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Title: Rightful Mate

Message Body:
So Met, this lil fella always a drop on here with one bag a gal, any way yesterday on the avenue me spot him a pick up one girl in a Nurse uniform and when me look good fi see if a him, one big kiss buss in a di ”veetle” Neva spot di face good cause I was on the opposite side of the street. I think is school she coming from cause it wasn’t far fr Allens him pick her up. We all know him love dancehall girl so a wonder is which one decide to go to school, unu roll out and tell me if unu know killa boo nursing assistant in training.

We know sweetnfine tifa is the wife without ring/baby mom of his 4 boys and a (Edited) put that aside who is the first runner up… we know him f++ nuff but one have to come a easy close to #2 who fill the place if the wife cant fulfill her duties.

27 Responses to KILLA BOO AGEN?

  • sexyp says:

    leave the man alone him f0— you and duck you

  • Anonymous says:

    lol… A bayyyyyyyyyyyy lie in a dat post…. Killaboo is NOT going on the avenue….. so if a something u waa fins out better u ask the man or beg a f000 or go stand up round di sound gi him 2 bad wine and u will be flava of the month.. if u any good u might last longer than the month, but u will be the bottom bitch not number 2 of the 20 plus…dwl

    Original Goodas (at work so me naa log in)

  • Anonymous says:

    Since yuh wha know a who senda mek mi tell yuh. His wife is in the Nursing Field she is also in school for RN suh tek dat
    Marnin Shani mi cyaah log in right now luv

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait weh mi comment

  • Anonymous says:

    so wait a nurse me big fren love. den no say pon ya say shan and kaven (the 2 frens him f0000) in nursing school. Rayyyyyyyyyyyy a dont blame him.. A ambitious woman him say to di roaminng cocky…

    Me tunn dj like ispy ova so

    Killa boo u too girlie girlieee, u just a flash it round di worlieeee, him have 1 weh walk naked, 2 weh big and fat, 3 weh a hair dresser and 4 weh a nurse… dwl…..

    Original goodas (at work so me naa log in)

  • Met says:

    goodas u know u nuh heezie :hammer

  • STAR says:

    Boo Boo here again. Bwoy him famous. Did he go to so call pretty karen party mi nuh see nuh picture of him. Just was wondering fi Tifa stop that one. I believe so call pretty karen wear nursing cloths as times but then again many of dancehall pretty dunces love wear allen uniform (waste a $) anywho. On Tifa fb she no stop want go on vacation yyyyyyyy mi nuh see nuh vacation with Tifa Boo & family him just go to Japan so whats up with nuh other country or Jamaica nuh want famous KILLA BOO.

  • Anonymous says:

    STAR u is who and why u waa know if him was in Kaven (not karen) party. No he wasnt there he was in DC working for ur unfo….

    And di man went to Japan to WORK..

    LEF ME FREN AND GO WEHHH.. di lady have her 4 kids to take care of so i dont blame her on bit, y follow back a di man when u know no matter what him naa stop roam

    Original goodas (at work naa log in)

  • baps says:

    Some of you dumb fuks love run in bout ppl want to sleep wid this walking disease all because someone called a spade a spade. Facts are he fuks on his wife with many other women n his shit should be put on blast. Before somebody catch something other than a beat down from tifa n her sisters.

  • sexyp says:


  • Yep! says:

    Is this guy as good on the turn tables as he apparently is good in bed?

  • New Yorker says:

    Killa Boo been f000in on Natifa for years, nothing new…

  • Anonymous says:

    Ummmm why wouldnt he go on the ave?? Ah di ave mek him buss!! Unuh talk sum crap sometimes… P.S. come off Bo dick #sorry ass ppl.

  • ... says:

    Y u so faas??? U lucky one dolla cab neva lick yuh dung out a di ave! damn nah nutten fi do

  • STAR says:

    Sorry [email protected] I’m not boo type nor he mine. My shit not normal and he can’t handle me. Trust me I see him looking and him would never dare. He know I WOULD F his mind before him dick touch this pus. He talk shit with dunce not educated adults that are not part of the dancehall scene. Anywho anonymous if ppl like you don’t put your business on fb and pink wall I would not be able to part take in idiot dunce non progressive entertainment. Thanks sometimes we need this. PS Great job MET ppl need to see and read some of the things on this wall. Hard working ppl see some of these ppl lives on social media AND think their lives boring. When they have nothing.This generation has more hater & badmine ppl in there lives so I got all catch up in their business wanting to know why. Dancehall ppl act like they living the lives of a movie star begging for attention then when ppl see and call out they shit we haters. I see rick grine pic drinking hennessy & champagne partying every night and his girl & baby in a cold house a Far Rockaway baby had pneumonia coughing blood. On fb ppl would think he is the best father, I dead laughing at ppl comments on their pic. Then there is sam gotti washing his foot with champagne and his baby on welfare & a nail tech. There is nothing wrong with welfare or doing some work but when you a fass and make the young youth and ppl in the island think money a dash way here. It don’t look good especially with these kids thinks hard work don’t do nothing again. Anywho with all that said SORRY NOT A GROUPIE FOR BOO BOO

  • Met says:

    :hammer :tkp

  • Original Goodas says:

    so star, mek a ask u something who a more groupie the bloggers, sender, killa boo f000 dem ot u. the topic is about killa boo and u reach gotti and ricky grind. smh…. stick to the topic at hand or send one new one in

  • I are scared

  • Web Dem Feel Like says:


  • Weh Dem Feel Like says:

    Original Goodas Mi whan know if ah same way yuh mon f000 pon yuh an yuh nuh care. Becaw u front an centa ah every Killa Boo show down.

  • Weh Dem Feel Like says:

    Den look how di time ah get cold and pickney ah get sick an dem tings. Mek mi shut up.

  • ... says:


  • Original Goodas says:

    WDFK a fi him cocky, if my man waa f000 a fi him business, naa mek no cockystress me. I comment on what I know and me sure a no boo alone. I went to school with the dude and we all know him is a man whore we could a chaw iron a him dat.
    my thing was why come talk bout di pple dem pickney and calling pple groupie when u know more bout di pple dem than any body else. so who is di groupie

  • MissMention says:

    Bwaay, mi nuh know nutting bout di man like dat, but mi haffi big him up seh him mine him pickney dem and nuh stop big up him ooman…if him a fukk pan di side a suh, but mi rate him fi how him tek care a him pickney dem….and YES, him bad pan him DJ ting….

  • strawberry says:

    Leave ppl bizzniz bag a fu9999 unuh a chat bout..while unuh man a f000 dung di place.kmft.

  • Mi kno ah who says:

    Ah big p000 Shantoya weh love walk and duh har undercover f00 shi wi f000 anything in sight fi money an shi claim she ah goodas shi dash weh belly in ah last year fi 1 boy weh call him self DJ steel the 1 weh the fat gal weh name Chrissy goodas married to then mi hear seh it was killa boo that mean seh shi did ah f000 the 2 ah dem an nuh kno who shi breed fah only if the Likkle ras boy kno har background now tru shi get smaddy weh nuh kno har file shi think shi goody goody only fi he knew eeh Shan dwbcl stop wear DI cheap Conway clothes dem it doh look good mi gal mi nuh seh yuh Cyah cheap & clean but urs jus plain tacky man……….

  • realbitch says:

    Kaven is a stylist hater leave r cause with r without killaboo the party did nice wi care zero cause mi friend Is a manis no bwoy no worry har she happy no always smiling as

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