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Women, stop pressuring men for money
By NADINE WILSON All Woman writer [email protected]
Monday, December 31, 2012

IT’S not the sort of advice you would expect to hear this holiday season, but chair of the National Family Planning Board, Dr Sandra Knight, did not mince words when she implored women to become more independent instead of depending on men for things.
“Stop pressuring the men for money. They work hard, but they didn’t work hard for you, go work hard for your own money, go pay your own bills,” was her stern warning to women who make a habit of dating men just for financial gains and other material possessions.

Knight, who recently expressed concern that some Jamaican men have been coming under extreme pressure in recent times for money and sex, said some of these men are just viewed as purses. This, she said, doesn’t augur well for the promotion of healthy family life in the society.
“They must provide for their wives and the women they are going to spend the rest of their lives with, and the women who are committed to them and are going to be by their sides when they are sick, when they are old,” she said.
“A lot of men put themselves under a lot of pressure because they are being pressured by a lot of these women,” she asserted.
To make the situation worse, Dr Knight said the money is often used to purchase material things rather than things that would result in personal upliftment, such as going back to school. And with the holidays now in full swing, it is expected that these men will have to fork out a bit more cash than usual.
“Most of the money is going to go towards clothes and partying,” she said. “So they are blinging out and blinging out for what?”
At least one businessman who spoke to All Woman said he is already feeling the crunch, as in the past few months, a number of women have been approaching him to exchange sex for money.
“They seem very eager to get with a man. They don’t even wait to find out what you are all about,” he said.
“Women asking for phone credit and money. Right away they tell you that if they can get that, then we can get sex and anything else we desire,” he
pointed out.
He said he is deeply concerned about this since this would no doubt increase a woman’s risk of STIs. He noted, too, that several of his male friends were coming under the same type of pressure and are just as concerned.
Dr Knight said women need to focus their energy on empowering themselves and setting good examples for their children instead of trying to scheme men out of their money.
“Concentrate on yourself, concentrate on maximising your own potential as a woman, as a mother, as a wife,” she said.
“We need to pause, we cannot have financial gains for sex, that’s prostitution,” she reasoned.
Meanwhile, she encouraged men who do not support their wives and children to do so.
“If his family is not doing as good as they can and he can contribute, then that’s wrong,” she said.

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  • Sensational says:

    that’s true. women who are gold diggers ends up six feet under most the time because it is abou material gain.

  • Y she Neva encourage man fi stop pressure woman fi sex!

  • daf241 says:

    This is so true the fist thing jamaican women want to know is what you can do fi them such a turn off

  • good girl gone bad says:

    I encourage women’s independence to the fullest! Mi nuh like depend pon man fi gi mi tings alone because mi feel like it is a for of control. Dem have di upper hand. Mi like have my own money and if a man waan spend or gi mi tings mi naah turn it down, But mi nuh beg or sponge.

  • Foxy says:

    The sexiest thing about a woman is her mind. Lazy girls depend on men for their money and as such get used and abused since they have to jump from one bed to the next to maintain a lifestyle.
    Real women are independent, make their own money and as such have the option of letting any dude know she doesn’t need him unless he can complement her beyond the exchange of sex for money.
    Any quality man knows that women love to be spoiled and pampered and won’t hesitate to spend on his woman, but having to provide her basic necessities as hair, food and rent is a huge turnoff for a man of substance. That’s not a woman, that’s a child.

  • REAL TALK says:

    How this only get 5 comment… a true though, some woman need fi guh look work and stop pressure man.. all when dem have dem own, dem save fi dem and waan spend mines.. well 2013 me stop spend… O AWOAH

  • tuffman says:

    a real ting man, mi will help out my woman but not in exchange for sex, only because i love her. she should always try to make her own. gold diggas are disgusting

  • Robert Campbell says:

    A lot of these comments about jamaican women are true i have experienced this myself that’s why i will neve have nothing to do with Jamaican women again. No matter what men do for them they never say thank you or show appreciation. Many times i observed men took them out of suffering &.when they get past the worst they put themselves with men that dont take them serious. One thing about us Jamaican is that we dont leave our foundation women that quick .Anytime we leave them its because they screw up & we decide that we not putting up with crap.

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