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Hey Met,

Mi deh pon Usain Instagram a look who him a follow and then I came across this girl name Kimberly Ware. Now mi nuh know if mi confuse but Kimberly Ware pronounce different from Lubica Slovak. Anyway, when mi look pon har instagram nuh she dat gone JA to Usain and dem deh pon dinner date and him drop har airport and a pose fi pics. Mi know ppl ago seh ppl free fi deh wid who dem want but man him a mek di ting look a way.






  • BABYGIRL says:

    Maybe him and Lubica have an understanding because afta him mek big talk ina de media seh mi and him left, Y mi wudda guh bak to him afta de olympics. This is obviously something him not hiding, if him like it, mi luv it… Mi cah seh nuttin!!!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yes Usain, mi nuh care wat yuh relation is wid none a dese girls, but nuh stop bring dem come a Jamaica. Mek dem come yah come add to Jamaica’s earnings or leave wid a good impression fi guh sing Jamaica’s praises overseas. No matter what it takes Usain, rope dem heeennn to Jamaica. lol

  • Anonymous says:

    a Blessed and Prosperous New Year to one and all.
    My thing is this,if Usain did not have his fame these girls would not give him the time of day.
    What happen to who was by his side before he became so famous?

  • Brightlight says:

    You know, I feel so bad for the mother of his child. It’s like with his “new” life he just totally dismiss her and the child. He constantly flaunts these stink like fxxking dog pasty ass white women who would have never looked at his flea bitten ass if it wasn’t for the gold. Not saying he doesn’t interact with his child but that girl seemed like a sweetheart who genuinely loved him. You never hear or see him speak about either.


  • Usain yu young gifted and rich enjoy yu life yah bwoy!

  • NUFFY says:

    Spanish Court Hotel and ting….At least him never hide this one a him yard…LOL. Gwaan live yaw youth, when a time fi settle down you will, till then, wrap it up and enjoy life.

  • ace says:

    Met you badmind ppl dem ago tear this man apart because him a go wid him heart, bout who was their before him fame youth a do him work and dem a watch him life a wonda if dem life good

  • Met says:

    ace a new years eve …make 2013 a better year otay? :kiss

  • NUFFY says:


    Nuh figget weh u coming from..many “Brothers” who make it, and dismiss their own kind to chase white/hispanic women(who without the fortune wouldn’t have given them the time of day), live to regret it. The list long, but to each his own….make sure you investing you money wisely, you foot ago give out one day, please have some puddung fi rainy day oooooo….

  • raina says:

    he’s having a good time…i wouldnt be surprised if him and the ole time wifey get back. all dem chicks are for a season….but a man like him haffi sew him wild oates, cauz anybody pick him up now thinking it serious will be in for a surprise..So right yah now him jus a live. an dthe fly innn ting a nuh nuttin, whats a plane ticket? burger money for him….so this is nothing, just like the ting wid lubica, he’ll be on to the next in a bit

  • splashNdash says:

    Like Fi er front better Dan Miss UK – restaurant, poolside & all dis one get. No roadside shack to Fi er ting.

    Black, YT or purple Usain betta watch out Fi gold digga & con artist. Memba Kobe?

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Smh mi nah say nothing just watch dem say cow no know di use of him tail till him lose it

  • Observer says:

    Morning met and metters :peluk hayyyyyyyyyyyy don’t be so sad it’s gonna be a new year unnuh nuh c ooman yet wait one fi every month go usain :bola oh shit rong sports here we go :ngacir: run rite chu dem yute :)

  • Real Talk says:

    Does Bolt have a kid? Somebody said he doesn remember his child and the child’s mother. I did not know he fathered a child.
    Next thing, some people gwaan like dem nuh live inna di real world. Inna di real world people who poor all dem ife and get rich,especially quick rich, aggo spoil demself and buy nuff nice things.
    Inna di real world, a young man who had fame thrusted upon him with so little effort will live out his dreams and fantasies simply because he can.
    Inna di real world if you are a man with money and fame, women are the EASIEST things to acquire and thats because WOMEN make it that way. Did any of these women cry rape?
    Inna di real world people without money and fame will always hate on, criticise, judge and be jealous of people with money and fame. a just suh it go…
    Real Talk :mad:

  • LUNDUN says:

    bolt do like ur name an bolt tru dese hoes

    strap on u condom an dun dem 1 by 1

    u young so gwaan enjoy u self, when u enjoy uself enuff, den wi can get married cuz by then u wi more mature anna deh bolt deh mi want.

    du yu ting baby

  • Jules says:

    U know me nah get into dis on di eve of 2013.

    Den a how di Henglan runna go feel now fi si seh restaurant really inna Ja, all wid wine and tings and a nuh juss “shack” and a bakkle a bigga fi jink. A hope smaddy send dis to har.

  • Harpo who dis woman LOL

  • fashiondoll says:

    Wrap it up and run thru mi bwoy. Me still hoping that Mizi will get de ring but if she find smaddy else, so be it.

    A when Bolt tun fada?????

  • BIgMan says:

    Haters gonna hate , women wanna be fxxed by him and men wants to be like him , live yuh life yah yute.

  • Observer says:

    real talk dash weh dah mad face deh man a soun 2013 cho star a who a vexx di i

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Nuffy a nuh dat mi seh when di post bout Ms. Hengland did put up!! HeyHEY You wilL NEVER see Bolt w/any woman darker then a paper bag from now on. If ya’ll vex ova di pasty Yt oman good luck b/c him nah look pon fi him complexion AGAIN!
    I hope he ends up like Kanye West. Having a baby with the community pussy! Mek di world laugh at you Hmpfh! :hoax2 :cool

  • Real says:

    INsain the global trotter….run thru di oman dem like whoa

  • Go Usain……Jamaica Tourist Board must be quite happy with the exposure given to the beautiful Island. Bring them home, afterall yuh ah represent ;)

  • toni ann says:

    frighten a wah come to mind when mi look pon blackmen (some)…… and “jealousy” and “hate” has nothing to do with it…. but hey! mi nah bank an being with a black man because dem seems to be easily influence (my opinion)….

  • toni ann says:

    hello @met, how are you this glorious day? hello metters, hope you all are fine…

    @quena i get a lot of subliminal signals from your messages but i could be wrong.

  • toni ann says:

    us black people have been the greatest experiments of all times and is soooo f/ing brain washed that you can show a black person a photo a person (same person i might add) one white and the darken version of the person and with out thinking dem bawl out she/he look betta (pointing at the lighter complexion man/woman)…… an yes mi know someone gonna bawl out “people love talk bout dis foolishniss BUT! i have heard it all and experience it all with BLACK PEOPLE, i doubt i eva experience the level of racism(is this possible amongst yuh own race?) or classism from white people.

  • @ToniAnn……..NO SUBS! People love who loves you! Keeping it moving into 2013 and beyond.

  • Does Usain look serious? He seems to just be dating, guess his money allows him to explore.

  • toni ann says:

    my apologies @quena :salahkamar

  • Thanks ToniAnn not often do I get that here! But sincerely no subs on this one from me today!

  • ... says:

    Let tha man live!! I prefer hearing him a change out girls dan see him in a juicy couture outfit ANY DAY! Bolt ting international a him seh equal opportunity for all.. nutten nuh wrong.

  • ... says:

    & I have never seen or heard anything of a child… so if there is smaddy sen in di proof, not hearseh mi mean one pic wid him an di pickney, dna. Until then the man a enjoy life I see nothing wrong. Unoo love run een wid accusations & nutten fi back it. If you know him have pickney fi a fact then you close to the source so snap a pic of him visiting the kid & mek sure blur di pickney face.

  • Met says:

    yes he has a daughter dotty but what brightie said is the truth

  • Met says:

    the story has been on here and I put a pic with the baby but took it down…mi metters dem have di met

  • ... says:

    ok WELL THEN!!!! I take it back. I going to do mi research mi gone read

  • mi baddy says:

    night metters … me a search but me can’t find the story bout the baby… can someone help me and send the link … tonks

  • Alicia says:

    He does this regularly. Any girl he see on his instagram or facebook that looks cute, he will try to meet with them in JA- whether they are on their way to JA or he will fly them out. Will link with the lady, take her out, and then the sex argument comes in. Looks like it’s only the white girls get this “royal” treatment because he took me to cuddy’z. This guy is a joker.

  • fashiondoll says:

    Alicia den no u shoulda tell him weh u wah fi go :tabrakan:

  • Anonymous says:

    lol @ brightlight get u facts DN A caan lie unu chat till unu chAT FXXRY U NO NOTICE U DONT HEAR PPE BOUT DAH BABY DERE DNA RUN AND THE WINNER IS………………………………………………….. NOT USAIN LOL

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    met i remeber the love child story but has he confirm it?…BECAUSE i kno girls love seek public recognition….anyway this girl aint speciaal weekend fling and 5min of fame…what usain need is a girl lik how LALA (carmelo anthony wife stay)…met im sorry to say but mitzy likkle too dry fi him now he need somebody that respect and love him but still have the potential fi b more thn a wife but influential meaning she kno how to handle his private affairs but still has grasp hold as public figure and as a business woman,,,,,,mek mitsy stay a jamaica because she ca carry go no weh….yes she de de from scratch n she deserve respect but thr is no rule in the book weh se bcuz me n u use to date frm mornin mi affi meet u alter BULLSHITTTT!!!!!!……him need somebody weh dem in love but still the envy of the world like bey n jay mi need him fi stay relevant after the whole running thing

  • Met says:

    the mother is not mitzy

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    mi kno met mi memba the story but mi neva meba the dna result. i jus memba it was pure speculations so it was confirmed with dna test???

  • Met says:

    he did not deny the child or request a dna the child is his

  • Run di story put the child met

  • Sorry typo, I meant the story about his alleged child

  • Met says:

    JMG ran 366 days last year. The post was made and removed. I am not here to feed or soothe egos you know

  • Anonymous says:

    Met a big scoop dis ennuh. Press+Print=Papers, mi know it nuh work like dat weh you deh but dem love it ova ya plus a slow time now fi dem so mek some links (wink) Happy New Year.

  • Regula says:

    GOLDdiggas come in all different colours. Sometimes the best way to look at a situation is not necessarily from an objective view but from a subjective one i.e. What if this were me? Since none of us knows what our future holds, ask yourselves, its ok to dream, If I woke up a multi-millionaire tomorrow, would I marry my babymadda/fadda of several yrs even doe the relationship wasn’t working out before?, Is my money going make things better for us or worse? Will my friends/Family still be real with me? will I still be able to trust my best friend? Money changes everything and the people from your past are not immune and niether are you. How can any of us know what we would do when we’re not Usain Bolt? The best thing he could ever do is find himself a wife, that should kill off any prospectors and the focus should be less about colour and more about character, cos we want the best for him, dont we?

  • Met says:

    mek links whey ooo?

  • Regula says:

    Sun/Mirror/Mail/Star Daily papers, this story sells them here UK.

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