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US law students request Dudus tapes
2013-01-09 14:02:50 | (0 Comments)

Soldiers patrol Tivoli Gardens during the 2010 incursion – File.CMC – Three Yale Law School students have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), calling on the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), to release aerial surveillance footage compiled during the Tivoli operation, to detain Jamaican strongman Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who was wanted in the United States on drugs and firearms charges.

In 2010, Jamaican police and military officials moved into Tivoli Gardens in a bid to arrest Coke, following an extradition request from Washington.

The operations led to the deaths of more than 70 civilians.

The three students filed the suit on behalf of Mattathias Schwartz, the reporter who covered the event for The New Yorker magazine.

The suit, which was filed on December 19, 2012, arose from Freedom of Information requests that Schwartz had made to the DEA and other federal agencies for records pertaining to the Tivoli operation.

The DEA has until January 22 to respond.

An article appearing on the Yale Law School website, noted that although the DEA has acknowledged in response to Schwartz’s requests that it is in possession of six DVDs containing aerial surveillance footage of the raid, it has refused to release them, citing six exemptions under the US Freedom of Information Act.

The students, who are members of Yale’s Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic (MFIA), argue in the complaint, filed in federal district court in the Eastern District of New York, that none of the exemptions are applicable to the footage being sought.

The MFIA was established to, among other things, defend the public’s right of access to government information.

18 Responses to MI CONFUSED!

  • ... says:

    mi tink a me one!

  • Met says:

    dem reach all di way up ina ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))) and mi waa know y?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    So y didn’t Mattathias Schwartz file to get the tapes himself? If the tapes r regulated by the Freedom of Info Act, y doesn’t the DEA release them to Schwartz?

    I think if & when the tapes r released, they will have the potential to go either of these direction:

    1) make the Tivoli residents look extremely bad if it proves they were armed & shooting at police & soldiers & covering for armed men. Or

    2) make the Jamaican police & soldiers & the US support team (DEA/FBI which ever other agency) look extremely bad if it proves they were just randomly killing people.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    This is very interesting y n Wat triggered this hmmmm, me a gwaan watch this still

  • ... says:

    Met nutten more dan dem use di whole ting as a case study an di pickney dem si some hole an waan know well how come xyz… & dem smell a cover up. SO mi wouda love fi see di outcome & if dem ago release dem tapes. I feel is a crimes against humanity case might a gwaan afta dem show dem footage

  • ... says:

    Cindy if the residents are wrong trust me America will show that the police force was under attack & it justifies how things were done. It look like Schwartz already filed several requests but nuttem nuh come out of it.

  • Met says:

    dotty mi wudda like dem smell it.. because is whole heep a questions still not unaswered………………….

  • Cindy Royal yu right all all points dem did nuff wrongs and dem dont want jamaica or the world to know dem kill off innocent ppl big up short man

  • ... says:

    Met mi seh mi memba how much mi bawl & mi nuh have nuhbaddy a TG but dat come in like fi wi Somalia & it is sad that nobody in our country truly a fight it out & follow up (it would seem from the outside) MI seh I hope a piece a JUDGEMENT reach JA politicians. Di young one dem mi si a enter di arena look like all dem good fa a fi go pawty a Maiden Cay an tek pitcha KMFT

  • Met says:

    dotty all now di us whey threaten fi release di tapes of what dem satellite tek cannot do it

  • Cc says:

    Dem tink law enforcement officers aguh release DVDs weh a incriminate dem doin wrongs??? If are wen dem deh release it will be di edited version lol

  • Belly Bang says:


    1. WI DID HEAR FROM THE GOVERNMENT THAT THERE WAS NO USA PLANE CIRCLING TIVOLI & KINGSTON DURING THE PERIOD – despite the FACT that everybody and dem granny from Waterhouse to Dunkirk couda see & hear the plane . Even people pon di hills coulda see the big ole plane


  • ... says:

    Yo JA govt get on ma fkn nerves. USA have 2 training bases in Jamaica & a field sub base at up park camp. JDF soldiers are often trained here in the USA for specific missions in JA & to help US military to understand tactics used in JA operations. There is always a submarine/ship not too far off the coast in either Portland or Ochi. SO JA govt need fi get up to di time and understand & stop under estimate the intelligence of its citizens. The way mi see JDF an police run innna TG mi KNOW seh a USA way dat. Memba the USA always a violate whatever that agreement is when they want to extract their fugitives from other countries.

  • becky says:

    Seems like they want the tapes to do a movie or documentary! hmmmm only in AMERICA!

  • Riches says:

    mi nuh like talk bout d May incursion, evokes too many feelings, anyways from Schwartz article which i think mi read several times some gruesome inhumane things gwaan weh only the tapes can reveal, i think that these students are on to something and based on the fact that they have taken it to court i dnt think the DEA rational can stand (if d students arguing that the exemptions dnt apply to what they’re asking for) i would assume dem duh thorough research first! like so many genocides and acts against humanity, investigations take time, everything will be revealed one day!

  • Riches says:

    Met, it would be nice to post schwartz articles something a gwaan we shall all hear in due time

  • Pudding pop says:

    The U.S. is full a isht!! The Law isn’t for any other racial group but our Caucasian counterparts. These students found a loop hole (that wasn’t intended to show that the U.S. is full a isht) and now the DEA is concerned of being exposed and embarrassed.
    Good! Good that these students are exercising the civilian rights and want to know the nitty gritty. I feel that Dudus was in cahoots with the U.S. (only because them tek too long fi move in pon a black man) somewhere, somehow the agreement went south and the repaid him with silver bracelets. Sounds crazy but you better believe the U.S. has civilian alias in every single country. That why dem feel like dem cyaan invade when dem feel like. Brite!

  • More than likely it’s research for their class or perhaps for a mock trial again for their class.

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