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18 Responses to GOLDIE TRACE

  • Talkditings says:

    Oh nooooooo, wrong on so many levels. If that IS D’angel WTF was she thinking????? Smdh. *still in shock*

  • Original Goodas says:

    di shoes di shoes di shoes… go wid di outfit

  • NUFFY says:


  • Anonymous says:

    C’mon now D’angel,u neva see a little black dress inna u closet? When all else fail a lbd will not let u down wid even some dolla accessories….still u look cute inna di power ranger costume if the theme was a costume party from halloween….Happy New Year Met,all the best for 2013

    Met i’m asking u for a small favor.I didnt get to read the dancehall confession from last week and I cant find it.can u add it to yesterday’s own together suh mi can ketch up and read dem togedda please,tonx!!!

  • MURASAKI says:

    Angel still ah run her clothes shop…shi couldnt find nothing in deh fi wear?

  • Met says:

    I will fix up the confessions page today

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Angel a wah kind a costume dat yuh a wear? A carnival time already….

  • MiNuhCare says:


  • Realthing says:

    Body and face looking good D Angel.

  • Bubbles says:

    she have too much money fi look so. a cheap she cheap or she nuh have nuh sense a fashion?? she need fi get a real stylist she need help. tacky tacky tacky

  • Anonymous says:

    Hair is nice

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful girl nonetheless

  • Real says:

    beenie still nah carry angel go shopping…wen him a go by clothes him break up and go back to ar when him stock up

  • Bubbles says:

    @ real beenie nuh need fi carry har go shopping, all she need fi do is link sweets, dolly or kp let dem help har

  • goodso says:

    A wah do michelle man…but a nuh juss yesterday she was looking so nice and decent pon me all compliment her…a who dress u mums..(spice stylist)

  • Anonymous says:

    looking at angel outfit the bottom part remind me of kaven ugly outfit,met u no get no pics frpm kaven pretty party. I was in the party and me a wonder is what that she have on. she say pon di other post that she have 100 man, but not one a di hundred was there to cut her cake with her or was they in hiding in a corner some where?

  • PPL busineSS says:

    so I see dat ANGEL never tek d likkle criticism d other day…SMH smaddy whe in a dem right mind can come a road look so??/ n smaddy whe have a likkle change at dat??? :cd :cd :cd

  • Too much says:

    I guess she cudn bother to think about a sensible outfit. I guess everybody have dem day….cauz I don’t know what else can explain this

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