh bada read dem jus press dislike …thru di world loss name call …dem nuh want nuh intersted inna healthy discussion

  • Anonymous says:

    If they had given Bunting Minister of finance he would have done a better job than in Securities has his mind has gone astray from the point at hand. When you go in the scamming communities they play mostly Kartel therefore the blame is put at the feet of that person who has the most influence on those scammers…..such a shame and pity as government set rules and regulations not should cast blame and blunders.

    We as Jamaicans need to find out what is best for us and support the government that look out for us in terms of economy growth and stop talk bout loyal to party that only care about themselves.

  • ace says:

    Met don’t tell me that you are the one that write this item here because some of what you write i can relate to. Jamaican politicians like the rest of the world leaders like to take a blind eye to the real issues what about finding ways to create jobs, (and don’t say the yute dem don’t want to work because dem don’t want to dead either) schools, get the yute involved in programs that will help them to provide for themselves and their families. LOOK LIKE MR. BUNTING SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THE NET SEARCHING JAMAICAN WEBSITES (jamaicangroupiemet) TO BE INFORMED OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE JAMAICAN PEOPLE.

    Mr. Bunting news flash kartel and other artist have a social responsibility but they do not make laws or implement policies for social change you and the government need to do your f000ING JOB artist only sell fantasy. The truth of the matter is in the past 5-6 yrs KARTEL & MAVADO have given the yutes hope through music that they can make their own money and own them own record company.

  • Met says:

    ace mi neva write it boss

  • Met says:

    so das y u can relate

  • Real says:

    marnin met ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,____________________________________

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi kinda see the angle weh Ace ah come offa, kinda, if mi stretch mi imagination nuff nuff :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Poverty breeds violence and felonious activities and the sooner the JA politicians and leaders stop stuffing their pockets and scraping away Wat should be used to educate n provide for the middle n lower class ppl then the sooner we will be on the road to success, if anyone is to be blamed for the scamming and social unrest it should be the politicians of both parties.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Specialist sing song bout cash fi gold, a trade yuh can only deal in if yuh have a licence & you have to operate from a location. Look how much killings and robberies are tied to the cash fi gold trade.

    How come dem naw Specialist or ban fi him song (mi naw say dat dem must do it enuh). Is it because the cash fi gold problem is deemed to be a local issue while the scamming ting ah bring down pressure from the US of A?????

    Fair is fair. Mi always ah heckle di Gaza cruff dem when dem ah pledge allegiance to every f000ery Kartel do. BUT, on this point, mi find miself ah side wid dem.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Met, I do not like Kartel for what he represents in both his personal life and the way he has used his gift and talent to lead a whole generation of young, impressionable lost souls astray.
    However blaming Kartel for this is bullcrap and an easy cop out to addressing the real issues at hand.
    There is no politician in Jamaica that can blame shift when they are more crooked than any of the little guys on the street. They are the ones who have hurt Jamaica. When there is high unemployment and lack of opportunities, what is the alternative for the underclass?
    Not condoning any criminality, but let’s call a duck a duck.

    Kartel with his numerous murder charges was the one who got me listening to dancehall to see what he’s all about and as much as I do not like him, he’s extremely talented and his music is bound to have an impact on his audience.

    Kartel could have easily been the Tupac of Jamaica, he had that ‘it’ factor, regardless of his flaws. Do I condone the lyrics? Absolutely not. He had the platform to have led a movement in the same direction as Bob Marley but he chose the alternative.
    It’s better the scamming than dem tek up a gun. To you and I, there are other alternatives, but these uneducated ghetto youths are faced with little to no opportunities.
    I certainly don’t know what the solution for Jamaica is because criminality is the fabric of the society. Yes, even the big men up in the hills and all the politicians and police officers so he really needs to put the blame elsewhere cos mi nah convict Kartel on this charge.

  • ace says:

    yes met i a ghetto yute not society, just in love with my country and it’s people and see where we as Jamaicans needs to celebrate ourselves and culture. The possibilities are endless if we embrace each other eg. the way that some of us Jamaicans go crazy over American celebrities we need to go crazy over our own because they are superstars. all i am saying is bunten and the rest need to take a serious look into the Jamaican society and look for way to help the yutes and stop killing them if they want change remember if a man is locked and then released without rehab the next crime he comment will be worst than the first. Today it is scamming tomorrow is murder, rape, and robbery so the time that you sit there in front of the Jamaican people and say VYBZ KARTEL is to be blame a repeat offender could f000 you little grand child and in these days it’s boys & girls dem nasty f000ers raping.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Look how much people invest dem money ina Cash Plus, Olint, Worldwise etc and got scammed. So which worse? Scam foreigners or scam yuh own? A Kartel responsible fi di pyramid schemes too?

  • We need to take a look at politicians and how good they are at in taking a negative focus off themselves. Mr. Bunting has done terribly in my opinion (both parties are the same). The Security Minister has very questionable polls to show a reduction in crime. We the people know the reality of the cases of innocent citizens being gunned down by the police force. The majority of the police force which is underpaid, takes advantage of the people they work for, mainly the poorer class which they themselves are apart of. If Mr. Bunting was doing an acceptable job, I would say so. Too much police reports sound the same, politicians never accept responsibility for their failures, crime fighting now becomes killing. MOST Jamaicans do not believe in the justice system and a poll is not needed for this. For Jamaicans to believe in our justice system, Mr. BUNTING AND NO POLITICIANS SERVING NOW (maybe with the exception of a couple) have the credibility with the people to even imagine this.

  • SERENITY says:

    It’s a sad day when a security minister of an island go public & law the blame of criminal activities on one man….bunting a betta you try to actually put some measures in place to solve some crimes & kibba you mouth. You just made kartel more relevant than he actually is…kmft

  • SERENITY says:

    correction…lay,not law up top

  • G says:

    Yuh tek ghetto people dem fi cartoon
    Time weh yuh spend ah try fi ban chune
    Spend da time deh fi build poor people house
    Cah nuff ah we still ah kotch up inna one room
    Wah happen to di nurse ah public hospital
    Weh government ah treat like dem ah likkle gyal
    Mash up cashplus through ah poor people ting
    And yuh nah sentence white collar criminal
    Chicken back rate and pickney fi feed
    School fee raise and me yute wah fi read
    Import product fi mash up di farmer
    Me ah seh every farmer guh plant weed
    People ah work hard fi four grand a week
    Yute left school nah have nuh job fi seek
    Me nuh see nuh factory ah build
    But a new prison open last week

  • ace says:

    @G. Words by the same man dem a blame fi crime.

  • Anonymous says:

    G sound like a real idiot. By September 2007, Cashplus was Bankrupt and Carlos Hill brought at least 4 upscale Townhouse off idiots like G’s head. A sucker is born every minute and G is one of them. G where is the Ponzi money?

  • Anonymous says:

    What about from junior marley seh set up shop?

  • sett gud says:

    unno stay dey addi a cum a road, think JA gov kar bout sum maybe gang memba whey bobylon woulda probably did kill the next day if addi nay supposedly kill im. Soon as Addi work out a proper % wit th JA GOV im a get visa then proceed pon a world tour. Addi a hot comodity a wen since JA refuse $$$ an addi was an more than eva still is a $ maker, inna mi affican voice shyt.

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