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33 Responses to FOWL FISH FRY

  • LUNDUN says:

    u know weh mi like bout chicken…him pants always have room inna it an dats a plus fi me.

    di ppl dem…well most of dem luk nice, mi like angel outfit (finally) an di girl inna di pretty pretty shorts suit wid di ombre hair.

    a who thread bubbles eyebrow??? mi want a bring in bubbles cuz him or she bad

  • hotboy says:

    i love bubbles

  • Met says:

    u love bubbles? :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    Who is Bubbles???

  • Bookie says:

    Lol how angle if Luk nice in yellow short and black and white top
    .de arso pap down she nuh Luk good,,,,,vs yellow and grey top———- a who she ! Dem no Luk good! Luk how much ppl Luk good a fowl party and dem choose fi put up mop head temeka//////////:::::::::::

  • Tammy says:

    De girl in de pretty pretty outfit Luk good .lovin di outfit!!!!!!!!!!!a who suh a Mercedez she Luk different !!!!!!!! She Luk good still???????

  • shameal williamson says:

    she look good in the color color

  • Oh Dear says:

    Mi bredrin tell mi say fowl bruk like tough crackers, Bruk! Bruk! Bruk! and a man weh have up him money tell mi dat, and anuh badmind him a badmind him either, is just a cono we did a have bout all the scamming wha a gwaan a ja. also, @Met, how me never know say bounty killer lose him house weh deh a norbrook cause him borrow small loan and cyaa pay it back, all him dem say bruk bad, yuh know mi a wonder if a rumor mi fren a spread ( which i highly doubt), @met, did you already run a story on these fellows financial situation?

  • Met says:

    oh dear yes killa nuh have dat house anymore…no vehicle either..him a drive a rental

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met a LOIIIIEEEEEEEE nothing can go so though, how Killa manage fi bruck back (tear out mi ey dem) poor money management n living fi floss pon John public will do this to you .

  • Talkditings says:

    I can’t speak for killa, but I know fowl has a million and one assets. @ Oh Dear, how many assets does ur linky have??? Or is he one of those bad mind people that send down a one hot ride & don’t have a roof to call their own..only a ni**a that don’t have shit have time to study another dude..*waiting*

  • Met says:

    chuet not flossing…….have too many house fi mine

  • Oh Dear says:

    Him have him tings, i already made a disclaimer that anuh badmind ting, di person weh tell mi have him tings.

  • Met says:

    maybe fowl a pretend bruck but he has property…and other things…mi did tink him bruck to but not true

  • Oh Dear says:

    ok, him mussi bawl and gwaan like him bruk fi mi fren leggo him money a him fish fry, cause a di fish fry mi fren did a guh!

  • Talkditings says:

    So is one fish fry ur fren guh and waan chat foolishness bout the man??? Kmt. Tell ur “fren” fi stop mek assumption and go get a life. Cause obviously fowl is doing something right if he still maintaining…. That means if ur “fren” did tek a knock like fowl him woulda pop dung and press out. Tell him don’t hate but congratulate…. And BTW I don’t tink his chomp change would mek a difference to fowl income…,heardat!

  • upsetter says:

    met platinum fine new gal but wait the gal inna the black at the far end nuh see did stab up popcaan woman wey name cody aka barbie,but see yah nuh nella sky that wa a gal wicked them say fi her man left her fi go go eno ooh i see why platinum a draw on to look like a lesbian thing still met.

  • nuh give a f000 says:

    met yes fi tru a the gal at the far end them say she a trouble maker she did get kick out a sky girls crew them say the leader deh a new york a suck and a f000 like dog them call her shadae from sky girlz but a nella mussi a run the sky girl crew now.but nella sky a good gal tho she just nuh wear no good piece but her sister codyann hot bad n bleaching tun up.the sky girlz a mash up now,met soon send in the pic wid the sky girls crew a musi 2 a them alone look good out a the crew

  • stacy eva clean says:

    mettttttttttttttttt a try the sky girls them love hype and the hungry nuh bloodclaat you have one wey name dog head she a press button and them say she can never fine food money yet and them always inna dance a hype.shan she suck body,the new one wey just a do road and just a know bout clothes wey name dan dan sky she bound fi tek married man and battyman them say she f000 down the whole a gaza land and still dont know 2 pieces of clothes met the pic wey me ago send in can show say the whole a them wear them one another clothes.the big fat one deh a new york now she suck cocky fi a living and dash wey how much belly and all f000 wid mad man the sky girlz them young but them naah live no good life.not to mention mel she nuh a memeber a the group again but them say she deh wid handy from 5 star she a lick out him batty and a carry weed go country fi him.a tru met nella sky man left her fi go go a yah so the story just a reach wey lisa dehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • lisa says:

    pampuate kmt under cover lesbian that you nuh see how she ruff a man trap in a womans body

  • tiffi says:

    met a when d angel she ago start dress better she dont see say she need a new stylist,kt who the hell or these sky girlz and yes me know platinum she look pretty to me but never know she a f000 gal yah now,met please fill me in but d angel honey plz start dress better cause you have a nice face

  • Met says:

    ok but no badda change no more name

  • hype sue says:

    meetttttttttttttttttttttt shadae from sky girl living with hiv so men please beaware of the skys them let them get tested.unu gweh and low mel after she nuh inna rass sky worry bout shadae wey dash wey how much belly and kill off how much man inna dancehall.met a wey them do fraid fi send him all the bitch them pic mek me email you all a them now from who did inna it from who did drop out

  • Belly Bang says:

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak AH WHO UP IN YAH AH CHANGE DEM NAME LIKE WOW???

  • Met says:

    mi seh nuh change no more name

  • kevin says:

    unu low the gal them the gal them a star nella big up urself ever clean me baby

  • Sharon says:

    Ppl mi and fowl cum fr a long way!!!!!!!!everyday hi suh him nuh left Mercedez a she wAs there fi him in prison wen Lena a f000 down the place!! Badmine ppl respect the fact and leave the man woman !!!!!! Big up u self Mercedez u Luk nice a di fish fry???????? U a fowl rite woman so u nuh ave to talk bot numbs 1 back to the tired gal tamika her nose Luk like my fada cock and she stay bad and short a wuh she a do a the ppl dem fish fry a nuff up her self she nuh shame, and her colour dem Luk bad Mercedez need to tak a outfit wen she cumin bk Dow fi her ! She even try to stand close to Mercedez in the fish fry ppl a prove she a prove sum fink and she no suh she only can go out wen Mercedez gone bk a England lol

  • Met says:

    How mercedez fi tek har a outfit and mercedez floral expire? bwaay unno good oo

  • Gamma says:

    Matie morni new flash a wat a gwaan in the fishery de gal in De grey and yellow should stay home she ugly and stay bad

  • Met says:

    holddddddddddddd on :salahkamar doe change a next name

  • Ann says:

    Tamika can you tell me were to find that dry out wig I need to buy 1 for my granny pam :

  • Ann says:

    Tamika can u tell me were to buy the wig u wearin I need to buy 1 for my granny pam.

  • Too fine says:

    Unu come off a the young girl dem name man mek dem strive and if the girl Weh unu sey ave aids did ave aids she opulent go foreign jeezam . Sky girls dem do dem ting ….. A Weh dem do unu mek unu a talk things bet dm nuh do ntn . Unnecessary things smh

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