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How could anyone kill this baby?
Father still in shock, residents blame police for infant’s gruesome death
BY RENAE DIXON Sunday Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Sunday, January 13, 2013

THE father of an 11-month-old boy and common-law husband of the child’s mother, who is said to be mentally ill and who reportedly confessed to killing the child early last Thursday morning, is still in a state of shock.
Lynval Mattison still cannot understand why Michelle Stewart, 40, also called Ver, allegedly killed their son — Lyndon ‘Jerry’ Mattison — just days ahead of his first birthday, which would have been celebrated this Tuesday.
Baby Lyndon ‘Jerry’ Mattison a few months before he was killed last Thursday.

Michelle Stewart and Lynval Mattison took this photo when she was eight months pregnant
“Mi can’t eat nothing. Is like every time mi try to eat, a big lump in mi throat,” Mattison, who works with Jamaica Producers Group, told the Jamaica Observer on Friday.
“Mi love the baby bad, bad,” he added in obvious distress.
On Thursday morning, Mattison got up and made cornmeal porridge for baby Lyndon and prepared breakfast for his child’s mother before leaving for work.
Nothing prepared him for the horrific news he got later that morning via phone: their infant son had been chopped to death at their Fort George Road home, and the woman he lived with had confessed to the infanticide after turning herself in to the Annotto Bay police.
A very emotional Mattison said he has been in a relationship with Stewart for nine years and that he loved her and supported her all the way. “Mi stick to her, make sure she have everything, make sure she take her medication,” he said, referring to her prescription pills for an undisclosed mental condition.
Mattison said he made sure that Stewart always took her medication, so he just cannot figure out what happened to prompt such a violent act that fateful Thursday morning. He said that when he left home for work, there were no signs that anything was wrong with her.
According to the woman’s common-law husband, Stewart had never hurt the child in any way before.
Mattison said that although Stewart has had a mental condition for years, it was during her pregnancy that he started to realise how serious it was. However, despite her erratic behaviour, he said he continued to support and take care of her.
Mattison said he grew very close to his son and became the designated caregiver shortly after his birth, because the child’s mother had to remain in hospital for some time after delivery.
He described coming home from work in the evenings to be met on the veranda by his gurgling baby boy.
“As him hear the gate open, him push di door open and deh pon ‘da, da, da’,” a teary-eyed Mattison recalled.
“Mi can’t stay here. Mi can’t deal wid it,” he said as he explained that the memories associated with the home will make it hard for him to continue to live there after the tragedy.
Although Mattison said he knows Stewart would not have hurt, or killed the baby, or any other child if she was in her right state of mind, he couldn’t imagine being able to continue a relationship with her.
“Mi scared fi live with her again,” he said, frankly, and explained that he had slept in the same bed with Stewart nightly but would not feel comfortable sleeping with her again.
“Mi love her, but mi get scared,” Mattison said.
The grieving father said that when he visited her at the police station on Thursday and asked her what happened, she told him the baby was dead and that she had killed him.
He added that when he asked her why, she just kept shaking her head without offering an answer.
Stewart reportedly partially severed her baby’s head from its body and inflicted several chop wounds on the child about 6:30 am last Thursday. Afterwards, she walked into the Annotto Bay Police Station to confess.
Stewart, who is a vendor, has two other children from another relationship. They did not live with her and Mattison.
Her stepmother Levanie Carter, who raised her, said Stewart started having mental problems years ago after she gave birth to a set of twins who died soon after.
Carter believes that Stewart must have missed her date to go and get her medication, as it is only when she is not on her medication that she behaves “outrageous”.
While the family tries to cope with the tragic incident, residents of the community have expressed anger at the police for not intervening in a potentially volatile situation.
They claim that the woman had visited the Annotto Bay Police Station on Wednesday asking that they take the child from her.
The police, they said, took the woman to hospital but no one who spoke with the Sunday Observer seemed clear on why she was later allowed to go home with the child.
“Is not the woman dem fi investigate, is the police,” one resident told the Sunday Observer.
“She wouldn’t kill her baby if she did have sense; she wouldn’t even kill somebody else baby if she did have sense,” the man said, explaining that the police should have taken the baby from Stewart when she went to them on Wednesday.
“She go down a station fi go tell dem fi tek the baby from her, and dem still mek she leave wid him,” the very upset resident stated.
When the Sunday Observer sought to confirm that Stewart had indeed gone to the police on Wednesday, a cop at the Annotto Bay station directed the newspaper to the Port Maria Police Station. But a call to Port Maria resulted in a cop there redirecting the Sunday Observer to the Annotto Bay Police Station.
Mattison said that after the death of his son, he, too, had heard that Stewart had gone to the police on Wednesday. However, the police had not said anything to him about this alleged visit.
He said that the police knew Stewart because he had taken her picture to them after she went missing from home for an extended period last year. He also said that the cops should have informed him if she had gone to them prior to the death of their son.

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22 Responses to SAD BEYOND WORDS

  • Real says:


  • KAY says:

    This is really sad beyond belief I really feel his pain just by reading this I hope God can give him closure cuz it hard to see he stuck by her knowing she had a problem and took his sons life knowing how much he loved them both RIP to the baby

  • MzBee says:

    dem say from she lose the twins she start act out.. mi feel sorry fi everyone involved..she look mental fi real smh

  • Belly Bang says:

    Lynval tried his best, as suggested by the report. But good intentions and valiant efforts must be accompanied by:-
    ~ close supervision by mental health professionals with periodic reviews and assessments
    ~ sticking to the schedule for the taking of medications

    Cant blame Lynval, as some were doing when this news broke in here. He didnt appreciate the degree of Michelle’s illness and he was doing the best he could.

    So again, I go back to my thoughts a few days ago. Here is a young mother with mental health issues who was on the radar of at least 2 agencies of the State, what was done by them, given the woman’s state and the real possibility of exposure of the child to harm. Counseling, monitoring, supervision etc etc , what were the efforts??? These things are not far fetched!!

    People, mental health issues are real.

  • KAY says:

    Mz Bee I was saying the same thing to myself this lady really looks mental I just feel it for both of them but especially the man he really tried sigh now what kinda punishment can they really give her bcuz from looking at her alone I can see she is not stable to handle herself much less an 11 month old

  • LUNDUN says:

    real why u tink diss ave anyting fi do wid abuse?

    nowhere did it mention anything about bad living between the man and the woman.

    it is not far fetched that she went off the rails after losing her twins, dat must have been real painful especially if she was really excited about bringing them into the world.

    it was also stated that a major difference was noted in her behaviour after she became pregnant, i wonder if she was suffering from post partum depression after the baby’s birth.

    this is so sad, when non violent ppl, suddenly lash out wickedly against their loved ones, eg that girl in canada. i also hope paris deals with her pain and hurt cuz ppl are snapping left , right, and centre these days because of unresolved or untreated problems.

  • Met says:

    Jamaica has pulled the veil over mental illness too long

  • LUNDUN says:

    met a same so mi go pon yahoo uk an si dem seh “british girl killed in jamaica”.

    sumweh dung a duncans trelawny man go inna cafe and start argue wid a nex man an shot up di place. di likkle girl get shot twice, once inna har head an sumwhere else mi cyaah memba.

    she ave sickle cell an she an di cold wedda no gree so har madda mek she go jamaica twice a year an she attends school when she go.

    it was really said, but di comments weh di ppl dem leff mek mi blood a boil, like ppl or pickney no get shot a england or america too. like a jamaica alone dem tings yah happen.

  • toni ann says:

    afternoon met, afternoon metters.

    it look like jamaican ppl (majority) dont believe ina mental illness because mi si ppl that is clearly mad acting out and ppl still wanna hit dem an a seh “him/she nuh mad, a one r***se lick she/him want” “a suh dem gwaan when dem nuh wah duh dis and dat.” not even just jamaican but nuff black ppl, my friend aunt commit suicide by cutting her own throat because her family didnt take her mental illness seriously.

    bwoy! did you red the same story? because if you did, how did you get the man is a abuser and a bad husband out of this?

    the police
    i blame the police as well, now that i know they know the lady and the man, its even further proof dem(po po) didnt care, from she went there they shouldve take the child and call the father or child service, but i guessed its too hard caring for your own ppl

  • toni ann says:

    i feel sorry for the baby, i hope the child didnt suffer, this bring tears to my eyes.
    i feel sorry for lynval because clearly he love this woman and he loved his son

    i feel sorry for michelle because you can see something is wrong with her, she knew something is wrong with her, if she didnt, she wouldnt of tried giving the child to the police, obviously she knew if she kept the child she was going to do something to the child that’s why she tried giving the child to the police, blood is on the police hands.

  • Real says:

    I did not state at any point that her current husband/boyfriend abused her. I stated that she had mental problems MAYBE resulting from years of abuse. I made my statement due to her body language. The lady looked afraid and nervous to me.

  • england says:

    @ Lundun…mi vex bout how the news a hype up the jamiacan ting to….lawd god man…it sad already..but its like them a bring down wi country big time…hear them nuh ” No one has been arrested in connection with the killing”so them a try fi interevene fi get smaddy fi get arrested asap…listen out fi David Cameron statement pon dah one yah Lundun…

    look how much pple gawn missing and dead ova yah not to mention british pple who a go missing and killed inna other country…

    u nuh see how them hike up plane mek less pple intrested fi visit Jamaica…but pple a throw dem partner fi afford the £1000+ weh dem a charge fi ticket…wah boycott wi ting..

    A bet them go get usain fi comment pon the killingcos a d same parish him come from too…

  • Kammiecae says:

    MET would you believe when the story broke, I refused to read it because I thought it was too heart wrenching to read until I found out that it was the baby of a man who was from my community. when i was a child he was with my cousin Shernette and one day MET he locked her in the house and beat her bad, and have Machete at har neck seh him a go cut if off, I dont know how she get away but she got out but she did only in her panty and she ran thru the bushes and came down to our yard and locked herself in my moms’ room and Lynvale came down there and started using the broom on the verandah a try force the door open to get in, I had to run to the neighbors and beg them call my mom who sent the police and LOOK here now him woman Limb up him own pickney. I feel it for him you see MET bcz from the article it seemed as if he was really trying despite knowing her condition, I hope it does affect him badly though but all I can think about is how a same so he could have chop up Shernette back in the day. From that day Shernette left the community and moved to kingston I have never seen her again and Lynvale dated another woman in the community for a while, I dont even know when he moved to St. Mary. Life a tell you. May the poor baby soul RIP, May the Lord Grant him Comfort and may the mother also find freedom in herself, bcz she is mentally sick and probably have no control over herself its just a bad situation. May the Lord bless them all.

  • Met says:

    its too sad but people should stop trying to coverup mental illness and get it treated

  • LUNDUN says:

    @england it grieve mi spirit cuz it is a sad situation. is like di british dem love highlight when tings go wrong in other countries when british citizens involved an talk all kinda shit.

    but when tourist cum yah an get killed, u hear a it pon news but di ppl dem naah seh how dangerous britain is, but quick fi point out odda country crime problems.

  • @ Kammiecae, I wonder if him used 2 beat or verbally abuse this lady despite her mental illness?

  • kay kay says:

    Mental illness in Jamaica is ignored. We have lots of sick mentally ill people walking around here. Keep in mind those boys walking around murdering and raping people are mentally ill too . WE have some serious problems


    @Met, the stigma of mental illness is the reason why many go untreated and commit horrific acts. Jamaica as a society need fi overcome the stigma attached and treat the mentally ill juss the same way we tx people wid medical issues…if u sick u sick, weda mental or not and one should not feel ashamed fi ask fi help. This sad beyond werdz…

  • Luv Chat says:

    Were they both mentally ill? Call me insensitive but I don’t think people with mental illness should be allowed to raise a family.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    The article clearly states that the police took the woman to the hospital…so from de so what else onu expect from them? The police did their duty and took her to the hospital where she could be better assessed because mental and medical isn’t their area of expertise.

    Kammacaie…thanks fi de background pon de man. If he was capable of doing your cousin like that he’s more than capable of being just as aggressive, and controlling to this woman who wasn’t of sound mind. Some man love women who are weak in some capacity. If she has mental issues and didn’t have her other two birth children with her why bother to ball n chain her with a baby at age 40? Me tek comfort in blaming the man because him ‘sane’ and should a know better than fi breed de woman…along wid de psychotic meds she should have been on birth control and him as well.

  • kammiecae says:

    Bwoy EYN 4:31pm I dont know you nuh, cause as I said didnt even realize he wasnt living in Norwich anymore, but I know he was a ignorant brother so anything possible, but I really hope he wasn’t. All I can say is I really feel bad for him to loose his child like that.

  • MURASAKI says:

    You have so many men in Jamaica whey love draw fi knife and cutlass pon dem woman. But they are never held in custody for it. Even if the women escaped, the men should be locked up for the attempt. Lots of emmotionally wounded ppl walking around in JA.

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