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laughing out loud im jermaines monans girlfriend from we go court when jermaine use to beat kiffanys ass she use to run back to bere man she f+++ out the whole east orange now she move gone ah patterson s++ gyal weh love f+++ meh surprise she nuh give jermaine nuh disease she beg friend til she nuh have none all secret will burst out on her now cause meh ah talk the things dem shes a (Edited) gyal we love fling cock in her mouth from day one lie pon jermaine when everybody find out seh she ah the lied one … meh nuh know why her secret just ah spill out suh all of an sudden people ah tek her in and nuh know seh dem cah trust her jermaine done know seh she sneaky thats why him beat her im one of jermaines friend and i know everything whats going on in kifffanys life she stress out feh her child and putting it on jermaine when she use to take ova yuh p++ nuh tun up cah guess wah jermaine is f++ me im his girlfriend ashley yuh look like an donkey an (Edited) donkey jermaine did ah use you out you fool like everyweh yuh walk yuh get used yuh cah fight cah everywhere you go you bring your friend round jermaine to body guard you…….put up the little gyal secrets weh jermaine ah leake pon her. ashley moans jermaine wifey…..

Its me Jermaine hacking ur page again. We are always going to be in a relationship. So please tell the cops about wat im doing n get me locked up .please can u do me that favor. I love very much n always will. Love Jermaine Monan this ah weh jermaine seh to her suh she get scares til jermaine ah scare her up beat her pull out her hair till she bald headed.. laughing out loud she call police and nuh know seh jermaine ah watch her still she fool f++ dick tom and harry all ova nuhbody nuh like her and she nuh knows she need feh guh learn how feh dress. her life is miserable that gyal is living an careless life style. she nuh have an mind bout her.


  • No Joke says:

    Bellyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….I begging a JMG translation or break down because it too early!!!!!!

  • LUNDUN says:

    senda u mek mi a get bloodclaat angry inna di day ya so mi ago mek mi comment an neva return pon da post yah.

    dutty senda, u tek pleasure inna a man beating a woman?

    not juss beat har but beat her bad cuz u a talk bout pull out hair an all these tings?

    u a seh u a jermaine wife, like jermaine is a trophy when a oman strength diss batty boy ave!

    dutty senda mi glad tiffany get rid a him anna hope him bet out u dutty bloodclaat. u dunce no rass anna cum waah put tiffany pon blast, go suck u madda idiot gal.

  • THMF says:

    Lundun you know them ppl here? Cause 4 lines into the story m get confuse and stop read. So can you or somebody (SENDER) laymen terms it up for me duh. Tanks yere.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    An dem HEVER write dese long ass epistles sen come. Yuh know, mi a blame Met agen, it a happen too often now, an unless a di same ppl dem a sen different messages a mus Met a edit out di ppl dem good good spelling, punctuation, use of capital letters etc. Met yuh fi stap it! :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Met,…come on now, stop talk bout ppl have spelling problem.

  • Pat Pat says:

    Hi all
    I am new to the site. I was just wondering why the faces in pictures are blocked out for only some people and not all.

  • Missbombdizzle says:

    Sender …. I don’t really get all the points u trying to make bout the girl. Ur rejoicing how the man beat n pull the girl hair out.. Don’t u think tht him will do u the same blood claat ting. Stop talk bout u pussy tun up. The man soon start kick u in a u blood claat pussy so gwaan laugh. Don’t u think if him use she…… Him will do u just the same…

  • Met says:

    she seh har ting tun up…… a mussy doctor fish :travel

  • Belly Bang says:

    Is a wonder this get whola 8 comments already :cool

  • Missbombdizzle says:

    Miss met cum back ya a seh u a seh the sender pussy stink…?? Mek u bad so?

  • Met says:

    no sah…why mi wudda seh dat? when doctor fish old and u drop it ina di pot it twis up so a mus fi har tun up dat

  • Missbombdizzle says:

    Well dat is true when docta fish ole it tun up. N it is also very raw….

  • Met says:


  • DWRL says:

    You a worry bout gal pussy and jermaine cocky and just give mi a f000ng headache because you write like you f000ing retarded?? Bitch take you time press the X log out and pick up a copy of JAMAL ASAP . YOU TOO f000ING ILLITERTE FEH A FIGHT COCKY WAR!

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