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Among the highlights of Sting 2012 was deejay Flippa Maffia scattering thousands of dollars into the crowd during an entertaining set. It has become the norm for the flamboyant entertainer, known in dancehall circles as the ‘Flossin king’. Theatrics aside, Flippa Maffia says he is pleased with his performance at the annual Boxing Day show. “For the past three years I have grown a lot in terms of my music and my spiritual being. No longer am I offended and affected by negative criticism as I have come to understand that people are always going to talk,” he said. After doing the songs Dem Ya and Real to The People, Flippa Maffia popped a bottle of champagne, poured it on the stage then dipped in his suitcase for a handful of cash and hurled it into the crowd. “It is not about the hype but if one is singing about a particular lifestyle his/her actions should portray that,” said Flippa Maffia, who insists he does not ‘throw cash’ in order to ‘buy’ fans. “I have been throwing cash for years so if that was the case there wouldn’t be a need to be doing it now. There are some entertainers who will ‘floss’ their money, take drugs among other things. I just do whatever makes me happy,” he said. But what is the source behind all this money? He says he is not involved in illegal activity, pointing out that he owns a banquet hall and nightclub in Philadelphia where he has lived for some time. Maffia grew up in Waterhouse, and attended Norman Manley High school in Kingston. Some of his better known songs are Unfinished House, Star ah Star and his most recent, Hear mi Hear.


  • Mi find That hard fi believe seh him have so much money from doing nothing ….because a cant him fckery tune dem send him pon tour….o.o kmt mi not looking

  • Met says:

    u waa si him a skank pan one foot lastnight lmao

  • Lipstick says:


    mi nuh care weh him do fi get money, as long as him mind him picney dem an continue bun marsha wid he, she an di ole lady so jmg can have suss, an di wall can bun dung
    hmmm hmmm hmmm mi a modella

  • Met says:

    lippy a 2013 u fi gwaan betta :tkp

  • Lipstick says:

    met yu did see knock knee diddy

  • Met says:

    yes man

  • Belly Bang says:

    Ah cant Robinson Ballroom him ah chat. Man who ah use money brush dawg teet cant own place weh tan suh . Cause mi sure di last set ah pics mi see fi di 2012, di place still nuh tan proper

  • Lipstick says:

    met mi a try change :angel
    mi fi get fi tell yu becca inna video now an find love,
    she look good, dutty lutan neva do har nuh justice,
    a now she start trash out an a glow

  • Belly Bang says:

    & he has grown in terms of his music and spiritual well being ~ so says he.

    Well, him naw get nuh taller suh him haffi show growth elsewhere.

    Flippa, one big bird tell mi seh yuh nuh have nuh real plans fi stay ah JA and dat yuh just ah cool out. Nuh mek mi haffi class yuh as ginnal, cause ah dat ah guh happen if inna two 2s yuh reach back ah Yankee Land. :cool

  • notrite says:

    Happy happy new metty wat I dnt get ppl have dem good good green wey dem mada give dem get likkle probation and reach bck a ja and slippa safia get ketch pon boat and freee fi go and ja and get release pon us soil boy a mi fi tell u I don’t get it seriously

  • Met says:

    notrite me needur :maho

  • Real says:

    if mi si flippa widout di flossin mi hold on pon mi purse…because him have di look of a pick pocket…..afta him dash out di money him go back out deh go Pick it out …LOOK PON HIM FACE…..

  • Belly Bang says:

    Real, yuh can pick him outta any photo (but not out of a crowd how him short).

    Just look fi di shortest inna the photo then yuh look fi di face weh look like it ah sell sand to people ah beach.

  • Yep! says:

    Mi memba one time couple years a back Flippa come a Atlanta inna Club Expose. When mi go tek een di show mi mek sure seh mi carry mi biggest clutch purse suh when him start dash out di money mi jus open it wide push everybody outta mi way and ketch NUFF money. Mi plan worked…good lookin out Flippa :thumbup

  • Real says:


  • ... says:

    Nite Met! SO :ngakak Was I mistaken? I was here under the impression that he was caught up in something when x took place… So Flippa, you gonna expand your club management skills to JA? mi jus a ask still inquiring minds wanna know :nerd How you doing Miss Met?

  • Met says:

    dotty :maho :tkp

  • real talk says:

    Flippa tap lie you know seh u & di white lady inna buisness,it bun mi fi yuh bloodclaat cause a u mek stef platinum deh prison(transporter) & u & di one dutty mouth ugly skilly a live unuh life while di girl left a pickney dem gone a prison.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Dotty, mout seh him soon guh back. Suh mi ah watch fi see if mout wrong or is indeed a 3 card game wi ah watch

  • Londoner says:

    Ohhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Dolphin how many hits songs you have? How many records you sell fi a constantly dash weh money like water so? Alright you have some assets where did you get the money from to purchase it, what was your job title before u turned so called entertainer? It’s not a badmind thing but when hunu a floss hunu must memba that the feds dem have dem eyes glued on to us (jamaican)

  • Talkditings says:

    Good afternoon all. Metty, any word how fowl fish fry did go????

  • Met says:

    morning mi hear seh it gwaan good

  • Little Willie says:

    Londoner……Feds nuh haffi hide from Feds. When he has gathered enough info to reel in another big fish, then the moves will be made.
    I wonder if the bloggers here didn’t see the “SALARY” of the DEA informant who was SENT to ensnare Buju Banton. These guys make big money, plus their “street hustling” is allowed by Law enforcement to maintain their cover and street cred.

  • Anonymous says:

    Robinson is owned by Christopher Murray and his very white wife that he hides away from the dancehall world.

  • Foxy says:

    Met, I don’t know this guy but unless him work fi the alphabet boys, one man couldn’t fool suh fi put himself under so much spotlight to be investigated in this day and age.

  • judismart says:

    everybody money have a story

  • ... says:

    Morning Belly, mi nuh put nutten pass him. SLIPPERY!!!! chruss mi. But fi real when mi read di ting mi start laugh an a seh mi know seh mi nuh deaf & mi definitely nuh blind cause a so mi & other ppl woulda so wicked fi have inna wi head seh di man inna dealings? Flippa silent man keep sound bone the hand can reach yuh anyweh yuh deh jus memba. Why dem always get weh but dem haffi show off an come JA come gwaan. Before him jus gwaan humble but I guess dat nuh inna fi him vocab. & when mi come an come seh humble ppl a come tell mi mi a hater…

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes @ little Willie 3 million over the years and 35,000 from Buju alone. That’s some real deep shit. I don’t think they would pay that much to our kind but it made me wonder?

  • philly girl says:

    Its not Robinson Ballroom he & Skilli own, its NIFIJI’s a few doors down from Robinson Ballroom. Robinson is owned by an American.

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