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Title: Dancehall’s angry nature hurting acceptance, says Beres

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Beres Hammond has made a career singing ballads like One Step Ahead and Come Back Home, positive songs that have made him one of reggae’s great hit makers. But he believes foreigners are becoming turned off contemporary Jamaican music because of its negative content.
“Wi always sound like wi quarrelling, it’s as if these artistes don’t have any bright days,” said Hammond. He has some advice for his younger colleagues.

“Try a smile an’ the world will smile with you.”
The 58 year-old Hammond blames dancehall’s angry nature for the precipitous fall of Jamaican music sales in the United States, the world’s largest market. Last year was especially dismal, with year-end figures from SoundScan showing no dancehall performer making an impact in that country.
SoundScan is the company that provides music sales data for major publications like Billboard.
Hammond told the Jamaica Observer he felt the disenchantment with new music out of Jamaica while on the road late last year promoting his double album, One Life, One Love, which was released jointly in November by VP Records and his Harmony House Records.
“People say these artistes are angry all the time. You are angry on record but at the same time your personal life is not that bitter because you are making good money, so why the anger?” he asked.
Hammond wrote the 20 songs on One Life, One Love which consists of lovers rock and message songs. While he broke through as a balladeer in the late 1970s with the Willie Lindo-produced Reggae Soul album, Hammond notes he has been writing ‘conscious’ songs since his days with progressive reggae band Zap-Pow early that decade.
It is lover’s rock, however, that has made Hammond a dancehall force. He teamed with Lindo again in the mid-1980s for the massive dance hit, What One Dance Can Do, and has not looked back.
He was one of the 1990s biggest stars, making hit records for producers like Donovan Germain (Tempted to Touch), Tappa Zukie (Putting Up Resistance) and Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell (Full Attention).
Hammond plans to continue promotion of One Life, One Love with US promotional dates in January.

12 Responses to BERES TELL DEM

  • Hanimal says:

    Beres does have a point because too many times I hear dancehall artiste deejay bout “marrow fly and who gun tall and who a lock di ends”.

  • Hanimal says:

    The whole fued between Tifa, Lady , Spice and Macka Diamond is a perfect example of the anger in dancehall. It got too ugly and personal.

  • Mocha says:

    I had the opportunity to see Beres and Maxi Priest at the Hard Rock recently and I must say it was so refreshing to watch them perform.. talk about a clean show.. non a dis foolishness wey a gwan inna dancehall… The music must fall bcoz I for one nah spend my money fi guh see sum a dem yah artist.. muchless buy di madness weh dem a put out…

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Beres nuh haffi tell dem Met, look how much in time wi tell dem ova yah, an b4 dem heed dem come ova yah come cuss, an of late a dislike di good advise being given to dem.

    A wonder if dem notice seh di song of di millennium is not about gun/sex/flossing/swagger or any a dem hype tings deh – it is a bout love – One Love by Bob Marley. If dem wah know y mi can tell dem. It’s bcuz songs like One Love transcends all borders, boundaries, languages, aka dem song deh may nah conquer Jamaica, an di artiste may naw kill nuh odda artiste, but dem song deh transcends & have visa to di world. Dat’s y yuh have an Ifrica, an Etana, a Tanya Stephens, a Taurus, Protege et al eva a tour & di aggressives dem siddung a conquer Jamaica an only Jamaica.

    All dat said tho, dancehall music has always been is rooted in aggression.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Beres is so right. I can say that i barely listen to new dh reggae songs. And mi is a girl used to love dh, go ah dance, whine up and blast it inna mi car! All u hear in my car is culture, lovers rock, old school reggae, tarrus, jahcure, buju, etc. I dont think ppl wanna continue to be angry in 2013. Reggae was universal music and like Cindy said transcends into all cultures. All ppl who nuh understand what the musician is saying rocked to the beat and the melody of the song. That is a powerful thing. I hope the agressors take heed and switch up dem style a bit. Lives are there to be touched (in a positive way) and money deh deh fi mek!

  • Yep! says:

    True indeed

  • LUNDUN says:

    dat is so true, mi no too listen dancehall, any dancehall mi listen a di songs fi di gal dem, like rdx jump, konchens stop sign, popcaan party shot an dem kinda tune deh.

    mi very selective wid weh mi listen, cuz mi no listen certain hip hop neither.

    mi favorite artist right now a taylor swift dwl!!

  • toni ann says:

    i agree with beres and i agree with the metters, 100000 like

    those are some of the reasons why i havent been to any jamaican party in almost two years. I’m so tired of hearing about killing, body missing/stinking, bax bwoy ina face, or battyman, badmind, mix up and gal a war and most recently demons.

    instead dem fight fi big up jamaicans ina farrin countries dem a fight fi show seh a dem a di best with dem crab behavior.

  • toni ann says:


    i see yuh think almost like me, because the rap game is almost the same. ive been listening to older jamaican songs and juice box riddims an such fi a while now, and old licks songs, because i think listening to songs that preach war an killing can breathe negativity in us and around us.

  • 99% of the music being made today are pure rubbish–these visionless entertainers are killing the business. It is for this reason why listen to mostly old school reggae and dancehall.

    I purchased 5 albums last week–Beres, Jah Cure, Gregory Isaacs and Steve Marley–I don’t have to listen to rubbish coming from these myopic so called musicians…

    Nowadays music is so limited that they become irrelevant before they can even be sold and they are so limited in scope so much so that even people in Jamaica can’t relate to a lot of what’s being broadcasted…

  • ... says:

    I concur Lalibela!!!! We used to be some of the most if not THE MOST lyrical people till dem nuh stop teif from wi…the gimmicks are cool for a time or maybe a old mi get



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