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He calls you from multiple phone numbers, or his numbers show up as blocked on your caller ID. Even most people who have a cell phone paid for by their job only have one, so when you hear from Mr. Mysterious from a different phone number several times per week, be suspicious. Also be suspicious if you have actually seen him with several different cell phones in a short period of time, or are aware that he only uses prepaid phones, and changes his number frequently by buying a new phone.


He is generally secretive, but acts as such in a sly way, making it seem like not knowing a persons last name is normal. Okay, so some people are just more private than others, that’s for sure. But, if you new man always seems to dodge pointed questions about his job description, his friends, or what he does in his spare time, there’s a reason for it, whether it has to do with illegal activity or not. He may fill in the blanks when questioned with run around answers.


He spends a lot of time in clubs. If he doesn’t show signs of being an alcoholic or even as being much of a drinker and he spends a great deal of time and money partying that is cause for worry. While some men (and women) like to club and socialize with friends after work, if you are seeing the car of Mr. Mysterious at the club on the nightly or every other night , this is a bad sign. If he is always claiming that he is “doing business” at the club, he probably is, but it’s not the kind of business you would want to be involved in.


He wears really nice clothes, and we’re not just talking Gap or Old Navy. If his weekend lounge outfits costs more than your most prized business suit or your best friend’s custom-made wedding dress, that is cause for concern. Some men just love to dress nice, God bless them, but one has to wonder where one gets the money to spend on this type of wardrobe. This, along with other signs, is suspicious.


He has a really nice car. I know, this one might seem weird. It’s great to date a guy with a nice car, because it shows that he cares about vehicle reliability, and it is also can be a symbol of his success in life. However, how nice of a car are we talking? If you have no proof that he has a great career (and if he did, he would be willing to talk about it…;) and he drives a newer 50 to 90 thousand dollar car , especially one with back up cameras and dark tinted windows, be afraid, be very afraid. Or at least wary.


His friend’s don’t say much, and seem as mysterious as he does.They live in places like Arizona, California, Miami, and New York. His friend and he are always traveling. When Mr. Mysterious is with his friends, and they are in deep, hushed discussion until you walk up, it’s not just your imagination. If Mr. Mysterious and his friends don’t openly discuss their careers, the mundane aspects of their jobs, or keep off of the subject of jobs altogether, preferring to discuss only family and hobbies, this is yet another clue. Or, his friends might be oddly quiet altogether.


Mr. Mysterious seems to make excuses for you two to always be alone, claiming that he just enjoys the intimacy and romance of alone time. While it is wonderful when a guy requests together time, he can’t give you the time he will see you. He will just say”I’m still on the road, or I have to see another friend. He is uncomfortable around your friends, who tend to ask questions. Another sign would be a lack of group dates, or avoidance of family get-togethers or neighborhood barbecues. However, remember that if he is really slick, he will still attend some events so you will feel confident in your relationship.


He has different names that everyone calls him. Be sure you know the real one. If he won’t let you see I.D. well that’s never good.


He expresses his distrust of banks, financial institutions, or government organizations.


He doesn’t leave a paper trail. On dates or any outings, he always pays with cash, and always has a lot of cash. He rarely if ever uses credit cards, and you have heard him say on more than one occasion how he prefers to use cash.

23 Responses to 10 SIGNS HE IS A DRUG DEALER

  • I have to disagree ..Not every drug dealer likes to party n palaav my boo money TALLLLLLLL bad & him nuh show off ASSETS HIM SAY RAINY DAY HIM SAY KIDS HIM SAY N HE DOES NOT GO OUT AT ALL .. Travel nuff yes nice cars yes

  • TG says:

    If u have no idea ur man a drug dealer then chances are he’s not ur man…

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    Dem gal dont care they just love the hype money man

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    lolzz this line up sound like my x…im so glad him change nigga lived in every major city ny,az,miami n even chicago …he a law abiding citizen now he has his own business a new kingston n the funny thing is tht feds still hav thr eye on him

    *met u forget one crucial detail if he has alot of mexican, columbian or russian friends those r big pointers

  • Ryce Cake says:

    This sound like my ex too!

  • soap opera says:

    yep if all their friends name rude boy, that’s another sign

  • Anonymous says:

    all off the above is what attract female they love those kind of guys

  • Anonymous says:

    One more to the list: The EXs blogs constantly on “jamaicangroupiemet dot com”……………

  • Foxy says:

    This article cracked me the hell up especially, if he lives in Cali, Ari, Mia. Miami man dem bruk like. All the above are true but the kind of women that attract these men, like the idea because they are able to get big money moreso than the career man is willing to spend. No matter how successful a career man is, he doesn’t dish it out that easily on any chick unless that’s his woman. A drug dealer spends just as easy as he makes it.

    My girlfriend told me a few years ago that she wants a big time drug dealer to wife her up that when he goes to prison she can get the house and everything. Some of these chicks have other motives so they see the signs, recognize the signs and smile.

  • Met says:

    Foxy a dat she seh?________________________________________________

  • Foxy says:

    yeah and shi never even a joke.
    Met, on a serios note though, if you meet a man that has interest in you and that man don’t have a FB or any social media page and the man white, do you think I’m right to think the man might be a serial killer? Or am I just paranoid? I really need to know this one for my own purpose.

  • ... says:

    Foxy_______________________________________________________________________________bwaay I woulda try do a background search on him one way or the other whether get a way fi get him license & do some digging or walk away if you have a fear of serial killer lol

  • Met says:

    unno hear di one dotty

  • Foxy says:

    Lol…if mi have a fear of serial killer *dead*
    Di two shooters, di Aurora shooter and the Sandy Hook shooter had no social media presence. If him was a hustler, then I could understand his low profile but him move too mystic. No Facebook for a young dude in this day and age? Cause for concern.

    So that should be added to the above list. If him nuh have a social media page, sum ting wong!

  • Met says:

    foxy!! :hammer

  • ... says:

    but serious doa if dem thoughts deh a linga inna my heavens mi nat goin deh so wid di man. lol Foxy run yah mi gyal

  • Anonymous says:

    @Foxy 8:05 Spanish, Haitian, Russian,can come to Miami and get rich off drugs.

  • So I have been in Arizona for the past week, I will be in Los Angeles tomorrow and then San Francisco, I travel with 5 fully functional phones at all times, I am verse in the fashion realm, I enjoy speaking about not personal concerns, et al and this make me a plausible drug deal–hmm?

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    How about: don’t have a job, don’t pay taxes, have expensive things and nothing inna dem (because women aren’t immune from this list) name.

    Number of phones, mates, children and geographical location is irrelevant because people who work fall into these categories. No everybody love chat or associate wid chatty, chatty people or love go people house go nhame, nor care to share their occupation with others due to the sensitive position that they have. I don’t sell drugs but there are some people I don’t want to know my name so me gi dem wrong name cause dem damn fass and I don’t care to really have any long term association with them. Seriously? High level people associated with drugs don’t fit the sterotype only those who love attention and function in the middle and bottom tier of the drug world.

  • Sensational says:

    women that love drug dealers always end up dead.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Sensational: Not always, but a lot do. I know one Jamaica chick that survived being shot 5 times.

    I was speaking to a guy the other day who was a hustler and he told his then baby-mother that he was thinking of getting out of the drug business (he became paranoid, always looking over his shoulder, his partner was busted, serve time and deported, etc, etc.). His child mother told him that if he did get out of the business that would be the end of the relationship between them. He did leave the business and she left him and move far away with his kid.

  • kristen thomason says:

    If you have to ask then you donot need to be with him

  • kristen thomason says:

    If you have to ask then you donot need to be with him

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