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A Harare Central prison guard, Ronald Gurajena, who was reported to his bosses for a number of allegations including stealing prisoners’ food, selling it, getting drunk on the proceeds, and then opening up his trousers to underwear level, was set up by his girl friend, Zim Eye has reported.

The website is said to be in possession of exclusive evidence revealing that Ms Roselyn Mehlomakulu who claimed that Mr Gurajena on Christmas day stole food belonging to prisoners, sold them, and within an hour quickly became drunk from the beer he bought from the proceeds, is actually an ex-girlfriend of Gurajena’s.

She has denied ever being in love with Gurajena.

Her claims against Mr Gurajena included gay stunt-apparent photos snapped of her boyfriend standing exposing his underwear while somewhat ‘affectionately’ holding another man during a beer binge she alleged was made possible through stolen prisoners’ food stuffs.

The photographer was actually Ms Mehlomakulu herself. Mehlomakulu who is based in South Africa had been visiting her then lover at the just ended Christmas holiday period.

But Mehlomakulu said she was only visiting a neighbour at the time of the incident, was not related to Gurajena at all when she says that she witnessed several prisoners being made to carry food stuffs from inside the prison to hand them at Mr Gurajena’s house. Further investigations carried out by ZimEye however reveal that Mehlomakulu was in fact phycially present in Gurajena’s house at the time of the incident and was also the very photographer of the footage that has been circulating on the internet to date.

The photographs and video footage do not contain any prisoners as alleged and Mehlomakulu herself has admitted she has no evidence whatsoever of the alleged theft of prisoners handouts.

But she still insisted:

“I saw it myself! All this took place inside the prison baracks at Newlands Prison on the 25th December 2012 and I saw it myself”, said Ms Mehlomakulu of the incident which however she only reported two weeks later.

She claimed she was concerned about the welfare of prisoners and was morally disgusted by the alleged abuse in the department which however ZimEye has been told Gurajena does not even work in.

“Prison Guard Gurajena stole donated foods – like peanut butter, rice and cooking oil,” she alleged.

“The items were taken from the storerooms; I saw prisoners knocking the door saying: Sheff, we have come with your stuff, said Mehlomakulu.

She added:

“At this time it was around past 5PM and all this occurred inside the Newlands barracks.

Gurajena had a friend (name withheld) who was seen doing the same thing and drinking beer soon afterwards, she alleged at the time.

“I saw them myself, two prisoners leaving the prison… This Ronald started selling the dovi at around past 6. They must be stopped from doing this. This food has been donated to prisoners”, said Mehlomakulu.

Soon after reporting the case to bosses Mehlomakulu was quick to inform this reporter that Gorejena was being investigated by his seniors at work.

She even told this reporter she is going to stand in court to testify against Gurajena for the alleged theft of prisoners’ handouts. It was however not clear if a police case had been opened or not.

But recorded messages and undeniable, verified Facebook sms reveal that Mehlomakulu had a gripping love affair for several months and regularly referred to Gurajena as ‘honey’, ‘darling’ and sometimes as ‘Baba Vemwana'(father of my child). In another message she told him she was promtly sending him money from South Africa.

Mehlomakulu said to be 39 years, six years older than her ex-boyfriend who is 33, brought strong liquour from South Africa which intoxicated the prison guard to the point of stripping, during a function which was actually her birthday, Gurajena has said.

Gurajena would have lost his job by now had it not been for the trail of undeniable evidence proving existence of the love affair. When confronted with the evidence, Mehlomakulu at first denied but within a few minutes finally succumbed and crept into silence confirming her deliberate malice.

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