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This girl name is shannakay otherwise known as SKAY. Met them say this girl been in jail since november and is still in jail.
But no one is saying why she is in jail. This girl always deh a party wid her ugly cousin mishna from mon-sun. She have a big man name mikey weh
she live wid that take care of her and give here bare money so i know is not shoplifting . . . .Met me want to know why this girl deh a jail so long so people come dash out
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  • Brownskin says:

    Lord how you so dam fass? tell me now by knowing what she in jail for how that going to help you? you don’t have few problems of you own fi stress pon and sort out? good god man!

  • Anonymous says:

    Cause she jump sweet face beauty and did her real bad… She is there on mussi 4 charge mishna was locked up too but she get bail

  • Anonymous says:

    You to fuking fass for real… you find time out of your day to really try find out her business .. bad enough you know she in jail and everything bout her.. you need fi look a job mek some money and find a cocky fi siddung pon and low da girl…

  • Jules says:

    If shi suh violent den meck shi ketch a vacay courtesy a di govt yes. Dem fi practice self-control man and use dem freedom wisely. Look how fi wi ppl suffah fi survive widdout freedom fi how much hundred years and we wah hab it nuh respect what it means to be free. Honour unno ancestors and what dem endured and lib right!

  • Observer says:

    “jump” i 8 dat wurd she cudn’t fite di gurl by harself a ope she brave now inna jail caw jumpin dat gurl waz a coward move she need to be taught a lesson. happy new year to you in jail

  • JUMP? Dat still ah gwaan? Pity sweet face neva whole on tuh 1 and sort dem out!
    No bail, old man Mikey muss know ah deh soh she fe stay for the 2013!

  • Observer says:

    yu a ask is dat still a gwaan an a juss weh ducky daffy gyal tri it weh dai n haffi run fram lipps sweep dem :hammer

  • Zervah…….Mi figet, I remember years back yahmaycans use to say only yankee do it (jumping). BIG UP Lipps fe de sweep :) ketch 1 of dem!

  • Observer says:

    no man wi neva seh dat caw a fram yawd wi a jump ppl caw di “inna crew” ting but yankee dweet mor still :) but any gyal r bwoy weh win inna a jumpin a get my ratings caw all yuh haffi duh a ketch juss one n fuk it up bad

  • ..bkbound says:

    she nuh ave nuh papers dats y love badness

  • Zervah……..I always heard them in the BX seh Yankee love jump :) But I agree never was I ever jumped but I would grab on to 1 and beat out its daylights yuh see mum :)

  • @bkbound…….Gud fe har, fling back har nastiness! The girl shuddah grab on to she!

  • Met says:

    u know mi nuh have no respect fi people whey jump people…i feel dem fi have some stiff penalties fi dem…give dem life in prison

  • @Metty……ah coward dem!

  • Met says:

    yes quena so di law nuh fi play wid dem u know how many people dead when ppl jump dem and get bad head injury

  • Kremlin4life says:

    Me get jump inna high school the gal dem fxxk up me face wicked n Mek me tell unu u c wen me go back to school me beat dem lef right n center. One the gal weh jump me did 2mths pregnant so wen she a get har assing har man jump in, Mek me tell u Met boy get stab till him fool the pen full him a hole. Long story short I got arrested n get 2 year probation the judge did sorry FI me cau a dem provoke me still n a did 5 a dem but him did haffi charge me FI the pregnant gal. Them do all that becau them Nuh like jamaican

  • Met says:

    kremmy di law unfair..she jump u when she pregnant n because she pregnant u did fi tek di beating?

  • Met y u delete mi xomment weh mi say now its da truth

  • NO NONSENSE says:

    met need fi come afta di girl why does Ppl business bother yuh guh Look ah life and so what if gyal have mouth gyal fi get beeting and if dem feel seh dem neva did fi get jumped dem di fi come back dnt run guh nuh cops ah dem ah coward so di whole ah unooo move up and gweh Lowe di girl met somebody wah hole yuh and beet out yuh bloodclot yuh to nuff COME OUTTA PPL BUSINESS MAN STOP RUIN PPL LIFE WTF IS WRONG WID U AND YUH DUTTY STINKING FOLLOWERS GUH LOOK AH LIFE UNO LIFE MUST SAD FI AH GET UP EVERYDAY AND AH MEK PPL LIFE UNO PROBLEMS WTF

  • BUT A WAH DIS says:

    she mek big dutty stinking reka vubz hype her up fi fight di girl. so she and three of teh girl friend and two of her friend fight. she , bb, and mishna get lock up but mi hear seh she ago get send back a canada. sweet face beauty need fi go sit the fXXXk down. she love hype up herself and when she get beating she always wanna call cops. a same wah she a fXXk murdock and love send out subb to him woman . i hope when s kay come outta jail she learn fi mek her own decicions because a reka and mishna hype her up and dem deh a road same way while she deh a jail smhf.

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