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Met here is china the walking (Edited) aka miss f++ dem to them death. This is what she wear go Juggist party. Walking (Edited)mi no hab a clue weh u a try do to yuhself but no Badda feel like chu yuh hab the channel bag it Mek yuh outfart look any betta. Yah ago Mek them lock u up again fi channel enuh. Me all see yuh put up pic bout yuh cook fi the “booooooooooo” :/ china yuh fi memba say yuh p+++ like to kill, and we no need another funeral china. We no need it. Try set the man free before death come knock PON him door.


38 Responses to WHAT CHINA DO NOW?

  • toni ann says:

    good morning met…… good morning metters.

    whats wrong with what shi wear?

  • Met says:

    toni ann nothing nuh wrong…..china mus tek di person man…dis is a sikes man court ting it seems

  • Brightlight says:

    Yall beating a dead horse now will the ‘salt p—-‘. She can wear what ever she f000ing please! Maybe she didn’t feel like dressing up or she at a stage in her life where being glamorous in a dance aint all that glamorous.

    Funny it look like sender spend them whole night a wait pon Chyna arrival. You too f000ing idle. Get a life and some ambition while you’re at it. I swear some of these hating ass females come in like undercover lesbians they way they wait and watch to tear down other women. LIKE WHAT’S THE POINT OF THIS MESSAGE TO MET?

    Sender you salt baaaaaaad :hoax2

  • Brightlight says:

    Metsy please pardon my poor manners this morning. Good morning sweet Mesty and Metters (even you sender with your idle self) :angel

  • Nom de plume says:

    So senda di Booooooooo caan read to?, if yuh dat concerned fi him life an China murderous pussy, why dont drop him a email? and do it quick before him start f000 har. unnu too talented round ere sometimes.

  • 187 Dem says:

    Morning Met, blessed morning to all. It is 2013 ppl need to find better things to do than H.A.T.E. on others. Not a ting nuh wrong wid di B attire & geeeeeeeeeeesh dis jus really sound like some badmind smady weh nuh like har. ( NO SHE IS NOT MI FREN ;))

  • toni ann says:

    when i party i wear what i can afford, and i wear what im comfortable in, party is to have fun, it shouldnt be a modeling ting.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    SENDER say somen else but nu send in somen bout d girl cloths cause ppl fi wear wha dem waan wear – suppose she cut dung pon d tiefing …smh

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Buenos dias ….yow Met from me se de pictures of this chic doing community service after the hurricane she will eva get a pass from me. To me her good deed trumph har bad…so senda need a new target.

  • GAZA says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Now mi luv badda Chinatown sometime mi naw lie but senda is wat she do u like really talk to we cause she no bury no man from when and she a do har public service so y u blasting her now?

  • This is China or her sister writing………Met and Metters, remember dem dance soon come.

  • dam says:

    Killa pussy strike again omg

  • Jules says:

    Well she does look as though she is going for a jog and I am not too sure about the hairstyle. If di sender did juss left it a fashion critique and nuh bring een di puss and Chanel bag ting mi coulda see wah she a seh. But there is anger and hatred behind her email, dis a nuh juss bout mad fashions.

    China, u does look like u did a sleep, wakeup and memba di dance and jump eena di fuss ting u put u hands pon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Senda yuh sound really hurt like China a hat up yuh head bad!!!! Abaaaay de people dem nuh deh pon yuh side cause the woman free fi dress how she want.

  • Low haar says:

    Maybe if dem did talk bout her double Chin or tough face but haar clothes I don’t see nothing wrong with it… They are just hating & have up the woman smh

  • Yep! says:

    I have worn worse; her outfit is very cute n’ laid back. Sender yuh dutty badmine wretch yuh, the lady just felt like wearing something casual so why was you sweatin her so hard? Sid you pay your money fe guh enjoy dance or fe watch China? It’s bitches like you that keep me on my A game all day…….everyday! China we likes your cute lil couture outfit :thumbup

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Dem terrible eeee!

  • june says:

    Help me please…. any1 know how much it cost to notorize passport/visa at the consulate office in Manhattan

  • JAHkno says:

    Afternoon Miss Met!

    Senda dem sell Chanel a China Town……DO, go dung deh n bring da picho ya n mek dem kno seh u want one jus like she. U sound jealous bad. And I don’t see anything wrong with what she av on it simple n cute.


  • GoodGood says:

    A which station di sender a watch, a which television program, cause mi waan see di “CHANNEL”. Sender yuh need fi change di station from “mixup 102” to “spelling 101” cau yuh dunce nuh f000bat

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about yall, but I like this outfit. She looks cute, but she doesn’t look like she is trying to hard to get a man or anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    she looks ok to me how many kids she have now?

  • Anonymous says:

    she looks ok,how many kids she have now?

  • becky says:

    this clearly sound like someone HATIN ON CHINA! yup ova a CHANEL HANDBAG!


  • Spaceman says:

    The pum buff still naw lie

  • Fyahwife says:

    Straight man to mi ting …….. da camel toe deh :nerd

  • Ryce Cake says:

    I see nothing wrong with what she has on. Not every night calls for a red carpet look, or all of dancehall would be in jail for teffing. Maybe she’s saving the best for her dance. You better come correct , cuz dem ready fi you.

  • Yawning says:

    Sender yuh boring nothing nuh duh China inna di picta same way If she woulda wear skin out outfit same way yuh woulda come chat di gal its 2013 guh look a dictionary & a life!

  • Anonymous says:

    A hope unnuh keep up di wonderful, sweet comments about China. Cause some a unnuh a waggonist ! All me know unnuh meck China can sleep a peaceful sleep tonight!It look like a suh everybaddie affi guh volunteer dung a di soup kitchen, suh dem ratings can guh up pon JMG. A kiss mi a kiss mi teet! I can only remember China as the girl weh put up ar HIV results for the world to see! Kiss mi a kiss mi teet again!

  • strawberry says:

    Mi nuh like har attitude fi a trinie but di outfit nuh look bad unuh nuh si how it a freeze outsde plus farrockaway cold nuh personally wud wear dat to need to hare pon puddin face…lol.mi like di outfit tho it simple an nice.

  • strawberry says:

    I need to hate pon har.

  • Anonymous says:

    you ever see har wid out de make up no sah mi nearly run big and serious bare black spot

  • @11:31pm Yuh wicked bad stop lie, china face white like snow. Mi see her the other day with out make up and sey to mi self wow. China only ware make up guh dance. :thumbup

  • Omg, y’all ppl kill me, the same set a ppl who tear china to pieces at one point, is the same set a big har up now, smh. I don’t think the sender hating on her for no dam bag, and china outfit don’t look cute, so stop it. As soon as one person say oh she look nice, everybody a run in bout she look nice, but mek that same person did say she stay bad ehh, then everybody would a run in and say she stay bad ehh, oh please. China look like she have on a long John and try to dress it up with some heels.

  • kehkemkem says:

    china alright. ah the girl on the left of china, got mi wondering whats that between her legs how bad was it that you had to give it ah bad coverup. that looks nasty.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    So we fi crucify har all when she no do nothing, if China teck unnu man n bury him nobody ova ya no obligated fi fight unnu battles. Step to the chick n done u story is not that a next man fall victim to har so a wah agen ? All unnu will nyam ppl raw GTFOH

  • Met says:

    chuet why u a ansa mad people….we nuh have nothing personal against china so if she dont do anything and dont look no way why should we cuss har? just mek di mad people dem gwaan pleaseeeeeeeeee

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