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33 Responses to SOPHIA & WALLIE PAWTIE

  • Met says:

    Mercedes u dress propa fi dis event :hammer

  • Met says:

    mi tek it back mercedes :tkp

  • Met says:

    so wait tashamay do har battey fi true____________________________________________________________________

  • Met says:

    so a flippa and tashamay go a di dance u know sumting :hammer

  • No Joke says:

    Met ….who is that lady in the sheet set pants suit??

  • Met says:

    no joke a doe know oo which part a di video she ina?

  • Met says:

    2grannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn what a way u edit dung di video an tek out di res hee…

  • Met says:

    and cut out tashamay part u know mi a ded wid laugh ______________________________________________________

  • england says:

    Met Mercedes shoes have too much tissle fi the outfit.. look pon it again 1:28 …but mi haffi give it to her she come a long way..mi nah lie…she loose weight and her look good to..

  • Lipstick says:

    met, flippa mussi pay 2 gran fi edit di video, dem nah fool mi, a di two a dem go a party an lef, tashamay fraid a di boy she deh wid

  • Lipstick says:

    mercedes did look good from head to ankle, only di shoes nuh go wid di outfit, pinky fabulous look very nice she can dress good now :maho

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Nite Met an Metters,
    Met mi doe get it….Wat is it wid dem peeple ere whey ah goh dance widdhowt brazierre an ah wear di see-chu top dem? And no mi naw hate pon dem becaw fimi titti dem heng dung an nayli touch mi henkle,,,,, but mi feel uncomfortable every time mi si di video man zoom een pan one ah dem. But if sick nuh care why shud dakta….guess dem waan show off dem assets. idk

  • england says:

    @lipstick suh mi seh to mecedes wear the wrong shoes…. her hair come a long way…look like she start read the wall and tek note… seems like she and fowl really tight…if them so tight wah mek she nuh move back to jamaica.

    2:16…y dah gal yah haffi wear the black draws unda this white outfit.nuh look right…look how she a gwan like she nuh love the attention…

  • england says:

    Met..what is the name of this party mi wah go look fi the photos them pon fimi yaard…or nickfotoworks…i would be soooo grateful if smaddy post the link….thanks..

    4:05am..mi gawn bed…Nite all

  • Met says:

    lippy u nuh si mi tek it back..when mi si di shoes mi nearly ketch hayguh

  • ... says:

    smh the 2 country bumpkin couple a kill mi!!

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    Party full of vibes..The New York people need to come better! Charlene look bad and cheap
    Mercedes look pretty but the shoes was the wrong black shoe

  • pretty says:

    hi nicky hype !

  • goodso says:

    Flippa mussi have bout a million a dem lv shirt deh….dem sell odda types ..him caan change it up….watch de one bill gates a chub een fe him self…lol

  • MURASAKI says:

    Mi like Mercedes, hair make up and body suit,…the fringe shoes is a no no.

  • Talia says:

    What’s the name of the tune at 1hr 34m mark?

  • LOL says:

    can someone please point out tashamay for me in the video?

  • Met says:


  • LOL says:

    the girl with the brownish hair in the black dress at flippa table?

  • Met says:

    tashamay ina full white

  • LOL says:

    oh k thanks

  • Tashamay is wearing the white half solid/ half lace body suit with the holes in the butt part lol). At one point, she is seen with Keiva (ugly purple floral dress and blonde curly hair) and Mumzel (black dress with see thru top, tits outta door).

    Met a right yahso pon JMG mi know dem ppl yah from LOL.

  • Yep! says:

    The 2 country bunkan Neva si come si couple was annoying as hell fe [email protected]…….

  • Why 2Gran keep showing the guy (in the white outfit and hat) with the bowlegs foot LOL?

  • england says:

    1:16:33- Girl inna the white top with centre hair parting…smaddy pintch mi and a seh she have one a dem top man deh inna the dance and cah pose up with him. cos a pple man..New York she come drom and her family all them know is the fast life and brands…her madda propa train she and her sister…dem cah deh wid any and any man…him haffi a mek money…met u did have a story pon her already…cah memba what it was about…plz get the info pon this…

  • england says:

    43:30- Met yuh did have a story pon dah girl yah..cah memba what it is…- her mother train them fi live inna the fast life…and dem always draw fi man wid money…. Met she deh wid one a dem top man deh weh she cah pose up wid cos them woman deh a the dance.. yuh haffi pull up her file…she fly down from NY and mi notice she deh every top dance…

    met…it look like mi work too hard coz mi nuh have no party like them..really wish mi coulda party hard and cares not…but mi affi find mi bread miself..and mi nuh have no man suh…mi a gawn humble and wait til GOD bless mi…

  • eyez says:

    Morning Met…Thanks for the video…

  • Nom de plume says:

    kmt 2grand video dem always look like is a antique camera him a use. pussyole a time yuh buy a proper camera. di gal dem fi sue yuh anytime yuh video fi defamation of beauty. #annoying.

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