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Greetings Met & Blessings to you & yours for 2013!!!

Just saw a friend share this status from Shebada’s Facebook Page and thought that it would, no doubt, make exciting & highly entertaining fodder for discussion among the Metters:


How do I stop him from this act?

Am ………., 24 years old & am a student at ……….. University, I stay with my boyfriend who is also a campuser. Every morning my boyfriend wants me to drink his morning pee/urine. This started way back in my 1st year wen we decided to get freaky, he suggested to pee in my mouth of which I agreed and since then he has made it a daily routine. Every morning he wakes up and tells me he has to pee in my mouth, I get on my knees, open my mouth real wide and wait for him to fill it with his hot morning pee and after he’s done peeing in my mouth, i suck his dick until he cums in my mouth. This is how i start my mornings. He’s now used to it and whenever I refuse, he beats me up so bad. I really love him so much and I don’t want to hurt him. I’m now scared of drinking his pee because some Kenyan friend of mine told me pee/urine contains a harmful substance, please is it true? And if yes, how do I stop my boyfriend from this act witho ut him beating me up? He enjoys it and so am just confused……Please help!! Ds

This is the link:

42 Responses to AINT THIS SICK?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    As unbelievable as it may be, there r more serious problems with this relationship than the pee-ing in the mouth scenario. He beats her badly, but she doesn’t want to ‘hurt’ him. Despite the fact that it’s well known that urine carries every germ/virus/bacterium in a human body, & a friend pointed that out to her, she’s still putting herself at risk because she ‘loves him so much’. So in essence, she would risk her life for some1 who sees her as nothing but a toilet, debases her in more ways than 1, & clearly DOES NOT love her. Smh

    We cyaah help har. Shi need fi prepare fi di shitting.

  • Oh Dear says:

    I read this last night on his page. The question me waan ask is this, how or why did she insight such an act in the first place?, Nuh man caan piss inna my mouth, after mi nuh urinal, she cause it pon herself cause she entertain the slackness from d beginning. Obviously she is not disgusted enough to really want to leave him, how abt going to the police and reporting his ass for abuse, even the beating aspect of it, she crazy!

  • Ms.B says:

    That’s some serious BDMS ! Didn’t even know ppl drink pee I thought golden shower was just getting peed on no Sah ! That’s sme extreme tings

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s too early. I’m not equipped to deal this right now. I’ll be back.

  • Ms.B says:

    Is true Cindy it carry all type of contaminants – poisons and crap like that

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s too early. I’m not equipped to deal with this right now. I’ll be back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol! Morning piss a nuff piss unno! Oh bwoy, when u think u have seen it all, something new pap up!

  • Anonymous says:

    everything these ppl see on tv/video they wanna experiment…………ppl what happen to the good old saying “dont mek u mind led u astray” unnu too f#cking curious now this is where unnu end up………….Yuckkkkkkkkk

    anyways just leave him n file a police report…..thats not only nasty but is also dangerous for ur health.

  • LUNDUN says:

    freakiness to di extreme level

    diss gal very fool, so mi would be wasting my time giving advise to she.

    she well start it so why back out now, i hope him shit pon har next


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Ahhhh sahhh mawning everyone u know say mi no believe cause nothing caaa go so is attention this person seeking, but Cindy is right she need to prepare for the shitting fi real kmt mad bomboclaaaaaaat ppl cho

  • Brightlight says:

    Cindy u baaaaad eeeeeeeeeeh!!?? DWRCL!

    I agree, she can’t be helped and should prepare to eat his shit soon.

  • DivaNista says:

    Mi did see this and wonder where did we make that wrong turn as a nation and culture….as women as mothers? Sigh

  • Riches says:

    dis dnt even worthy a comment, dis yah cyah real, mi sarry mi read it suh early kmt

  • kgn13 says:

    bless up pinkas.happy 13 to each and every one.its being a while since me deh fe this chimney ting a one word me would a like fe ask her,why u a meck u parents spend money pon u fe higher learning.isint the collage/university ones suppose to be the smart ones.

  • Mama says:

    as eve the rapper seh ” love is blind and it will take over your mind, what you think is love is surely not, you need to elevate and find”

    Ps: how yuh fi love a man more than yuh love yuh self!!

  • Met says:


  • NUFFY says:

    She pass careless….Years of pissing in your mouth and a now you wah stop cause Kenyan friends tell you harmful substance inna piss? all you yeye him shoulda piss inna damn eediat!……One, he whoops dat ass, and the only thing you can think of is you nuh wah hurt him–WORLD TO SENDER-HE IS HURTING YOU!!…. Dos- iF YOU WANT IT TO STOP, ME SURE YOU CAN STOP IT WHENEVER YOU WANT, BUT YOU SO OBSESSED WITH HIM, YOU PUT HIM AS A PRIORITY OVER YOURSELF!…

  • LUNDUN says:

    kgn 13, diss idiot a go university, an man ask har fi piss inna har mouth, an u a tell mi she no go google piss b4 she seh yes!!!

    anyways, a nuff idiot full up di uni dem dese days so mi can’t even seh nuttin.

  • kgn13 says:

    sup maaa @ met. you know the wickedest ting if u should a see har pon the road ,bet u last dollar nothing no hype like dat.,,,,,sing the chronixx song…how me fe trust and me no certain wha you a do behind curtain.

  • Met says:

    13 aint that the truth…u si har deh now tink she nice and a lotion and drink piss…nasty

  • kgn13 says:

    @ lundun me no know what really a gwan wid this yah gingeration.

  • kgn13 says:

    go see how har parents proud a har deh now.

  • LUNDUN says:

    met is like mi seh in previous posts, dem a tek diss freaky ting too far, dats why mi no nyam from ppl an mi no use dem utensils.

    diss is nasty, di gal tek har mouth tun toilet, what a ting eeh man!!!

  • Met says:

    is not like piss smell like perfume lundun mi nuh get it

  • Anonymous says:

    Girl u need help, please you know what the hell you were doing when you agreed the first time. Me piss inna one boy mouth, when he asked. And then I left his nasty ass. So nuh badda wid u sad story.

  • LUNDUN says:

    kgn13 u can say dat again.

    everybody a try outdo dem one a nedda fi be di freakiest.

    i tink dem a mix up freakiness wid nastiness…..or r they the same? :bingung

    piss is human waste, how u fi mek man unload him waste inna u mouth di first ting a morning?

  • LUNDUN says:

    met den she seh afta him piss inna har mouth, she suck him dick till him cum, no sah da bredda deh chess high.

    or is it he is treating her like the fool she is?

    did she swallow di piss?

    first morning piss is usually di longest, so a di whole a di morning piss hold inna har mouth? :matabelo

  • kgn13 says:
  • Cindy Royal says:

    Ting is, me dash out some good back shot (unuh know ladies – di 1 wen di man a come forward an unuh a fling it back like wow, di man seh hard, an a unuh seh harder – energy! lol) an me feel like mi fi get treated like royalty.

    Dis gyal mek man a piss inna har mout an have him a treat har like beaten stick/unwanted dawg. This speaks directly to har lack of self worth, she sees herself as nothing so he treats her like nothing. kmt

  • JAHkno says:

    My girl u need a good wash out n a evaluation of u self worth.

    Yu mek it a university so di smarts affi deh deh USE IT n run weh dat

  • ... says:

    Morning…you know….. :travel :nerd :travel

  • Somyungal says:

    Either she soon dead or she going live forever….I Wikipedia every rass ting

    Drinking one’s morning urine (‘amaroli’;) was an ancient yoga practise designed to promote meditation. The ancient Hindu and yoga texts that mention auto-urine drinking, require it be done before sunrise and that only the mid-stream sample be used.[37] The pineal hormone melatonin and its conjugated esters are present in morning urine in significant quantities, the pineal gland secreting melatonin maximally at about 2 am, this secretion being shut off by the eyes’ exposure to bright sunlight.[37] Melatonin, when ingested or given intravenously, amongst other effects, provokes tranquility and heightened visualisation.[37] There are high concentrations of melatonin in the first morning urine, but not in a physiologically active form.[37] Mills and Faunce at Newcastle University Australia in 1991 developed the hypothesis that ingestion of morning urine into low pH gastric acid would cause deconjugation of its esters back to the active form of melatonin. This, they suggested, might restore plasma night-time melatonin levels. Thus, they argued, oral pre-dawn consumption of auto-exogenous melatonin, by either re-setting of the sleep-wake cycle or enhancement of the physiological prerequisites for meditation (decreased body awareness (i.e. analgesia) and claimed slowed brain wave activity, as well as heightened visualization ability), may be the mechanism behind the alleged benefits ascribed to ‘amaroli’ or auto-urine drinking by ancient texts of the yogic religion.[37] Obvious experimental difficulties (particularly in constructing a double-blind clinical trial) mean that this is a difficult hypothesis to reliably test to any requisite evidence-based standard.

    RomeAs in ancient Rome, urine was used for teeth-whitening.[6] A famous poem by the Roman poet Catullus, criticizing a Gaul named Egnatius, reads:[7][8]

    Egnatius, because he has snow-white teeth, smiles all the time. If you’re a defendant in court, when the counsel draws tears, he smiles: if you’re in grief at the pyre of pious sons, the lone lorn mother weeping, he smiles. Whatever it is, wherever it is, whatever he’s doing, he smiles: he’s got a disease, neither polite, I would say, nor charming. So a reminder to you, from me, good Egnatius. If you were a Sabine or Tiburtine or a fat Umbrian, or plump Etruscan, or dark toothy Lanuvian, or from north of the Po, and I’ll mention my own Veronese too, or whoever else clean their teeth religiously, I’d still not want you to smile all the time: there’s nothing more foolish than foolishly smiling. Now you’re Spanish: in the country of Spain what each man pisses, he’s used to brushing his teeth and red gums with, every morning, so the fact that your teeth are so polished just shows you’re the more full of piss.
    [edit] ChristianitySome advocates believe that the Bible recommends urine therapy. A verse in Proverbs (Proverbs 5:15) advises: “Drink waters from thy own cistern, flowing water from thy own well.”[9] However, subsequent verses contain warnings against adultery, and advice for husbands to stay faithful; hence the interpretation of this verse as a literary device or analogy.[10]

    [edit] HinduismA Sanskrit text called the Damar Tantra, not part of core Hinduism, contains 107 stanzas on the benefits of “pure water, or one’s own urine”.[11] In this text, urine therapy is referred to as Shivambu Kalpa.[11] This text suggests, among other uses and prescriptions, massaging one’s skin with fresh, concentrated urine. In the Ayurvedic tradition, which is related to the Hindu scriptures called the Vedas. urine therapy is called amaroli which when practised requires some dietary requirements such as mixing it with water to “cure cancers” and other “diseases” along with “raw food and certain fruits like banana, papaya and citrus fruits” which are claimed to be “very good in the practice of amaroli”.[12][13][14][15] One of the main aims of this system is to “prevent illness, heal the sick and preserve life”.[14][16]

    [edit] IslamIn Islam, drinking urine is forbidden and is considered “najasa” due to its toxicity. Islamic commentators find urine to be something that is “filth”[17] However, scholars such as Abū Ḥanīfa have said only that “it’s disliked” (“makruh” or “almost” haraam).[17]

    [edit] Other culturesThe French customarily soaked stockings in urine and wrapped them around their necks in order to cure strep throat.[2] Aristocratic French women in the 17th century reportedly bathed in urine to beautify their skin.

    In Sierra Madre, Mexico, farmers prepare poultices for broken bones by having a child urinate into a bowl of powdered charred corn. The mixture is made into a paste and applied to the skin.[18]

    The homeopath John Henry Clarke wrote, “…man who, for a skin affection, drank in the morning the urine he had passed the night before. The symptoms were severe, consisting of general-dropsy, scanty urine, and excessive weakness. These symptoms I have arranged under Urinum. Urinotherapy is practically as old as man himself. The Chinese (Therapist, x. 329) treat wounds by sprinkling urine on them, and the custom is widespread in the Far East. Taken internally, it is believed to stimulate the circulation”.[19]

    [edit] Modern claims and findingsUrine’s main constituents are water and urea; the latter of which has some well-known commercial and other uses. Urine also contains small quantities of thousands of compounds, hormones and metabolites,[5][20] including corticosteroids.[21] Pregnant mare’s urine has high amounts of estrogens, which are isolated and sold as Premarin. There is no scientific evidence of a therapeutic use for untreated urine.[1][2][3][4][5]

    It has been claimed that urine is similar to other body fluids, like amniotic fluid or even blood, but these claims have no scientific basis.[4]

    Urinating on jellyfish stings is a common folk remedy,[22] however Scientific American reports that it may be counterproductive, as it can activate nematocysts remaining at the site of the sting, making the pain worse.[23]

    People who use Amanita muscaria as an intoxicating drug will sometimes drink their own urine in order to prolong its effects, especially when there are shortages of the fungus.[24][25]

    [edit] Use as anti-cancer agentUrine and urea have been claimed by some practitioners to have an anti-cancer effect. It has been hypothesized that because some cancer cell antigens are transferred through urine, through “oral autourotherapy” these antigens could be introduced to the immune system that might then create antibodies.[26]

    The discredited cancer treatment offered by the Burzynski Clinic was initially synthesized from urine collected in a Texas park.[27]

  • Somyungal says:

    Still nasty doe

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Too much dam fifty shades of bloodclaat grey…a bare freak dey up a utech and esp UWI

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    dis annu nuttin wa day mi read d pg n d girl seh a bf want her nyam him shit…n he put the shit iinna d freeza n she will throw it out but she love him but she nu wa nyam shit… i was rolling ca believe ppl so damn fool…a shebby n jmg a run d place!!

  • Yep! says:

    Lady, no disrespect but if pee was okay to drink it woulda deh bokkled and shelved for sale in every liquor outlet. why don’t you return the favor to him and piss in an empty apple juice container ( on ice), geet to him and see if he likes the taste? If you’re going to continue with this beastiality behavior, you might as well drink all your beverages str88 from the toilet bowl; what’s the difference ma’am?????????

  • Yep! says:

    And mind you now… I’m not trying to be rude or sarcastic with you; I just want a str8 forward answer from you. Lady I had a friend who use to nyam anything weh drop a grung so one day when she came to my home I just placed her food on the ground for her to eat it. She got the message loud and clear and has changed her eating etiquette.

  • Lipstick says:

    mek she go weh, him fi vomit an shit in deh next :malu :f000:

  • Met, Something “MUST” be in the air for this young lady to agree to such nastiness in the first place. In all my days I would never think of such of a sexual act with my man. Whats wrong with ppl today missionary n back shots not enough?! She needs some mental help more than anything to agree at first n continue this type of madness

  • Class says:

    Next time him thirsty just give him a tall glass a your piss did two ice cubes! or wake him in the middle of the night and say “babes, y’ah sleep? babes, wake up huh” and when him say “whe u want babes?” you say “mi was peepee, come suck it out fi mi nuh” and you’ll see what he says!

  • Perplexed says:

    luk ere nuh!! him fi piss inna har mouth til she dead!!! bout ” I agreed”…Damn disturbing

  • MizPeeper says:

    so afta likkle research mi buck up pon dis article weh seh man and woman can tie each other using piss :O wtfffffffffff

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