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The tristate along with Philly dancehall folks would love to know what happen to the “sisterly” bond between Rose and Bernice. I was at Sexy shauna Dance on Saturday and you could see the tension between both of them. Bernice a par wid har new crew and Rose looking like a lonely scared dog in the party. I am still shocked that they fell out this bad, because the last time they were at it they made up. I wonda if Rose forsake Bernice in her time of Apt needs. Or could it be ova a man or gal. Dwl.. Bernice always acted like Rose mother so now when you see Rose she look lost when she suppose to be enjoying herself. It even seems like she was hiding from Bernice for a minute because she haven’t been out in ova 4 plus months when she was a every week regula.. I pray that it is not labba mouth dinky come between di gal dem because she was bff with the two and now every boddie a stay to themselves. Rose she s he turn ova har life to God and mi still a stutta, cause never in my wildest dream see that coming from her especially soo soon. Bobby please tekk back Rose ya..

Story # 2

Next thing is Sexy Shauna you cah get no baddie man fi barrow so you a put up pic pan Fb with you earnings from the dance fi di lickky lickky man dem see it and come look you. Lol. Di teef dem a run wild a philly that was a dumb move, dem might juss fukk you and rob you at the same time. Like who does that Shauana??. Next thing , you and you fren dem a bruuk out and clean di dance floor like unuh a look man da night deh, unuh cah wine and unuh stiff. Kelly mafia, mi cah believe fi a married woman you come out ina Rihanna red hair and a skin out your pussy ina a dance soo.. mi know Owen really leff you now, cause you really did a gwann like you in heat in a di dance. Shame on unuh crew fi some big woman unuh disgusting…

15 Responses to FILLYFIED

  • Owen mi love the f000 you give me

  • Anonymous says:

    @ 9:09 disrespectful

    Sender , how u say picture post on fb and u send story to JMG without pictures?

  • Owen Mistress says:

    Owen don’t wan kelly . She knows that.

  • Met says:

    top of the morning :)

  • LMAO says:

    who f000ing cares, in better news they found Nailla Robinson this morning! rejoice!

  • simplicity says:

    Nd u seem to knw that too :D

  • fashiondoll says:

    Its always bunning in Philly :coffee: :table:

  • Belly Bang says:

    Philly ah loose its touch now. Di glim & glammer of the dance hall fraternity naw show pon Philly like one time.

  • Bubbles says:

    i agree with lmao. I have one question y unnuh deh pon kelly and owen if unnuh get a f000 from di gal husband keep it to unnuh self unnuh a some brite matey. if owen nuh waan kelly y him still with har??? unuh seem fi know what owen want even more than owen smhhhh

  • 215karma says:

    literally lol right now

    but ah hope smaddy run een wid di Rose/Bernice story

    Bernice fi lose back some weight, her face a get too fat now even tho she still pretty

  • HAITIAN says:


  • Owen Mistress says:

    Bernice is a chickenhead

  • Jamerican Gal says:

    First & foremost, big up the Sexiest Shauna there is. Ur party did maaaaaaaaaaaad. All you haters trying to talk shit, middle figers to you all and a big f000 YOU’S! It was di girl party! Weh unuh did want her to cum in there an stand up stiff?? If she did want fi bruk out and act like a dutty stinking whore, she was ALLOWED to! It was HER day! I saw it as her and her friends having fun. Unu act like she did goh sing pan church choir Sundeh marnin. I bet u a wah fat big bell ugly gal sen in this BS? Smh. Go look sumn do an leave the people dem. And please stop call up Kelly name. because mi wah kno how Owen don’t want her yet they’re still together and have young baby.. You’re so DUMB! Please deport yourself and stop hating. Bitch! As for Bernice, you always act like you’re so big & bad. A choo u nuh buk di right gal yet fi gi u a proppa assing! it cumeen like da metal plate deh weh Donavan did put ina ur head need fi set right! SMFH. Go sit ur nuff ass down & go sourt out ur living arrangements. So damn hype and loud and ur a f000in bumb bitch! Rose, i don’t know u but that’s a god look for u. U could use some NEW friends. Thank you!!!! good evening Metty. Lol

  • Anonymous says:

    So u never hear of living tog for fin purposes u idiot gal. Owen is tired of kelly , only a duty bitch would tink so foolish.

  • whothef000reallycares!! says:

    Met mi love ur site for real first and foremost!! But who the f000 really cares about who owen f000ing and who skin out at parties! All yall running people story need to look a life so u can have a story to run in and hopefully a “Positive” one! Im quite sure all yall life look the same! Man cheat on ya and dancing at parties! We all go through it!! So with that said be hype to run in ur job credentials and what name brand u bought for your kids and what college degree u got!! If u cant say that GO GET A f000ING LIFE!! P.s. i love bernice tights she just didn’t have the right pieces to go with them! Lol

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