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12 Responses to PAN MACK DEM TAKE A SET

  • Observer says:

    met a ow di screen move 2 di lef now

  • Anonymous says:

    Met something wrong wid di site?
    Anyway lady saw is about to go off on Twitter..she say spice text har a cuss dis morning..twitter a mash up

  • Belly Bang says:

    Met, di page 1 jimble jamble up all ova di place & it look like smady ah box box round di formatting

  • Met says:

    a tink a dis post belly mi jus erase some a di tings..mek mi check now

  • Observer says:

    nice it fix now awww my metsy is alwayz on the job. Now to the post….yuh c ow macka luv toe to toe wid fxxkery online n quiet wen it cum face to face doah mi nuh rate dem cowardniss deh

  • Jules says:

    No man is like dem hungry ova di holidays yah and wah dem did set out to achieve come to no end. Spice, a chu Macka nuh clash u di money shorten? Shi have a right fi nuh clash fi feed u and u clan. Looks like Macka smarta dan alla unno. Money shorten suh unno head a hat unno chu clash money neva pay out. Macka seh u nah nyam nuh food awfa mi..rofl. Macka, u know wah u did up to all along. Hit dem where it hurts most, in da pocket. Di Sting money caan pay back fi di outfit and di donkey wah come pan stage. Mi badyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..laff and nyam u chicken back inna di night yah Macka.

  • Observer says:

    nobaddi nuh eat nuh food afta nobaddi a sting if dem nuh show caw laing pay spice fi clash suh a wudda macka nuh get pay

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Bloodclaaaaaaat Nasty sparks low di ppl dem cause Macka no come clash wid u, u caaaa pay di ppl dem fi dem rasssss spikes whey kitch up pon u shoulder which u Neva did a go pay fa anyway sparks u money shorten go suck shit a that u call fxxk up a bitch can money talk n bullshit walk keep walking sparks

  • Sting higlight says:


  • Lipstick says:

    spice an tifa fi go clash, di two a dem a two poppyshow dem can go clash

  • Tawkchuet says:

    WTF is going on with sting highlight it look like say ova ya tun Bellevue smh

  • Observer says:

    chuet go to bed :nohope:

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