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Lets welcome back Dancehall artiste Frisco Kid who became popular in the 90ties for his songs ‘Gal Pan Di Side Juk Di Best” and ‘Rubbaz”. His new song ”Gal World”is one of many he will release this year, reclaiming his place again in Dancehall history

21 Responses to NEW FRISCO KID

  • Anonymous says:

    Long time Ancient Monarchy fi forward….

    …Simon says? Simon caaaan say nutten to me…

  • Jules says:

    Mi did always tink a Spragga did ‘Gal pon di side’. I wish him well on his reentry into the biz.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Always liked Frisco Kid. The 90’s were the best times for dancehall music.

  • Cc says:

    Welcome back mi artis

  • i&i says:

    Gal pon de side was my song.. I had a little mommy on Beekman and Flatbush that had me weeak no f000.. Those were the days.. I swear every time i hear that song i think of her.. S/O to Frisco Kid..

  • Greetings Met & All

    Taken from Jamaica Gleaner Friday | April 27, 2001

    DJ FRISCO Kid has taken an appendage to his name. He now likes to be referred to as Frisco Kid, a.k.a Ancient Monarchy.

    “It’s not a name change. It’s just an advancement to another place, another level. Ancient Monarchy means that I uphold and represent all the things that the great Africans and Jamaicans established and lived by. I want to be the embodiment of all things righteous, spiritual and decent,” he said.

    Not with this song.

    Bout he’s singing bout ‘dem nuh know how fi cheat inna gal world??’

    Where is the growth??

  • Jules says:

    Suh soljie him a chat from both side a him mout. Why him guh present himself as uplifting and a come wid dem kind a song yah..cho..false stawt

  • Anonymous says:

    Nuh badda come try style Ancient Monarchy roun here….di man done say weh him say inna di song…..yu a gwaan like yu kno say di wholla yu Rasta breddrin dem have nuff gyal….an a cheat dem a “cheat”……a jus suh di ting set…a nuh me say suh.,….

    Maybe “cheat” a nuh di proper/best word…..but stop try style di man…..

  • Anonymous says:

    “I uphold and represent all the things that the great Africans and Jamaicans established and lived by”

    As far as I kno……all great Africans and Jamaicans men (and some women) live by having more than one woman….all a dem “cheat”…..

  • shelly says:

    his name is frisco kid it will always be frisco kid so stop spreading rumors on the DJ , yes he go by ancient monarchy too but his name is frisco

  • Its all good says:

    Song tun up..

  • Jules says:

    Frisco kid post a get

    Met, a weh ur ppl dem come fram mumma? Ur ppl dem a sample

  • Met says:


  • Big up mi artiste and former classmate Frisco Kid!!

  • pretty says:

    hold on “tump and delete “…ok now welcome back sir wishing u well on ur endeavours but no aduse thank u

  • says:

    whatever happen to his case with the school girl who is involved with?

  • we nuh pet ppl says:

    Ah hear yuh Travis, lol.

  • LadyWoW says:

    mi actually like dis song . it a gwan

  • sett gud says:

    mi hab a ting fi im from long tyme, bac inna de dats, one nite mi go club wey im proform im pic a chick outta the crowd n tell har see dung yasso an no move, cuz yu a fi mi tonite madddd

  • da song yah weak Frisco, n mi use to like u song dem back in da days

  • Heckle and Jeckle says:

    Big up Frisko, you a good yute. I wish you all the best. Yuh neva gane nuh wey, u jus took a break……Da song yah tun up!!!! Mi love yuh song dem especially”doggy style and my favorite likkle n di cute”

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