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27 Responses to DIDDY IN JA

  • Anonymous says:

    Lovelything seeing everybody having fun together. Hope is a new trend fi di new year..

  • I love to see this. Flippa need to go sit down somewhere. That look Beenie gave him was like wtf are you doing. Diddly was enjoying every moment of it. And I like that.

  • kerri says:

    Nah lie… this made my morning! this maddddddd, this is how ppl are soppose to enjoy themselves! i have nothing bad to say… God bless them all

  • goldie says:

    the artist dem mek mi proud. Beenie is a veteran who know how fi have the crowd a eat outa him han. Me sure Diddy neva see nuttin like fi wi culcha

  • Anonymous says:

    This was fun flippa nuh need fe guh sit nuh where him fit rite in him neva od at all yah suh the two hit wonder did needed :ketupat

  • Lipstick says:

    flippa seh him a di jamaican diddy :tkp, mi seh if beenie neva reach deh di sky wudda open, a di nuffest man to eva grace di earth :hammer , di place did look fun an nice

  • Met says:

    lippy please leave mi ex husband. ..not because we divorce dat gi u di right fi tek libbaty :nerd

  • Lipstick says:

    met, him a water a swear, fram i was birth, look weh part him did deh an can bet seh him mikase an clear out a di airport fi reach pon di stage wid diddy, go see how a tell him driver fi hurry up pon di road cah him nuh waan diddy lef before him reach, beenie need a nether grammy fi nuffness

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Dat was very nice di man dem deal wit the thing good man gwaan chru Flippa everybody did well mi nah lie

  • xhale says:

    flippa neva haffi touch up di man chain…nuff!

  • Met says:

    xhale mi seh u si di expression pan didy face …but u know seh flippa is a person whey gets what he wants…a dat mi a come fi realise..if him seh him a go get dat him get it…unfortunately that sometimes has more disadvantages than advantages

  • xhale says:

    Mi sure Diddy nuh know flippa seh a mi a Di flossa round ya!!!! nobody cyaa tell him seh him ano star now…go thru flippa

  • How Flippa fi even dream sey him can floss more dan Diddy??? All a cock uo foot fi show off shoes???? Diddy look pon him like wha d f**k is dis??? A hype pon wha???


  • xhale says:

    Flippa a only “star”a Philly and waterhouse

  • sweet says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    @Sweets u say it like joke mi a watch di one Puffy outta mi side eye cause we know him up to sumting

  • Anonymous says:

    If beenie neva deh deh inna di frenzy

    Anyway, mi LIKE fi si how eva baddy deh deh an nice…..

    (….although mi like like “frenzy” thing….it jus soun like ppl frighten)

  • Anonymous says:

    wonda how Killa feel now since him dis Laing an Joe? Him coulda have a chance fi meet Diddy an inna a frenzy yah now…..jah kno, him miss out…

    Then again, Killa nuh hype an frighten fi ppl an things….

  • Anonymous says:

    P Diddy at Sound Clash Onstage Review

  • god we say says:

    diddy look scared

  • good girl gone bad says:

    This video is funny, the facial expressions and the body language did it for me. Dem look like dem ah have fun. And diddy just look like the outsider looking in trying to figure out wah gwan but acting like him know lol. Whoever said flippa nuff couldnt have said anything better, how him ago call himself di JA p diddy smh

  • soap opera says:

    i am not a stage show girl but this look like something i would enjoy

  • Jules says:

    Suh Limelight a waan open air place? At di end of di day it’s all bout di music and entertaining di ppl and fulljoy wiself. Dem mash up di place, dat stage ketch a fiyah.

  • diva101 says:

    yo lady saw tek off the wig yo mi luv di woman deh….mi caan wait for heels on video

  • Fabulosity says:

    Flippa might as well just suck diddy’s dick…. Why u touching the man chain

  • pretty says:

    i wonder if u all listened to the song choice of all the dj dem lol its like dem a say yes sonud clash no problem but we nah beg u nutten and i dont get it ninja man not even turn round once and greet pdiddy love the vibes still i got so excited just watching the video i want to see the clash though are even the last part when matthorn win bass odessy a me sound still

  • pretty says:

    a money flippa dash in a the crowd is like beenie say to [email protected]#$%t lol song selection again i tell u flippa fit right in him fi build some more mad song but him a do him thing i like it

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