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INA DI SUBJECT SEH : England man fool of the year shana NYC people run in pon this bowy live a NYC with him wife an she here a mad over the bowy









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  • BABYGIRL says:

    No sah Met a dis name tun up Wednesday…rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, a bare suss a dash from marning, everytime mi look is a new topic up.. A yuh seh suss fi kill ina 2013…..wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieee mi lub it!!!

  • Jules says:

    Wedding bells will soon be ringing. Bout time wi get a wedding pon di pink walls.

  • Met says:

    babygirl das why when di person seh slow suss day yessideh mi nuh lukkkkk :maho

  • Riches says:

    all i can say is mi remembr d days wen im use to black, smh a hope im a sen supn outa all d minings dem guh gi im pickney dem a TG weh, wat a way shi inlove :travel. Happy 2013 JMG family, Good Morning Ms. Met

  • Obviously dis man Mek har feel confident and comfortable inna d relationship, so put the blame on the man

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met and metters

    wat a wednesday fyava mondeh!!!

    mi not even know weh fi ress mi foot dem :maho

  • Met says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Don’t understand the post Wat is going him have 2 woman and dem just a find out? Pls help me get Wat is going on tonks

  • badhassbitch says:

    She look like carebear to me mi nor lie .

  • Man prekea says:

    met! Woie no sah shawna a big big big man mascot. Met she Neva Eva Eva meet th Likkle bwoy yet! A ova th Internet she meet him n she drop inna love, “shawna a man clown” every man she tek she tek th man fren, yo she don’t even talk about her kids dem like how she talk bout bleachie! She eat,sleep,drink,walk n talk th Likkle bleach out bwoy! Yow mi wish this bwoy was mi bredda cause me nah lie him av her weak n she Neva Eva c him yet! Met everybody a laugh offa man clown! Man clown munu/shawna u fi stop it it don’t look good on u! Man boo boo stop. Yo met she nuh ramp fi tek fi him pic n put it next to her pic she use pic story n dweet lol! Yo munu u a real man clown. But stick a pin cause when munu c man that she think hot! Th bitch skin catch a fire she mani mani. Dirty munu/shawna u must stop it shame on u.

  • LadyWoW says:

    no sah, people can fall in luv on – line – she not eeeeven feel up di buddy fi see if it work. so what if you meet him and feel it and it short wat den!!! or is not even a man SMH

  • Man prekea says:

    Yes lady wow! she Neva meet him in real life b4 she only c him on FB n him like her n she drop inna love. I don’t think she talk bout her son like how she talk n live for th bleach out boy. Dirty shawna cum ansa up inna dis. N ppl for ur info they both cum from TG it’s just that she is way older than him! She av 3 kids n she don’t put them up n talk about them like how she do him! But ppl don’t pay her no mind cause she a real man clown cause look deh 2013 just start n she edit th man clown list already! Lol munu cum ansa up nuh. Munu/shawna av u ever touch th boy? Av u ever feel th boy? Av u ever kiss th boy? Yo th whole a NY n England is laughing after shawna a swear. Shawna u do cleaning job inna th ppl dem hair shop n a post up pic n act like ur a hairdresser, man clown gyal u fake lol u is a cleaner not a hairdresser after all u still a get paid so don’t lie on ur job bitch! N stop make it ur point of duty to buy th cheap clothes them to show off on ppl n please please stop wear th bagga hair dem yuh too rass cheap n then u av th cheek to style ppl bitch please. Lol man clown fi th year n th year just start wow

  • Tawkchuet says:

    lol @ Ladywow oooooooooootay a get it now so she neva see dis man yet n she deep deep in luv how that work? :hammer

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a bunch of bald horses running around. Thats a lot of fXXking weave. Geez.

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MET me jus a BREAK ME FAST…me n her a fren pon FB u kno n INSTAGRAM n me ever c she a kill me wid dis boy ya pic…u a tell me say she never ever meet r sleep wid d bwoy yet???ppl unu too raas lie nutten caan go so…MET SHE FULL UP INSTAGRAM WID SHE N D BOY dats me a ffi call me fren a NYC n ask her wha mek SHAWNA a fi gwaan so how me no c no pic her SON whe she gi whe fr B4 d baby a 1 a tink him name GREG, baby suppose to b bout 15 ya now, gyal stay bad n ever in a bag a colour clour cheap shit…SHAWNA IF DIS IS TRUE IT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK

  • Met says:


  • ms crimson n cream says:

    mi kno da boy ya when mi de a jamaica him fren alwayz bring him up a house….he n him fren all cuss of mi gateman bcuz him neva wa let him in dwlzz he suppose know a me now,,,,but he a nice guy dem always come look fi mi up pon d hills n neva beg mi nuttin yet when we go out him fren always pay fi we,,so if him a golddigger him neva dig nun frm me

  • WHOA BABE says:


  • WHOA BABE says:

    DWFL THE ICONS TOOK A LIFE OF THEM OWN ….. TFF (TO FUKN FUNNY) EXCUSE THEM :selamat :selamat :selamat :kr :kr :kr :kr

  • Bakkle says:

    But Navar fb say married to somebody else and him post nuff pic wid him wife so mi confuse

  • Man prekea says:

    @ppl business it’s not lie shawna can’t travel n neither that boy! She knows n he knows that they never meet or greet each other b4. I hope she c how stupid she look cause all she do is on about th boy, she don’t know if her underneat good enough fi th boy she dont know if th boy things a work good either but th mawga/ bleach out body boy av her weak weak weak. My youth take note if u Neva c her b4 n she weak to u just because u tell her a few words imagine if u av a fren wid money wat would she do lol. Shawna u av 2 daughter please set a better example. Woman weh Neva meet or greet man yet must not react like that man chu! Shawna u mek John john kizzy look good in her doings cause after all Kizzy know n feel John John but u smh u neve Eva c th boy yet in th flesh a bare FB, Skype, bbm, instagram, wats app, all th social network them she use to contact th boy n Neva Eva Eva meet him yet… N THAT IS NOT LIE. Man fool Shawna,man clown Shawna, man boo boo. Stop it in my bounty voice….. Metty happy new year baby keep th met rolling in. Met me nah lie still enuh Shawna get pon everybody nerve with her stupidity th gyal fool yuh c a swear!

  • no sah says:

    mi see dis bwoy a red lobster iova bay plaza monday night(new years eve) and he was dining at the bar with a light skin chick and she dont look nothing lik di girl in dis pic

  • wow says:


  • Anonymous says:

    he is a good person this chic need to stop an get a life………..smh…….

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