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Alicia Esteve Head is a Spanish woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Center September 11 attacks under the name Tania Head. She joined the support group The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network, later becoming its president. Her name was regularly mentioned in media reports of the attacks. In 2007, it was revealed her story was fabricated: Head was not in the building at the time of the attacks or even in the United States having traveled to the United States for the first time in 2003. Some survivors report that they received little support in the aftermath of the attacks, with most attention paid to victims and their families, police officers and firefighters. The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network was an informal support group started by two survivors of the attacks partly as a reaction to this. The group slowly grew in size as additional survivors joined. After joining the group, Head’s lobbying saw survivors gain increased recognition. She successfully negotiated for survivors to be given access to ground zero, which they previously did not have. Head had joined the survivors network in 2004 after Gerry Bogacz, one of its founders, learned through word of mouth that a woman named “Tania Head” had developed an internet group for survivors. She joined the group after some months of email correspondence with Bogacz. Head claimed that she was on the 78th floor of the South Tower (WTC 2) when United Airlines Flight 175 hit that floor. This would have made her one of only 19 people at or above the point of impact to have survived. She claimed her fiancé Dave was killed in the North Tower (WTC 1). In later tellings of the story, he was said to be her husband. She also claimed a dying man passed his wedding ring to her so it could be returned to his widow. Head also said that she had been rescued by Welles Crowther who perished in the collapse after rescuing several people and whose heroic actions were widely reported in the media. In 2005 Head was chosen to lead tours for the Tribute W.T.C. Visitor Center for visitors including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former New York Governor George Pataki. Head made many speeches at colleges and with support groups, recounting her story as a survivor of the 9/11 attacks.Head regularly recounted her claims to Ground Zero tour groups in vivid detail, saying, “I was there at the towers. I’m a survivor. I’m going to tell you about that.” Head said these activities were unpaid volunteer efforts on her part. She was presented in retrospective articles on the World Trade Center aspect of 9/11 as representative of all of the 20,000 surviving New York victims who escaped the damaged buildings. In September 2007, The New York Times sought to verify key details of Head’s story. Head backed out of three scheduled interviews, and later refused to speak to reporters. The New York Times contacted other members of the Survivors’ Network, some of whom unsuccessfully urged Head to speak to the reporters. The New York Times’ probe raised questions about the veracity of Head’s story and by the week of 27 September 2007, the Network voted to remove her as president and as a director of the group. One of the elements of the story in question was her engagement to a man named “Dave”. The man’s family claimed to have never heard of Tania Head (the man’s identity was withheld to protect his family’s privacy). Janice Cilento, a social worker on the board of the Survivors’ Network and close to Head, said in September 2007 that Head had made changes to her account in recent weeks. Head claimed a degree from Harvard University and a graduate business degree from Stanford University, but the institutions reported there was no record of her having been a student there. Head claimed she worked at Merrill Lynch in the World Trade Center. Merrill Lynch said it had no record of her being employed there. According to Adrian Gatton, producer of Channel 4 documentary The 9/11 Faker, Head was not even in the United States on September 11, 2001. She was in Barcelona, Spain, attending business school. A report in Barcelona daily newspaper La Vanguardia on October 2, 2007, said Head had attended Master of Business Administration classes at ESADE Business School in Barcelona just a week after the September 11 attacks. Her classmates do not recall her discussing the attacks or losing a fiancé or husband, and she showed no recent injuries. Head told her MBA colleagues that the arm injury was the result of an automobile accident, or alternatively a horse riding accident. La Vanguardia reported that Head attended classes in the program until June 2002, and had told classmates she wanted to work in New York. Head had earlier attended the University of Barcelona, and worked for a local entertainment promoter and for Hovisa, a Spanish hotel company.In February 2008, an email sent from a Spanish account to members of the World Trade Center Survivors Network claimed that Head had committed suicide. However, in the documentary The 9/11 Faker broadcast in September 2008, Head’s whereabouts were said to be unknown. In the book and feature film documentary titled “The Woman Who Wasn’t There”, Head’s story was told from inside the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network utilizing interviews with Head and members of the Network before and after the deception (Head declined further interviews after the revelation of her identity). At the conclusion of both book and film, Tania Head was sighted in New York City on September 14, 2011, refuting previous inaccuracies that she had committed suicide.



MAN catches wife SLEEPING with boyfriend and humiliates the TWO BABLY

TRESPASSERS will be severely prosecuted!

The adage came true on Thursday last week, after a Bulawayo’s Old Pumula man allegedly went berserk, raping his wife and and sodomising wife’s boyfriend after catching them having sex. The husband and his wife (names withheld for legal reasons) have been living separately for the past two months.

The husband reportedly made numerous attempts to have his wife back, which hit a brick wall. It is reported that on the day in question, he left his lodgings for work in the morning. After knocking off from work, the man went to a bar in the suburb en-route to his house. At about 10pm, the man headed home and along the way he decided to change course. he is said to have proceeded to his wife’s lodgings and on arrival, opened the door without knocking.

What lay in front of his eyes was his wife’s ‘monkey’ feeding on her boyfriend’s ‘brown banana’. The two lovers are reported to have remained glues at each other. A scuffle erupted with him slapping the woman and her lover as he attempted to get the man away from the woman. The two tried to offer resistance but they were threatened with death by the husband.

The estranged hubby reportedly locked the door and ordered them to remain naked. Feeling hard done by his wife, he asked her what made her sleep with another man. However, she could not not offer an answer. The husband allegedly told the two that he was going to teach them a lesson they would never forget.

He went on to tie the two’s hands and feet before making them lie backwards. He is alleged to have forced himself on his wife. he also dipped his anaconda into his wife’s lover’s butt hole. He allegedly gave both of them a second, third, fourth, fifth and finally SIXTH round of pumping gymnastics. Upon rendering ‘justice’, the man fled in the wee hours of the morning.

The seemingly over-sampled lovebirds were found in the morning by a neighbour who responded to their distress calls. A report was made to the police leading to the arrest of the husband who was reportdly caught by police after a couple of days.

He appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea, facing quite a long ‘train’ of charges comprising of six counts of rape, six counts of aggravated indecent assault, one count of unlawful entry and two counts of physical abuse as well as making threats. He was not formally charged and remanded in custody to 12 October.

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