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  • BABYGIRL says:

    No sah dis a nuh CT, a untruth… :nohope

  • Original Goodas says:

    jesassss father jesassssss..

    met is somewhere else dem pple ya no reach farrin yet

  • Eyn says:

    All mi seh is bunch a ugly ppl weh look like dem deh a on costume party

  • hartford hot gal says:

    what a way poochie n har daughter ugly…n dem feel seh dem a happen.d whole a dem look like a clown

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like some a dem ppl ya only go out once a year. The top two look sloppy!

  • Annadiva says:

    So FED UP of these ole looking fowls ina di dance. Whole bunch of mutton dressed as lamb plus di fake looking bleach out body, dun out looking skanks that keep thinking that these fXXking fake ass lashes down to dem nose, a hide dem ugly dry up face, look good! Y’all sick my stomach maaaan!! HAPPY NEW YEAR MET! Me jus a pass chroo-ooohhhh!

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Coming like its halloween everytime dem ppl yah touch di road! Ct is too close to NY fi dem ah look suh…smh

  • Jules says:

    CT ppl look a ways still. Dem picha yah juss meck mi feel seh it hawd fi meck life inna CT. Some a dem fi move to greena pastures iyah.

  • Met says:

    Happy New Year Anna :peluk

  • england says:

    y..dem hafii mek wi jamaican look like wi cah dress…less is better…sum a dem ova do it…

    met one ting mi hate is when sum a dem put on makeup like dem a clown…. :capedes

  • soap opera says:

    some a dem can pass, but the others what were you thinking?

  • toni ann says:

    this is definately hartford, i went there once to party with my brother and never again, dem dressing dem looks just everything scares me….

    *off topic* i really dont like the way jamaican women(some) in america starting to look now, them look really ugly, between the bad weaves, the over the top weave, the surgery, the bleaching, the clothing its just :cool

  • Anonymous says:

    Look at the state they are in! And, I bet you any money, they all have “haters”! Dwl!

  • Belly Bang says:

    Suh if I should take these pictures seriously, Hartford can be labelled the country cousins to Philly and NYC?????

  • Riches says:

    I sure somebody did beg Met to ban dat ole fowl in d red from JMG :ngakak

  • MURASAKI says:

    Look at the hands on the lady in the blue dress..fram I bornnn…..what is up with these witvh looking hands recently?

  • LUNDUN says:

    is diss a hospital??

    how dem ppl ya luk sick so?

    all who no luk sick luk mental…….so again i ask… this a hospital having a party for the patients??

  • Dashin says:

    My God Hartford ppl dem stay bad. How Di whole ah dem look like them sick or something wrong wid dem. who ah bleach foundation nuh match. Bwoy face spotty spotty. Dress code? Lawd God now ppl, ah 2013 now, start dress like it now. Unnu nuh too far from NY so how unnu caan ketch likkle style. Unnu if gwaan beta fi Di 2013. Du please mi a beg unnu.

  • Empress says:

    @sadsad so sad
    Who da fxxk are to run joke or make negative comments about people suffering from aids or cancer??? How dare you make comments about peoples illness like that really who the fxxk do you think you are? Having aids or cancer is not a joke and so what if a woman wants to fxxk with woman and man? mind your own fxing business and stop scandal the people dem Keep your fssing comments to your self and stop hating on the people dem . U NEED A GUN SHOT INNA YUH PxxY YOUR TOO WICKED SATAN.

  • ... says:

    MY EYESSSSSSS!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP MEEEEET!!!!! :takut :matabelo :mewek

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn sad sad. You went hardbody kid! Thats crazy.

    I pray for their recovery.

  • Somyungal says:

    Ok I have to say something….From the top…If we could get our old foots to stay they old asses in the house it would be a better place.
    1- Poochie it was new years give her a break…she aint get her outfit life together maybe she aint know she was going…she’s the hood Mother anyway.
    2-The girl in the blue dress… we got her like that from she come from yaad thats not our fault. in her head she looks good.. she use to work at Apron strings. I stop eating there cuz of her.
    3- Ole foot inna di red..when i grow up i wanna be just like her! Far from a repeat offender she str8 pop tags! she always smiling from ear to ear!
    4- Mitzy bleach nah reach maybe shes tired of the rubbing
    5- this party blows anyway i didnt even see a flyer for it… Must be the basement crew.

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