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I love seeing men submissive

I know this is probably not a “normal” female fetish, but I love seeing men play a submissive role in the bedroom. It’s not that I want a “feminine” guy, it’s really a turn on to see the role reversal of a masculine guy dominated by a woman and letting her take control. A guy on all fours or with his legs spread, or in some other kind of “vulnerable” position is just the hottest thing in the world to me. Especially love when a guy lets me play with his “forbidden” hole. Wish more guys were open to the idea.

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  • Anonymous says:


  • Met says:

    thats the same thing i said :hammer

  • Enter your name.... says:


  • Gwey wid dat shit.yuh waan somebody shit inna yuh mouth..bout play wid “forbidden hole”

  • Fire Brand says:

    When mi a work, no batty play can’t involve, neither mine nor the woman own. Any woman who into anything like that haffi keep it moving. The submissive part…..hmm…..depends on the extent of it.

  • Ehhh Emmmm…***clears throat***. Good night skoolaz. Mi nuh mind the dominant woman every now and again. Nuh badda with mi battyhole doe, Leave it alone. Other things are there for you to have fun with…DWRCLLLLL.
    SENDERRRRRRRRR, yu freak tann up inna yu dis Sundeh ‘ere.

  • Met says:


  • fabulous69 says:

    Anit nothing fun about a mans asssss!!!ewwwww!!!!!

  • Met….yu know seh mi feel seh yu sekon is a dominant woman. Mi feel seh she tek 10:30 tings from him very regular.

  • My favorite and only submissive role is when my guy lets me shub his head in between my legs/ pumpum and I keep shubbing while humping his mouth; when he tries to come up for air, I just say ” baby stop yuh talking and finish nyaam mi” and I just shub and lock mi legs round his head until I scream out ” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m coming baby”. Also, I’m not admitting to being a freak or nutten like that ( :siul )….. But I love to watch my guy masterbate on himself and sqeeet all over his hands….although I did paddle whip my ex one time during intercourse and had him screaming like a bitch. I must say, it was quite enticing

  • Met says:


  • Not you mi talking Met….yu seckon….unless you have a Mr. 10:30 as well.

  • Met says:

    oh ok mi neva a read well…………………………….a who dat ? :nerd

  • Come awn Met….dat simple mayne.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    ah wah gwan in yah tonight??? :malu2

    *sings* the freaks come out at night! The freaks come out at niiiiggghtt! lol

  • Met says:

    only one 10’30 mi know bout yere :nerd

  • Mi nuh tink Brightlight aguh comment pon dis one. Brighty seh she likes to be dominated. Mi nuh figet dat Brightlight…mmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Not in my cabinet ah rawtid!!! Mi nuh waan nutten fi do wid mi man battyhole! Di ongle ting mi waan fi know bout it is dat shyt come out deh, an wen dat happen, dat is between him an di tilit or him an him breef/undapants.

    Yeah mi luv fi ride out him daylight an mek him scream like a bytch an in di case ah mi ex, him cudden touch mi when mi ah dweet. Mi nuh need him fi b any more submissive dan dat

    Nighty Night Met and Metters

  • Met says:

    willie ___________________________________________________ quiet stormmm :peluk

  • 241 says:

    one a the reason jamaican men have more that one woman the jamaican women them favorite thing to say is mi na do that what you all need to learn is if you dont do it there another women out there is willing to do it. notting wrong with experimenting in the bedroom.

  • Met says:

    pram pram :hammer perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

  • Yep! says:


  • Quiet Storm says:

    Hey Met, How u doing?

  • Met says:

    mi good mi good mi good :ngakak

  • Quiet Storm says:

    An all when yuh swing pon di chandelier like monkey, if yuh man decide fi gi yuh bun,,,,,yuh GWINE getti!!!

  • Yep! says:

    I’ve never been with a guy whose requested any type of fondling of his booty hole.

  • Mama says:

    Honestly wen mi start read mi think the sender did ago seh dem love when man submissive. In terms of dem love when dem deh pon top and dem a ride or when the man hands tied up and ya give him head or something along that line. But not the batty thing and the spread legs thing

  • Yep! says:

    But Met dem man ya naah guh admit to nutten suh freaky

  • Mattaznot says:

    none a dat fi me. outside of the bedroom im tough, hard as nail dont tek no shit from no bwoy so when it come to mi f000 mi love when mi man tek charge and bad up the ting. mi love when mi man pin mi to the wall and fuk mi hard all when mi a beg him fi stop him jus a send cocky.
    i love a manly man.
    now mi gone get some f000 im so turned on right now.
    nothing anal round here.

  • Met says:

    yep if any man come to mi wid dat di way mi run dem wudda cancel di olympics

  • Yep! says:


  • Anonymous says:

    @241 so Jamaican women not into expertmenting with dem ass so dem man gi dem bun, how yuh explain why man in other countries gi dem oman bun (sometimes with Jamaican women) all when dem ass deep like well

  • Jules says:

    Well mi sista used to wuck a one sex shop and shi seh nuff couples come een and ask fi strap-on suh di ooman coulda penetrate di man. Di shop was in a predominantly Korean district. Mi did kina shocked fi hear dat, but a guess dere is a certian segment a man wah like dem tings deh.

    Fi mi policy is once nuh children, animals, dead smaddy, or nuhbaddy nah forced gense dem will fi do anyting, do whatever di hellz u desire. Mi can dominate if a dat di man want yes. Mi will bax, spank, bite and pull hair. Call him bitch and stuff mi dutty draws inna him mout if a dat him want, but mi nuh hab di tolerance fi dominate every go, it would be a once in a while ting dat, cause dat frame a mind nah guh hit mi too often.

  • Met says:


  • Freaky gal says:

    Yup. No hole stuff tho. I want to blindfold and handcuff him—so not gonna happen. Yes, they need to ease up.

  • toni ann says:

    nite met and metters

    this a really joke, mi dont even wah associate man wid any form of hole an less a p*ssy.

    fi my hand touch a man ass hole or any ass hole of that matta is beyond this world, senda a try pull wi leg fi si weh wi meds at.

  • MURASAKI says:

    Ive been dying to tie up ah man an give him some dutty rassss link, not my bf, fraid fi ask….

  • Anonymous says:

    My finger up a man’s hairy assole….. never!, I dont think I would like the dsm thing either.
    Oh dear soon sign in.

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